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Hey guys it's Suzanne happy Monday today I have another quality assurance analyst Position with the call center operations Of clear captions now they're going to Pay up to around 25 dollars per hour Depending on experience it's a Monday Through Friday fully remote position who They are clear captions was founded in 2011 with a driving force to serve the Heart of hearing to enable them to Communicate again after they lose the Ability to use the telephone since our Inception they we have existed for one Purpose to improve the lives of Customers enabling communication is our Passion we believe in providing the Highest levels of service and products To the customer their goal is to change Lives by re-enabling social connections And Independence through using the Telephone today and through other Services in the future alright so a Little bit about this role it is a Remote work from home position reporting To the senior quality manager and in This position we what you're going to do Is you are going to perform tasks Involving quality assurance training and Training assistance reporting in ad hoc Support for the product the quality Assurance analyst will analyze evaluate Performance develop scripts and audio Files the quality assurance Position Will interact with teams in several

Different locations in and outside of The country this position best suits Someone who enjoys working on their own Setting goals and consistently meeting Them so specifically you're going to Work independently with little daily Oversight you're going to assist in Design development and implementation of Advanced tools with regard to the National International Quality Assurance Program work collaboratively and with Decision making power Interdepartmentally on various projects You're going to write test scripts Perform mock test calls and remotely Monitor calls that means you're going to Be listening to calls you're going to Evaluate calls via remote monitor Scripted calls recorded calls discern Meaning from listening to a variety of Accents Regional dialects in areas of Knowledge participate in calibration Centers with call center staff provide Feedback to the team and call center Team leaders be a subject matter expert On quality tools plan Implement and Participate in calibration activities Analyze data to identify patterns set Your own schedules and meet deadlines on A daily basis you may be required to use Personal independent judgment and Discretion in matters directly impacting Agents employment status and you must Support the business 24 7 which will

Regularly involve duties outside of Their regular work hours primary Business hours are Monday through Friday However some activities may be required Outsort outside normal business hours so You may need to work some overtime You're going to be mostly you're going To be listening to calls between the Agents and the customers you're going to Be giving them feedback you're going to Be creating new scripts that will be Used by these call center agents Anything that has to do with call Quality so the kind of people they're Looking for versatile excited about Working in a fast-paced environment Problem solvers and people with Initiative So here's the main qualifications Associate or bachelor's degree is Preferred but not required direct work Experience and quality assurance is also Preferred proficient in Microsoft Office Excellent English skills and experience With the following is a plus captioning Customer service sales technical support Process Innovation and documentation Production so if you have those make Sure that those are listed somewhere on Your resume under skills and abilities All right guys if you're interested in Applying for this position I'm going to Go ahead and put that link Down Below in The description otherwise I will see you

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