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Good morning it's Suzanne back with your Second work from home job lead this is a Telescribe position with the company Scribe America in this job you're going To get paid to type from the comfort of Your home and it is a part-time Opportunity and the estimated pay for a Telescribe is around 18 dollars per hour Now under the job description you get to Work from home as a telescribe you will Work one-on-one with a clinician Functioning as a remote personal Assistant that's going to be someone Like a doctor or something like that the Scribes role is to lessen the Clinician's burden of documentation and Organizational responsibility therefore Allowing them to focus on caring for Their patients this job is second to None for direct exposure to medicine and Life in health care so highlights to This job you get to work from home Variety of shift times flexible Scheduling options work one-on-one with A clinician learn about medicine gain First-hand experience in health care Great for your resume build lasting Relationships receive letters of Recommendation lots of options for Career advancement and Spanish speakers Can earn higher wages so this job is Going to probably require very little to No experience because they said it's Going to be great for your resume which

Means if you don't already have Something on your resume this would be a Good thing to add to it requirements Availability to work a minimum of two Full shifts per week Prefer candidates who commit who can Commit one to two years of working the Minimum availability required for the Telescribe position is two shifts per Week shifts range from 8 to 12 hours Long ability to type at least 50 words Per minute must have high school diploma Fast Wi-Fi and a private space to work So if this is you and you're interested In this position I'm going to go ahead And put the instructions on how to apply Down in the description and I will have One more work from home job lead for you Today see you there

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