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Hi friends it's Suzanne back with a work From home position you're going to be Able to earn money with this Transcription job from home it's with The company rev and rev has a very good Reputation for one of the higher end Transcription companies so if you want To enjoy the flexibility of working from Anywhere work from home as a Transcriptionist with rev Freelancers at Rev if you're detail oriented and you Can follow rev styling rules to Accurately type and correct draft Transcripts to get started you'll need Strong English skills a computer and a Dependable internet connection Some of the benefits of working with Reb Are you're going to decide what you want To work on you get to choose from a Variety of lectures interviews podcasts And more to transcribe they're going to Pay you weekly via PayPal for all the Work you've completed their on-time and Dependable and you get to choose your Own schedule work as much or as little As you want whenever you want all you Need is a computer and an internet Connection so it only takes three easy Steps to start working from home one You're going to sign up and you're going To get approved to transcribe you're Going to take a quiz and submit a Transcript to demonstrate your Mastery Of the English language and revs styling

Rules if you're approved you can start Working right away so this position Doesn't require an interview instead They're going to give you a test so that You can prove that you're capable of Doing this job this is also going to be A non-phone job you're not going to talk To customers you're not going to have to Talk to any bosses anything like that It's completely independent The second step is choose from available Transcription jobs you'll find hundreds Of transcription jobs to choose from Select jobs you're interested in and Work as little or as much as you want Thirdly you're going to get paid weekly Via Paypal as a transcriptionist you'll Get paid every Monday for all the audio Files transcribed and completed in the Prior week all right and where does Revix have Freelancers from well they Accept transcription and caption Applicants from all of these countries So if you are international this is Going to be a great one for you to apply To all right so you're going to enter Your information into this screen right Here you're going to select the country You want to work in it shows you the Average earnings per month there and Also the top monthly earnings if you're Interested in applying for this position Links down in the description

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