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Happy Saturday everyone and welcome back To my channel my name is Teresa swag in Today's video we're going to be talking About work from home jobs that they are Hiring immediately they will train you No degree is required and you can make Anywhere between 11 to 25 an hour doing This so we're going to go ahead and dive Right into the job okay now we're Talking about the company change Health Care they are currently seeking data Entry to data entry operators to the Work from home this is a full-time Position even though it says the state I Reached out to hire manager as long as You're in the 50 states you're still Eligible to apply for the job there's They will still consider you when you Scroll down here it talks about the pay The pays between 11.38 to 25.27 an hour even though it Says California Colorado resident only Again you're still able to apply for the Job and this salary will go and apply to Other Um people that are in different other States here now again I like to always Get an understanding of what company I'm Working for so just to give you a little Bit of information about change Healthcare it is the leading Healthcare Technology company with a mission to Expire A Better Health Care system okay And go into more details about what

You're going to be doing is you're going To be responsible for daily entry Material for Source documents to a Computer connecting terminal May operate In alphabetical numeric key punch Machines verified data and perform Clerical tasks in the data processing Function exam revised approved in Dispatch input and output materials According to established specifics okay So when we go more into details about The job is that you're going to work on Assignments that are semi-routine in Nature where ability to recognize from Accepting practice and required normally Received General instructions on routine Work detail instructions on new Assignment work assignment that are Routine in nature and then you're going To also have to meet productive Standards as outlining and client metric As well as work on Special Projects as a Sign and other Duties are assigned as Well now the requirement is just Knowledge of the daily entry process and Then um Visual and manual now there is a Free place where you can go and practice Your typing skills and your 10 key Um for free and that is what again you can Practice your typing test your 10 key Tests when you click on the 10 key tests 10 key tests which is which is data Entry you can either do the full 10 key

Test where it just only go for numbers And symbols or you can do just only Numbers only with the ZIP code test so Make sure you go ahead and get your 10K Test where it needs to be okay now when We go more back into the job here the Preferred qualification I'm sorry about That is knowledge of data entry now Preferred basically means that if you Have it that's great if you don't I Wouldn't even worry about it but they're Looking for someone to have knowledge of The data entry process organized this is Something that you put in your resume Detail or ability to multitask work well With others in computer literary again Preferred qualification means if you Have it that's great if you don't don't Worry about it still will apply for this Position here again this company do Offer flexible work environment they Will train you because they have over 5 000 training assets so that's where I Get what they would train you Um they do do offer educational Assistance program as well so if this is Something that you want to do these type Of jobs move very quickly okay so you Need to get on the bandwagon and go Ahead and apply for this job immediately Before they go just like this all you do Is hit the apply button in your resume And your application will be on their Way okay now if this video has been very

Helpful where I went into details about You know this company they will train You they they offer flexibility no Degree is required any looking to hire Immediately if this is something that You want to see on a regular basis Consider subscribing to the channel by Clicking that red button and don't Forget to click the Bell to turn your Notifications so every time when I Upload new videos you will be notified And that will give you plenty of Opportunities to go ahead and apply for These jobs before they're no longer Available okay so we're going to to Um I just want to leave some Encouragement words with you like I Always say is that you got to keep Pushing y'all I know that life is hard Um many times you feel like you want to Just throw in a towel because you just Don't understand why Um bad things happen to good people Again there is a reason for everything You got to keep pushing got to keep Moving you got to keep applying and you Cannot disqualify yourself before you Apply for these jobs let the company Do It Um even though you look at this Application even though some of you may Say oh I still don't have experience Daily entry is just inputting data in The system if you're on a computer

Typing every single day or you are Typing a letter or sending out an email That's considered dating entry because You're typing you can do this some of The things you're going to have to Research on your own use Google as your Friend look at some other YouTube videos To teach you how to be great in dating Entry that is what I've done in the past When I first started working from home And I didn't understand how to be great In customer service accounting data the Injury I did use the tubes that I had Which was free and I learned these Things and that you could do the same Thing the more you know the more you Grow okay so stop procrastinating stop Just putting yourself down you know the Power of the tongue determines life and Death you got to speak life over Yourself when you say you can then great Things will come your way if you keep Saying you can't then you're not gonna Get that far in life you got to speak Life on yourself I don't care if anybody Is disencouraging saying that you're not Qualified you're not going to get this Job you don't dress the part you you Don't you're not gonna get a job you Gotta believe in yourself it starts with You if you believe in yourself then the Sky is the limit you got to speak life Of yourself again the power of the Tongue determines life and death so go

Out there today and I'm talking to you Whoever is watching this video go out There today and grab what is yours by Applying for these jobs there is a job Out there with your name on it okay life Is full of rejection but it's not the End of the world it's what you make out Of so get up with class and go out there And grab what is yours by applying for These jobs okay all these links and Information to this job is in the YouTube description bar okay now you Know that I always talk about Having a backup plan it all means Necessary this is a great opportunity if You have a high school student like a Junior or senior or if you bring them to This part let them see this part here Because the thing about Juniors and Seniors in high school a lot of people Is uncertain about what college they Want to do Um they they don't know where they want To go they don't know where they want to Start and course careers is very very Great for our high school students Juniors and seniors now they cannot take This course until they're 18 years old But anybody can start this course Whether if you've been on a job for 10 Years just started you want a career Change this is for you course careers it They would train you in text cells they Would train you also in Information

Technology as well as digital marketing It's people that coming out of course Careers before they graduate making over 120k in Tech sales as well as it This is something that you got to stop Procrastinating okay this is a life Changer it's a lot of people that are Struggling making ends meet living Paycheck to paycheck not able to take Care of yourself not even take care of Their family not even to put food on the Table and get their car fixed but once You sign up with course careers you can Start taking this course today a lot of People have finished this course within A week some people have finished it in Three or four weeks because they are Hungry like Les Brown is you got to be Hungry that means you got to be wanting This job you you want this thing to Happen so bad that you're going to go in Here and finish this course and make This serious money Tech sales is high in Demand if you know this okay so course Careers is a great opportunity to get in Today now to give you information again I told you about text sales again text Cells is where you on the phone where You're reaching out to potential buyers You not only get paid hourly salary but You do get commission I'm just looking At the testimonies is people that Getting a great bonus to as well but There are more than 300 000 opening jobs

And the average salary is between 60 to 80k a year now they have digital Marketing digital marketing is dealing With content creation understanding the Analytics Um paid campaign understand that that is A non-phone work at home job lead and There is more than 200 000 opening jobs Average starting salary it's between 40 And 60k a year And that is you're not on the phone Information technology is basically I I Say it's like a chat job where you're Dealing with tickets you're in a queue And there's more than 200 000 opening Jobs average starting salary is between 40 and 60k a year okay now course Careers have partnered with different Fortune 500 companies that will hire you Into an entry level in these type of Positions okay this is a great Opportunity for you to get into I Suggest you to go look at all of these Testimonies these are great testimonies These are people that actually went Through the course and making money Whether it's in text sales information Technology or digital marketing you need To go ahead and check out these Testimonies here and how it works is you Look at their free intro course and in That intro course it's going to give you Information about text sales Information Technology as well as digital marketing

At that particular time you know in your Heart if this is a good fit for you if This is a good fit and don't Procrastinate go ahead and roll in the Course okay the time you spend Procrastinating that's the time that you Can be into the course and complete it And come on out and make your money okay So the next step is just enrolling the Course it's a self-paced course to begin You complete the course in a few weeks To a couple months depending on how much Time you spend in the course okay and You will learn everything that is Required to land a job and then you'll Start your career you'll start applying The skills required from the course in a New career there's people that have been In the course for just only a week or Two weeks they're already applying for Jobs and they're getting a job offers People that already have 12 offers and Working Working on a job as an entry level Making over 60k a year before they Complete this course and it can happen To you And again they're going to teach you Everything about how to do resumes how To do application how to do well in Interviews and so much more again they Partner directly with Fortune 500 Companies that will hire course correct Course graduates into a entry-level

Position okay now I am going to go and I Know that you're looking for the price And everything and I'm going to go to Text sales here in this course here you Do not have to take out any loans or Anything you know that a lot of times You know unfortunately everybody's not Going to be able to get a full ride Scholarship some people gonna get a Scholarship but it's not going to be Enough to pay for tuition and some People are not going to get enough at All we all know when we go to college or You know somebody went to a university a Trade school I'm a graduate school they Come out just with the paper right they Come out with a degree they go out and Apply for the job and they reject it why Do you think they're rejected for they Don't have any experience course careers Is giving you the experience when you Come out you're going to have the Experience to get the job and plus you Are spending less time through course Careers it's taking you less than three Months to complete versus when you go to College it could take two years three Years four years it depends so these People coming out here getting a piece Of paper and they're getting rejection They're getting frustrated so they're Going back to school changing their Major and hoping that if they change Their major they could get a job offer

And they go and change their major go Out and apply for the job and they still Have the same problem because you're Only getting the degree but you're not Getting experience in course careers You're getting that certification as Well as experience you are more ready Than somebody that goes to a community College or trade school a university They have you prepared okay because a Lot of people cannot spend four or five Years they just want something that's Quick and it's people coming out here Y'all making between 60 K to 120 Um a year and you can do the same thing These are some of the companies that They have partnered with where that that Will hire you in Tech sales or Information technology or digital Marketing and it tells you the day in The life of a tech sales and then when You scroll down They do all for flexible um education They tell you who's this Tech sales Course for your background and then what You will learn in the course and then Here is some more testimonies that's why I was telling you go check this out if This don't encourage you to take a move Then I don't know what will go and check Out these Tech testimony these people Are killing it and making a lot of Passive money through course careers now You want to know how much it's going to

Cost again you have a free introduction Cost of course the payment or the the One-time payment is 499 okay you cannot Go to a community college let alone a University graduate school and pay this Okay it's people I know they've been out Of school for 12 years and they're like Paying they're in 50k a debt or more the One-time fee is 499 dollars if you use My coupon code which is the rest of 50 You would get 50 off of the 499 or they Want to work things out with you you you Could do a four payment plan of a Hundred and fifty dollars okay every two Weeks no contract or heating fee along With a 14 day money back guarantee so Make sure you get on board I'm here to Help you to get to the next level I Don't like to see anybody struggling Okay there's room at the table for Everybody so I want you to get out here Today and sign up for course careers if You know a high school student grab them Let them listen to this so they can Understand and know what they can do With their life there is option outside Of once you graduate from high school if You're not able to go to college you Can't afford College this is a great Option for a junior or senior if you've Been on a job for a long time and you Want a change you want to make more Money this is for you okay so make sure You go ahead and sign up today once you

Sign up today you can go ahead and start Taking these classes and on your way to Make anywhere between 60k to a over 120k A year okay that information isn't you Description bar and remember My channel is all about non-phone work At home job needs or no talking jobs That goes out every day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time consider subscribing to The channel by clicking the red button Don't forget to turn on your Notifications so every time when I Upload new videos you will be notified And have plenty of time to go ahead and Apply for these jobs before they move Just like this if you would like to Support the channel are becoming a Member of the YouTube channel all you Have to do is click this join button There is a short video explaining the Benefits of becoming a member and also Don't forget to check that Community Tab Out that is where I engage with you I'm Gonna Give You Quotes I do post I might When I upload new videos I post it in There and again make for sure that you Watch these videos these are great Opportunities in there okay so remember Go out there and grab these jobs the Jobs that I discussed today again they Will train you Um no degree is required these companies Are hiring immediately and they do offer Flexible work schedule so you got to

Keep pushing keep applying don't give Give up there is a job out there being Made for you but again it starts with The mind you got to believe if you Believe in yourself if you don't believe In yourself nobody else will so go out There today and grab what is yours by Applying for these shots thank you so Much for watching and I will see you in The next video bye

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