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What's up two chicks fam it's me Carl I Am back with another work from home Video and guys nobody is talking about This one you can make 45 dollars an hour This is an easy peasy side hustle for Somebody make sure you guys subscribe Like and share because on this YouTube Channel we give away laptop computers And they are absolutely free make sure You take the video guys put it on your Social media platforms share it with a Friend but don't forget to come back and Leave us a comment now I dropped a video Earlier today make sure you guys go back And check out that non-phone email work From home job that pays twenty dollars An hour no degree is required also guys Hop on over here to the two chicks blog Look under the spotlight job section Make sure you apply for Omni and then You want to scroll down where it says The recruiter reached out and you want To apply for it tell us tell us is a Skip the interview non-phone part-time Opportunity for you guys let us know in The comment Miss what type of work from Home job you're looking for and be sure Guys to click on that link Down Below in The comments sign up today for Branded Surveys let's hop in so the first thing You want to do you want to make sure you Come on our blog it is two chicks with a Side hustle look under the spotlight job Section I want you to guys to you guys

To click right here where it says Sports Radar so Sports radar is looking to hire People for this Sports data operator now This one guys I believe it is State Specific so let's get into it as you Guys can see here you can make forty Five dollars per hour now it states that We pay up to a hundred and sixty dollars Game plus expenses so the expenses would Be the ticket and also the travel so Let's just say if you had to go from Your house to maybe the football stadium Or the baseball stadium then they will Pay for your gas and they will also pay For your ticket to get in to see the Game so it it says we are looking for a Reliable enthusiastic people that can Track events from college professional Sports in real time from the venue using Our mobile application and any modern IOS or Android phone or tablet now you Must be at least 18 years of age with a Strong knowledge of one or more of the Following Sports so this is a sports Type of thing a sports side hustle I Would say football basketball baseball Ice hockey and volleyball you will be a Vital part of the team providing Real-time data and exciting work Environment so it says that you will Attend the games and collect the data in The venue in real time so you're not Talking to anyone guys so this is easy Monitor and verify game details such as

Changes in the starting time venue info Uphold the morals ethics and standards Of the profession and the good thing About this one they will reimburse you Guys for the ticket so that is a Fantastic phenomenal thing so it's Basically free because they're going to Pay for your gas mileage and they also Are going to pay for your tickets so it Says excellent knowledge of the rules Teams and players in the game assigned Must be able to attend matches in person Via your own means of transportation but Remember guys they're going to reimburse You excellent attention to detail clear And efficient communication skills now It says the benefits competitive pay Based on successful completion of Accurate timely data collected you work Based on your own availability expenses For tickets and travel are fully Reimbursed so it's like basically you Are going somewhere and you can enjoy The games for free full data collection Training is included introduction to the Sports technology industry so anybody Can do this one I believe they are State Specific guys but however I am not a Hundred percent sure I would suggest to Do some research sign up anyway because You never know they may not be State Specific I just saw Um Iowa on here but on their platform They had the same position listed or the

Same side hustle listed but it was for Different states so Not sure about that make sure you guys Do some research anyway because you do Need to know who you are working for Just in case you guys decide to sign up To this one I think this is a great one That you could do in your spare time Again it is on your own time so the Company in sports radar or sport radar They are looking to feel this Sports Data operator 45 an hour you will have To go to the football games basketball Baseball it's mainly dealing with sports So if you are a sports fanatic then I Would say sign up to this one tonight Make sure you guys do some research Again it is posted on the two chicks With the side blog look under The spotlight job section it is the First opportunity listed on our website Make sure you guys share the video Somebody out there is looking for an Easy side hustle and this could be the One for somebody I hope somebody gets This one let us know in the comments Guys if you hear back from the company Make sure you hop over to Facebook you Join kiss a cubicle goodbye and make Sure that you follow us guys on our Other social media platforms and we do Have a Twitter and Instagram we also Have a Facebook business page we're Doing giveaways Guys across these

Platforms except for Twitter so make Sure you're following and you are Sharing share share share because Sharing is carrying on this platform two Chicks with a side hustle my name is Carol I'll catch you wonderful people in The next video bye Bye YouTube

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