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Happy Sunday two chicks fam it is me Curl I am back with a non-phone claims Processing work from home job if you are Looking for more non-phone jobs make Sure you check them out over here on the blog be sure to Smash that red subscribe button turn on That Bell notification make sure you Guys thumbs up these videos and make Sure you share on this channel guys we Give away laptops and we are giving away 10 more brand new laptop computers they Are absolutely free to you guys Everything is free and we are trying to Give these away before the end of the Year so make sure you take the video Share the video tell a friend invite Your friends family members over here to This Channel and have them to subscribe As well make sure you guys go back check Out all the videos that were posted on The channel yesterday let me know in the Comments guys do you think we should Come on this live stream today I know a Lot of people are still celebrating the Holiday weekend and we took time out to Be with our families as well but I want To hear from you guys what do you guys Think we should do today should we take Off another day or should we come on This live stream make sure you guys hop Over to the two chicks blog look under The spotlight job section make sure you Apply for Omni interactions they have a

Self-paced training Client available now on the dashboard so Check them out and don't forget to sign Up for Branded surveys the link is down Below in the comments let's go ahead and Hop in so this company guys is called Care Centrics and they are looking to Fill their claims processing associate Position and we've talked about this Position before so they are hiring again Now it says here as a claims processing Associate you will review and Investigate claims make payment Determinations as well as process and Match claims data with appropriate Authorizations as necessary Responsibilities in this job you will Review electronic claims resolve Computer generated edits Determine correct payment or denial Amounts and document notes identify Questionable claims and authorizations Or system issues as appropriate achieve Production and quality targets as set by The department adhered to all Carecentric policies which may include But is not limited to mandatory HIPAA Privacy program business ethics and Compliance attendance and any additional Corporate or departmental policies this Is the job for you if you exercise good Judgment and want to help patients heal At home you have an ability to clearly Communicate with internal and external

Customers you are comfortable working in A fast-paced environment with multiple Tasks and possesses strong Organizational skills now it did not say Guys that you will be talking to anyone They're just saying that if you have an Ability to clearly communicate with Internal and external customers now the Qualifications you should reach out if You have experience with claim is Processing Medical Services or medical Terminology knowledge high school Diploma or the equivalent minimum of one Year of work experience and it did not Say that you had to work in a health Care field so if you have a minimum of One year of work experience anywhere Guys you can apply for this job know Every Health Care problem is unique and You approach the problems with questions Not answers are fun to work with we take Our commitment to patients seriously now I do see here a salary range of 16.35 to 20 an hour and that is like equivalent To eight up to eight hundred dollars a Week plus they do offer corporate bonus Incentives full range of benefits Including Health dental vision and the HSA employer contributions and dependent Care FSA employer match advancement Opportunities with this company so that Is a great thing professional skills Training and tuition reimbursement for Those of you that want to go back to

School this company will pay for that so Again the company is carecentrics I hope I'm saying it right they are looking to Fear their claims processing associate Position this is a full-time job the pay Is 16.35 to 20 per hour the job is Posted guys on the non-phone blog I will be sure to put the link right Below the video in the description box So you guys can check out this company And apply make sure you go over to Google and type in carecentrix put Something over there on Google guys About this company try to get as much Information as you can because you want To be prepared and not surprised if you Are going to apply for this job my Suggestion would be to get a piece of Paper go over there get the information When was the company founded maybe who's The CEO of the company because you just Never know sometimes these companies Will ask what do you know about this Company and you being the smart person That you are and I know you guys are Going to do this you're going to go over To Google you're going to type in care Centrics and see what comes up about the Company then you're going to jot it down Before you apply so that way when they Do email you and they do say hey we want To interview you you already have the Information about the company at hand Because you never know sometimes they do

Ask these questions I've done tons of Interviews where they have asked me what Do you know about the company and on Some of the interviews guys I didn't Know anything so you want to be prepared Don't be like me be prepared and not Surprised make sure you share this Awesome video with your friends family Members put it on Facebooks put it on Some of your social media platforms Let's get to a hundred thousand Subscribers before the end of the year So that we can give away these 10 brand New laptop computers also guys don't Forget to come back leave us that Comment so we will know that you shared This video hop on over to Facebook get You a Facebook page if you haven't done So already hop over there join the group KISS that cubicle goodbye make sure you Guys are following us over on our Facebook business page we're going to Give away two additional laptops brand New absolutely free over there as well The same thing guys we pay for Everything so make sure that you come Over there and you follow us because This will increase your chances of Winning a laptop just in case you don't Win a laptop over here on this platform You still have a chance to win over on Facebook and some of our subscribers They are already over there on Facebook And they are sharing this information

Like crazy so make sure you guys pop Over there follow us two chicks with a Side hustle on the business page so you Can increase your chances of winning and Over there guys I think it's easier to Share because you can just look under The video or under the job posting click On share and it'll automatically go over To your page if you have a business page Or if you are in some Facebook groups You can share in the groups as well make Sure you are following us on tick tock On Twitter and also on Instagram under The same name two chicks with the side Hustle because on Instagram guys we are Doing a pop-up giveaway so this means That we are going to come on the live Stream and we are going to give Something away now at this moment moment I have no idea what we're going to give Away it could be a ring light it could Be a keyboard it could be a hundred Dollar cash app we have been known to Give away money before I gave away five Hundred dollars on my birthday back in October so we've been known to give away Money before so it could be a hundred Dollar Walmart or Amazon gift card it Could very well much so guys be a laptop Or a desktop so you never know where We're going to pull out of our hats but The giveaway will be between now and the End before the end of the year December 31st so make sure that you are following

Us on Instagram two chicks with a side Hustle let me know in the comments do You guys think we should come on this Live stream today type yes you should or Know take a break you shouldn't let me Know my name is Carl I'll catch you Lovely wonderful amazing people in the Next video Bye YouTube [Applause]

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