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What is up two chicks fam it's me Carl And I am back with the easiest job ever Where you guys can get paid to review And edit menu so this is by far one of The best work from home jobs I have seen In quite some time make sure you guys Subscribe like and share my video Because on this channel guys if you Haven't heard we give away laptops and They are absolutely free to you guys all You have to do is take the video put it On your social media platform invite Your friends and your family members Over here to the channel have them Subscribe as well and make sure you Leave us a comment don't forget to go Back guys we have dropped a ton of skip The interview companies on this channel Go back to yesterday's videos the day Before Monday also Sunday we talked About 10 companies no interview hiring Right now check out those videos make Sure you share them also don't forget About Omni interactions and tell us both Of these are no interview both are Posted on the chicks with blog on the home page And don't forget to let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job Or side hustle you guys are looking for Be sure to sign up for Branded surveys The link is in the comments section Let's get into it so the company guys is Easy cater I've talked about this

Company before the last time I posted This job here it went fast so be sure to Hurry up and apply for this one they are Looking to feel again their menu quality Specialist work from home position it is A full-time job guys so it says here That easy cater menus are the Beating Heart of our Marketplace it says that They are the front lines of quality Control for each and every menu on the Easy cater platform guys so basically You are looking at menus and you are Reviewing and editing them for quality And for accuracy as they go live on Their platform you will also have to to Revise and maintain our catalog of Existing menus as offerings change over Time which there's true a lot of Companies do change the menu the prices Everything seems to be going up so you Will provide written and verbal feedback To the support team both new and Veteran Teammates as they learn best practices Adjust to new processes and make quality Improvements on process enhancements to Prepare success and these are some Things that they're looking for from you Guys and it is not a lot so I me Personally if you don't have any type of Experience I would still apply for this One because they don't have any like Harsh things that you need in order to Apply for this one like so many years of Experience and blah blah blah I don't

See that here I see a dedication to the Finer details you are reviewing and Correcting menus on multiple platforms And in a variety of formats Devotion to Upholding our high quality standards While meeting teams and individual Deadlines experience with editing Content you'll be examining the fine Details to ensure that each menu is Customer ready and anybody really can do The editing of content you're basically Looking for a grammatical error so that Is nothing a passion for learning they Have to teach you the job in order for You to know what to do right it says we Created a database of style and Standards ourselves and we'll expect you To jump in become an expert and help us Make it better of course you must have Excellent verbal and written Communication skills you'll be providing Both verbal and written feedbacks Appears and our team will count on you To explain processes clearly and Coherently so you're not talking to Customers but you will have to talk to Your teammates which is still non-phone Because that is what we consider Non-phone you're not talking to anyone As far as a customer or a client so I do See here the pay range 45 to 53 three Thousand dollars per year guys that is Not bad it did not say you need a degree For this one they do offer 401K medical

Dental and vision insurance is included As well so this one is posted on the Non-phone blog I will be sure to leave a Link right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out easy cater so again easy cater is The company they're looking to feel this Menu quality specialist full-time work From home position make sure you guys go Over to Google do some research you just May get that interview and they might Ask what do you know about easy cater You don't want to be like a deer in Headlights you want to have that Information already jotted down so that You are readily prepared and available To give that answer make sure you share This video guys that is the only way we Do the drawings the giveaways by sharing Sharing is caring on this channel we Will never come in the comments and tell You that you want a laptop we will never Answer emails and say Hey you want a Laptop or you email us and say I want a Laptop and we will send it no that is Not how we do the giveaways on this Channel all things are done on the live Stream so if anyone says that they want A laptop or is anyone in the comments Saying that we're giving away laptops That is a scam please report it and or Either you can email us and let us know But we will never be in the comments Guys saying that you won a laptop or

We're giving you a laptop all giveaways Are done via the live stream we do get This question a lot and we do have People that say that someone came in the Comments and stated that they won but That is not how we do it all you have to Do guys is just share the video leave us A comment in the in the comments stating That you shared with someone does not Matter how you share you can put it on Your social media platforms or you can Call someone on the phone and say hey Are you looking for a legit work from Home job go follow subscribe two chicks With side hustle you can do it that way However you guys want to do it that is a Form of sharing sharing again is caring On this channel make sure you hop over To Facebook join our group we're doing a Giveaway in the group the group is kiss That cubicle goodbye while you're on Facebook guys be sure to follow us on Our Facebook business page we're giving Away two more brand new laptop computers And they again absolutely free so go Over there and type share on that page You can share from that page or you can Tag a friend under the pla under the Post in the comment section and we will See that and that is a form of sharing And don't forget guys to follow us on Instagram we are so close to ten Thousand I think we're gonna hit that Ten thousand hopefully before the end of

February so make sure you guys follow us On Instagram it's two chicks with the Side hustle we are at nine thousand Eight 100 and something followers so We're trying to get to ten thousand so Guys we are really uh less than 200 Maybe like 180 or 190 is what we need Now so make sure you guys come over There and follow us help us get to 10 000 followers over there on our Instagram platform be sure to follow us On Twitter also we're trying to build up The Twitter platform I know we don't Really be on Twitter a lot but we still Are trying to build up their platform Same name two chicks with the side Hustle I'm getting so excited though About the Instagram page because I Looked over there today and I think when I looked we were at 98 10 and I think We've gotten more people than that by Now so make sure again you guys follow Us on Instagram you can create a reel You can create a story you can tag us in Your stories you can do the hashtag or You can do the at sign however you guys Want to do it you can tag some people on On whatever we have posted let your Friends your family members know there Are a lot of people looking for a legit Work from home jobs and they just can't Find them I have saved a lot of people On social media this week from being Scammed so make sure guys that you

Spread the word tell a friend invite Your people to our pages and leave us a Comment somewhere thank you guys so much From the bottom of our hearts the ones That have been sharing but if you have Not and you want to get in on these Giveaways and again everything that we Give away it is absolutely free all you Gotta do is just share my name is Carol And I will catch you wonderful lovely Amazing people in the next video bye You too

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