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Happy Thursday Two chicks fam it is me Carl I am back with a non-phone work From home job and the company is Instacart but before I jump into the Video if you missed the live stream last Night we talked about some very Interesting side hustles that you guys Can start right now make up to two Thousand dollars per month make sure you Guys go back and check out that live Stream video smash that red subscribe Button turn on that Bell notification Thumbs up these videos and make sure you Share we have purchased 10 more brand New laptop computers and we are trying To give them away they are absolutely Free to you guys you guys don't have to Even pay for shipping we pay for Everything make sure you go spread the Word tell a friend invite your people Over here to the channel make sure you Leave us a comment hop over to the two Chicks with the side blog Look under the spotlight job section Guys we have a lot of side Hustle posted There as well make sure you sign up for Gig spot we had a member to make 700 Also on the interactions they have a new Client posted on the dashboard that pays 15 per hour make sure you guys hop over There and apply and don't leave out Branded surveys the link is down below In the comments section let us know in The comments also what type of work from

Home job you guys are looking for let's Jump in so again the company is Instacart and they are looking to feel Their trust and safety specialist fraud Position and as you guys can see here This is a contract position guys so it Says here The overview instacart's trust and Safety team takes data Driven Customer first approaches to ensure we Are compliant with all local state and Federal regulations regarding grocery Fulfillment in this role you will be Responsible for executing on processes Critical to ensuring the instacart Platform remains secure safe and stable For the users the role will include a Blend of areas from reviewing Transactions in real time to preventing Fraud identity fraudulent activities Patterns account takeovers and handling Internal escalations to provide services Through the instacart platform and much More this is a six-month contracted Position at instacart with expectations To work 40 hours per week this is a Non-exempt position it is paid hourly And you are eligible for additional Hours as necessary you will be scheduled To work one or two weekend days with Which your manager will assign to your Schedule based on your your availability Now I do see here identity fraud

Patterns and conduct investigations to Deter fraudulent suspicious activities Also guys you will have to maintain a Cue of inbound Shopper and customer Appeals which time management and Prioritization skills you will need Those recognize and present Opportunities to improve detailed Oriented approach I also execute on Repetitive operational tasks while Maintaining attention to detail and Having an eye for process improvements Now about you one to two years of Professional experience ideally in a Fast-paced setting in fraud data Processing or some type of supported or Support related field or strong academic Record strong verbal and written Communication skills positive attitude And fortitude to work through Ever-changing and dynamic operational Conditions understanding of the gig Economy ability to make medical and Sensitive issues quickly in a fast-paced Environment operate within a high degree Of confidentiality now if you are Familiar with zendesk or something Similar this is just preferred Proficient in Excel Google Sheets basic Understanding of SQL or SQL is a plus Weekends or holiday availability so this Sounds like an easy peasy one guys if You don't have the one to two years of Professional experience in a fraud data

Processing or some type of support field Or you can have a strong academic record So if you don't have the experience if You have been to college and you do have Some college that can be a plus for you Guys so basically you really don't need Any type of real experience to apply for This job so the information it is posted On our non-phone blog I will be sure Guys to leave a link right below this Video in the description box so you guys Can check got instacart make sure you go Over to Google type in instacart check Out their reviews know something about The company jot down the information Today if you apply for this job I would Suggest to do that first and this way if You get an email for an interview and if You get an interview with the company Guys and they ask well what do you know About instacart who is the owner or the Founder of the company when was the Company founded you will already be Prepared and not surprised but this is Just a tip that I am giving to you guys Just in case you guys get an interview Make sure you share this video with your Friends family members guys I did not See any state restrictions on their Website so I'm gonna say you can live Anywhere in the USA if they don't say it Then hey go ahead on and apply if they Don't hire in your state trust and Believe they will let you guys know make

Sure you leave us a comment if you share This video yo so this way we will put Your name on our next giveaway list and Again we are giving away 10 more brand New laptop computers absolutely free and Anybody can win these laptops hop over To Facebook join us kiss that cubicle Goodbye make sure you guys follow us on Our other social media platforms so on Facebook guys we do have a Facebook Business page where we are going to give Away two additional laptop computers Over on that platform so hop on over There just in case you don't win over Here it is not too late guys you can hop Over there start sharing the content We're trying to get to a hundred Thousand followers on that business page So come on over there start sharing the Content tell a friend tag a friend Because you can tag people over there as Well and you can post the videos and the Content in some of those Facebook groups So join some groups guys some work from Home groups or some of those advertising Your business here groups and start Sharing our content and make sure you Guys leave us a comment over there Somewhere and then you want to follow us Guys on Twitter on Tick Tock and on Instagram now on Instagram we're doing a Pop-up giveaway so guys this means that We're going to come on Instagram we're Gonna do a live stream and I don't know

What day because it is a surprise it Will be a surprise pop-up live stream That we're going to do on Instagram and We are going to give away something it Could be a 100 cash app we've been known To give away money before because I Recently gave away 500 around my Birthday in October also guys it could Be a hundred dollar Walmart or Amazon Gift card at this present moment I have No idea we could even give away another Laptop computer or a desktop we've never Given away a desktop before so we very Well much so could give away a desktop I Don't know what it's going to be but Just make sure you're over there make Sure you tag a friend put us in your Story create some reels about us my name Is Carol I'll catch you wonderful lovely Amazing people on the next video bye Bye YouTube [Music]

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