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Hey hey two chicks fam happy Saturday It's me Carl and I am back with another Work from home video but before I jump In make sure you guys subscribe like and Share the video because on this channel Guys we talk about all things work from Home related from jobs to side gigs and Hustles and we also give away free Laptops so if you want to win make sure You take my video share it with a friend Put it on your social media platforms Write a post about what we do on this Channel be sure to come back and leave Us a comment don't forget to go back Check out all the videos that were Posted on the channel yesterday and make Sure you guys hop on over here to the Two chicks blog look on the home page And look for Omni interactions and also Don't forget to apply for tell us tell Us is a skip the interview part-time Non-phone opportunity and make sure you Let us know in the comments what type of Work from home job or side hustle you Guys are looking for and if you are Looking for non phone jobs check those Out on the blog remember to Sign up for Branded surveys let's get Into the video so the company is Lira Health they are looking to feel this Platform technical support specialist it Says remote us only I did not see any State restrictions on here so it says

That your responsibilities you will own The ticket queue triage and respond to Inbound support requests per internal Tickets slas it Serve as the front line support for our Providers and or clients manage to Technical FAQ articles answer specific Problematic or programming questions Where possible also troubleshoot Specific software and hardware issues Triage more complex questions or issues To the appropriate teams internally Train new providers on the platform and I do see some qualifications listed here Strong technical support background Supportive users applications and Multiple systems excellent communication Skills that are audience appropriate Ticketing system expertise zendesk or Servicenow Adept at managing ticket cues Requester Communications ticket response Slas ability to learn the platform in Terms of overall architecture and Expected functions skilled and Troubleshooting issues remotely Adept at Deciphering user level experience issues Versus bugs within the platform and they Do have some other requirements listed Here so this one guys it sounds like a Non-phone job out with the company Lira Health the position is for their Platform technical support specialist Remote us only I did not see again any State restrictions on their website make

Sure you guys share the video remember To do your own research it takes one to Two minutes to go over to Google and Type in Lira Health see what comes up About the position or the company jot Down the information just in case you Guys get an interview you would want to Be prepared and not surprised I will be Sure to leave a link right below the Video in the description box so you guys Can check out this company hop on over To Facebook join us our group it is kiss That cubicle goodbye because guys there Are tons of jobs posted in the group That might not be posted on this YouTube Channel we have a plethora of jobs Posted over there so make sure you join Us and we also are doing a giveaway in The group and on our Facebook business Page which is two chicks with the side Hustle we're giving away two additional Laptops so make sure guys that you are Over there following us on that platform And don't forget about Instagram Instagram is two chicks with the side Hustle also Twitter we're trying to Build up the Twitter platform as well Two chicks with the side hustle Instagram we're close guys to 10 000 Subscribers and once we hit that Following we will be doing another Giveaway my name is Carl and I will Catch you wonderful lovely amazing People on the next video bye


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