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TGIF and we are thanking God that it is Friday welcome back to the channel guys It's me Carl and I am back with a Part-time non-phone high paying work From home job if you are new to the Channel make sure you smash that red Subscribe button turn on that Bell Notification make sure you guys thumbs Up these videos give the video some Likes and make sure you share we are Trying to get to a hundred thousand Subscribers before the end of December So make sure you guys go tell a friend Spread the word post these videos in Some Facebook groups let your people Know what we do on this channel we have 10 more laptops that we have in our Possession and we are ready to give them Away so be sure to share come back leave Us a comment don't forget guys to go Back check out all those 50 interviews Side hustle eggs that I dropped on the Channel yesterday make sure you get a Separate email and apply to all four Companies and make sure you share those As well don't forget to hop over to the Blog two chicks with the side And get Omni interactions in your basket We are going to help you guys feel those Baskets up this month let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job You're looking for and be sure to sign Up for Branded surveys for those of you That have not yet signed up the link is

Down below in the comment section let's Get into this great video so today guys I do have a lot of part-time jobs that I Will be rolling out on the channel so Make sure you are here and ready so this Company is called food guys they are Looking to feel their part-time Compliance and contract analyst position It says that we are seeking a reliable And meticulously diligent compliance and Contract analyst to own the review and Completion process of legal and business Agreements and contracts now you will Report to the company's president this Is a a part-time work from home job this Is the perfect opportunity for Individuals already in the compliance Consulting space and looking for Part-time work I do see here 10 to 20 Hours per week Monday through Friday it Says come join a winning team that's Been named a top place in Oregon and Washington on multiple occasions by the Local media this is a fully remote Career guys I do see here in order to be Considered you must have a minimum of Five years experience in a position Reviewing complex legal and or business Documents such as a paralegal or a Former executive or a bachelor's degree In a field related to law government or Business ability to translate complex Legal terminology into layman's terms For others to easily understand a unique

Ability to figure things out even when Dealing with documents that are unlike Others that you've worked in the past Now what you will be doing showing Managing high value Supply resolutions You will also be negotiating Mutual Agreeable outcomes with vendors Including logistical providers Overseeing of insurance claims assisting With issues related to governmental Compliance including but not limited to FDA USDA reporting or a fair trade Reporting providing support to other Department heads as needed or Appropriate completing new state Employer registration providing support For miscellaneous other governmental or Regulatory issues now why we want to Work at Food why you want to work at Food guys look at this compensation it Is 40 to 45 dollars per hour so guys This one is on the non-phone blog I Would be sure to leave a direct link Right below the video in the description Box so you guys can check at this Company and apply again the company is Food guys this is a part time compliance And contract analyst position 10 to 20 Hours per week Monday through Friday I Did not see any weekends listed nor guys Do I see any state restrictions but you Need to do some research because I'm Pretty sure with this company they're Going to ask you what do you know about

Food guys and you want to be prepared And not surprised so before you go and Apply for this job make sure you get a Separate piece of paper jot down some Things about the company so that way When they email you you will already be Ready you you'll have the information Readily available so they won't come out Their bag and surprise you with that Question because you're going to Remember Carol told me to write down Some things about the company before I Apply to the job so that's just my tip For you guys be sure to do some research And make sure you share my awesome video Help us get to a hundred thousand Subscribers before the end of the year So that we can bless you guys with these 10 laptops that we are trying to get rid Of so make sure you go tell a friend Come back leave us a comment hop on over To Facebook join the group join some Groups on Facebook guys post the videos In some of the groups some of the admins They will let you guys post our videos Or you can post the blog or invite some People to the group it does not matter How or what you share just as long as You share something the blog post the Videos the links to the the blog post You can share the entire blogs if you Want to you can make a post about what We do on this channel and then just post The link it could be the YouTube channel

Or it could be the group's link which is Kiss that cubicle goodbye come on over There guys join the group so you guys Can see other jobs that may or may not Be posted over here on our Channel now If you are looking for more non-phone Jobs be sure to check those out here on The non-phone work at home dot com blog And then you want to follow us on our Facebook business page because we are Doing another giveaway on that platform So head over there follow us make sure You share share share like some posts Tag some people on the post we're trying To get to a hundred thousand followers On that page let your friends and family Members know what we are all about then Follow us on Instagram Tick Tock and Twitter two chicks with the side hustle Now on Instagram guys we are doing a Pop-up giveaway before the end of the Year so this means that we are just Going to pop over there on Instagram and We are going to give something away now At this moment we don't know what day And it's gonna be a surprise for you Guys because again this is a pop-up Giveaway so that means that we are just Going to pop up And start giving stuff away now I don't Know right now what we're gonna give Away but we have been known to give away Cash apps I gave away five hundred Dollars this past October for my

Birthday tan has given away some money As well we also guys we may give away Another laptop I was thinking another Laptop or a desktop we've never given Away a desktop somebody out there needs A desktop and we just might give away a Desktop or it could be a ring light for Those of you that want to get started on Tick Tock or YouTube and do these videos And create this content you will need a Ring light if you are going to show your Face so we may give away some ring Lights or it could be a left laptop Stand because some of you already have Laptops and you might need a laptop Stand to put the laptop on or it could Be a keyboard and a mouse some people Like to have extra things around the House or headset never know what we're Going to give away guys so make sure you Hop over there to Instagram it is two Chicks with the side hustle follow us Tag share all of that good stuff put us In your stories my name is Carol and I Will catch you lovely wonderful amazing People in the next video bye [Music]

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