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Hey hey hey this is Tangy from two Chicks with a side hustle coming at you With another work from home position but Before we get started do me a favor hit That red subscribe button also hit that Bell notification button so you can be Notified whenever we post a new video or Do a live stream and remember on this Channel sharing is caring so do me a Favor take one of our YouTube videos Share it with your friends family anyone Who is looking to work from home and we Will enter you into a drawing to win one Of 10 laptop computers when we reach 100 000 subscribers and thank you for those Of you who have shared thus far we Really appreciate it well guys today we Have a side gig side hustle and for Those of you who are new to our Channel A side gig side hustle usually is Something that you can use to create Another stream of income and also it Helps you gain Some type of skill it depends on what The side hustle is it can give you Skills to that you can use in another Job if you would like to apply for any Full-time positions these side hustles And side gigs can sometimes add to your Skill set to create maybe a new career For you but again you can use these for Extra money gas money they are great to Use for those things well today we have A website testing site hustle so if you

Are one who likes to give your opinions On websites on things that you can make Maybe the website operate better on a From a user standpoint then these are The type of side hustles that will be Good to for you this side hustle is Called userlytics and they have Usability testing so what usability Testing is companies want to get Your opinion on how their websites work Are they user friendly are they built Correctly are they Um great for people to use are they user Friendly can people uh get around on Your site completely can they understand Is it Beautiful I guess I don't have any other Words to say is it copacetic to the Human eye they want companies want to Learn all these things to attract people To go to their website so therefore they Hire testers they hire companies who Hire testers and that is what they do The fun about this is you can do this From your phone you can do it from your Tablet or your computer and you don't Have to have a preferred location so This video of this company can you can Test all over the world this is a Worldwide position Um not only do you get paid to test but Again you learn something new and get a Sneak peek of what some Brands may love May be working on or may love the most

Um even though you'll play a vital role In making sure these websites operate The way they are supposed to again this Is something you can do from anywhere in The world and you don't have to be on Your uh computer you can do it from your Phone or tablet so make sure you scroll Down And hit that apply here button so you Can apply and again you can gain new Skills with these side gigs side hustles So make sure you are grabbing them to Make sure you can upgrade your skills Have a great day bye bye

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