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Hello YouTube family I am back with more Work from home jobs these are online Typing jobs at home you can make Anywhere between a thousand one hundred Twenty to a thousand four hundred per Week the pay is between 28 and 35 an Hour according to Glad store and we're Gonna go ahead and dive right into the Job make be sure that you're watching The videos all the way through because There are valuable information in all of My videos to help you get closer to Landing your remote job so we're talking About the company's slang worldwide They're currently seeking data entry Specials to work remotely this is a Full-time position as well as a entry Level position So when you go down a little bit further You will be collecting and digitizing Data such as invoice inventory Checklists and other financial documents Establish data entry standards by Continually updating filing system to Improve data quality okay and then also You're going to be attending Um to data queries and Reporting any Major data errors to management and it Only requires a high school diploma or GED at least one month of experience Working as a data entry specialist and Then you also have to have excellent Knowledge of data entry software okay And again this is a great company to

Work for we're going to go ahead and Dissect the job a little bit more so you Kind of get an ideal on what you're Going to do Um on this position too okay so when you Go up a little bit further it is just Talking about that they're looking to Hire a diamantic daily interest special To join their companies administrators Department and this role you'll be Responsible for entering decline Information into their electronic Storage system updating assistant entry And organize hard copies of information Apparently so again this is basically All data entry Data entry just basically inputting data Into a system it's just a typing job if You're able to type on a computer or if You're able to use your cell phone and Text that is a data entry position here For you okay now when you go down a Little bit further Um just to go more into details you're Going to add here to the best data Management practice and maintaining a High standard of accuracy and efficiency And then when you go down a little bit Further they're looking for someone that Has organization skills a Keen Eye for Details and ability to spot areas with Accuracy and efficiency good Communication skills and ability to Collaborate with staff and members solid

Time management skills and ability to Prioritize tasks and excellent typing Skills and experience work with Windows Microsoft Office and Google Suite now When you're talking about Microsoft Office and Google Suites remember in Past videos I told you to use Google or Comfortability with Google all you have To to do if you don't understand what Microsoft Office and Google Suites all You have to do is copy and paste that Into Google and hit enter and something Is going to come up to teach you all you Need to know for free from Microsoft Office and Google Suites the easy one is Microsoft 365. if you type in my Microsoft 365 there are videos tutorials That will tell you or teach you how to Do Microsoft Office in Google squeeze as Well as if you go to YouTube and you Type in how to learn Microsoft Office or How to learn Google Suite it's going to Be somebody that's going to teach you This these things so you can get Familiar with it and you'll go in and Get your resume pass the Africa tracker System okay Now if you're interested in applying for This job to my right here is it's Considered a quick hire application Meaning it literally take you five Minutes or less to complete and you Submit your application I just want to Explain just because it's a short

Application that doesn't mean it's a Scam a lot of people these days they Think everything is a scam and again I Don't list fake jobs all the jobs that I'm listing are legitimate work at home Jobs that I have been working from home Ever since 2007 and I am trying to lead You to the right legit Fortune 500 Companies by me reaching out to hire Managers and recruiters to make for sure That these jobs are legitimate okay but You have to do your own research for a Piece of mind you know go search these Jobs you know uh before you say things Are scam all you have to do is type in Sling work worldwide work from home jobs And something is going to pull up you're Going to hear see reviews about the Company now the reviews are sometimes The biased the reason why I'm saying is Because some people say oh you know it's Not a good company and a lot of people Saying it is is a good company a lot of People say it's not a good company Because the company may not let them get Away with certain things that they want To get away with but you got to try the Job out for yourself and Um understand things because in the past I looked at reviews and I said oh I'm Not going to try the job and I said well Let me go ahead and try when I tried a Job everything that the reviews some of The people were saying I didn't

Experience that so you got to try the Jobs out for yourself okay and speaking Of jobs is to keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there with your name on it but It starts with you you have to believe If you don't believe nobody else will Okay 2023 is approaching really soon and You want to go into 2023 with a great Expectation what a great mindset leave An activity behind and say look I'm Going to start speaking life over myself Because the power of the tongue Determines life and death you have to Get out there and just grab these jobs It is a job looking for a job but again You have to do everything you can on Your end to make for sure that your Resume is tailored to each job that You're applying for again I keep talking About this all the time because it's Very important you do not want to send a One-size-fit-all resume you want a Resume specifically for each job or Tailored to each job that you're Applying for and again be careful and Mindful of your social media present Okay be careful what you're posting on Social media be careful with your Language because when hiring managers or Recruiters are interested in you they Will go into your social media presence And see what type of person you are and See if you're aligned up with the

Company values that they believe in if You're not lined up with the company Values they don't care if you have all The experience of the degree they will Not hire you so be careful and mindful What you post not only that it's people Have lost a job for posting pictures of When they go on a vacation because they Want everybody to know they went on Vacation or when they got a new house or When they got their house remodeled There was one co-worker that went and Showed that information to hire managers All the way up to CEO and it's people That have lost their jobs because CEOs They'll be like okay they're able to do This they don't need this job so they Have found a excuse or a reason to get Rid of you because they got jealous of You because you got a new home and you Go on vacation and you're doing great For yourself again everybody doesn't Have your best interest everybody's not Happy for you A lot of people like to Post things just to get that like and Comment and everything and really you Don't need that I'm saying you don't Need nobody to give you a comment to say Hey you doing really well because you Should already know that you're doing Well but you cannot just post all of These things on different social media Platforms because everybody again is not Happy for you but you got to just keep

Pushing keep applying don't give up Rejection is not the end of the world Okay everybody's been rejected whether It's a job in a relationship Um getting a loan whatever the case may Be everybody has been rejected so you go Out there and you do what you need to do And bring in 2023 with a great Expectation and saying hey I got this I'm going to start believing in myself I'm going to start applying more for These work from home jobs go out there And grab what is yours today because There is a job out there being made Specifically for you okay so I believe In you but you got to believe in your Self and remember to go and practice Your daily entry skills since we talked About data entry you can go to this is free to You there's no charge you can go and Click right here where it says 10 key Tests hit start you can practice numbers And symbols numbers only as well as you Can practice your type of skills so make Sure you go and check this out because Again this is one skills that hiring Managers and recruiters are not going to Train your own you have to know how to Type And again I talk about ways of helping You coming in 2023 it's a lot of people Have been struggling it's a lot of People have been living paycheck to

Paycheck but um you have to better Yourself a lot of times people don't get Tired of struggling you know Um some people are living on twenty Dollars until they get paid the next Month some people are living on less Than that so I'm here on this channel is To try to do everything that I can to Help you is I'm giving you the tools but You got to take the twos and use it for Yourself and I talk about course careers Because When you do your research there is a lot Of jobs for text sales and information Technology and the reason why that there Are a lot of jobs for technology in Sales and information technology is Because a lot of people are not trained In that field a lot of people don't know About text cells so different Fortune 500 companies have reached out to course Careers that they hire course careers Graduates into an entry level dropping The experience and degree required only For course careers I want to just break Down and tell you what is the difference Between text sales and information Technology text sales is more on the Phone you're basically reaching out to Potential buyers people that are Interested in buying your product say For example if you work for Google You're reaching out to different uh Companies that want to buy products in

Google so you're going to be on the Phone there are more than 300 000 Opening jobs in an average starting Salary it's between 60s to 80k a year Now all information technology is more Of a non-phone work at home job lead Where you'll be responding to tickets And cues similar to a chat environment And there are more than 200 000 opening Jobs averaging starting salary of Between 40 and 60k a year okay now I Love watching the testimonies you see You know couples you see different People that have came a long way used to Be a janitorial uh a janitor and now They are making over 60 a year been a Either information technology or a text Cell I suggest you to go and do the same Thing as look at all of their Testimonies but as you can see on the Screen this is a 19 year old girl that Worked for Starbucks and she ran across Course careers program and now she is The the youngest reps working at Um course um different companies that Course careers have partnered with Making over 60 000 a year working from Home and this can have happen to you So the first thing that I would tell you To do is you need to just sign up right Over here sign up free sign up for the Free intro course and then in the intro Course is going to give you all the Information about Information Technology

As well as text sales at that point you Should know if it's a good fit for you If it's a good fit for you please please Do not procrastinate take action faith Without works is dead it's so many times People have said that they're gonna take A course but as always I will take the Course but I will start tomorrow but I Will start today but it's always a butt Okay life is too short this very second Is not promised to you you need to go Ahead and do something today to provide Either for yourself or provide for you And your family and do a change is People have been sitting on the job for Years not moving up it's people coming In you've been at the job for five or Six years or seven years because I Experienced it and people just started They are making more money than somebody That's been sitting at the job for 10 Years and that's not right you got to Better yourself you got to be a risk Taker in order to go to the next level You cannot complain or get jealous of Somebody else when there are Risk Takers And then you have opportunities coming Right to you and you refuse to take that Opportunity so once you go to through The intro course the free intro course And you find out that it's a good fit And you need to roll in the online class It is a self-paced course where some People when you look at the testimony

Some people have finished it in a few Weeks some people some people it takes a Couple of months depending on how much Time you commit you will learn Everything required to learn your your First position And the great thing about course careers You can also do an internship where you Can get paid you work for a particular Company for three months and then once To three months is over with you can Choose to work for that company or you Can choose to work for other companies That course careers have partnered with And how many times that can happen when You go to a university a trades groups Trade school Um are a graduate school where you just Come out getting that degree when you go And apply for jobs you're getting Rejected because you don't have Experience and then people go back to School change they major and they do the Same thing and they continue to get Rejected a lot of people want experience And course careers are giving you that They again they partner with other Companies that are looking to hire Course careers into an entry-level Position so they would teach you exactly How to land an entry level position or Internship by giving you the Insider Knowledge of how to apply to companies What they look for in resumes

Applications how to prepare for Interviews and such much more they Partner again directly with companies That want to hire their students into an Entry level position and internship Dropping their degree and experience Requirement for course careers graduates Okay now we're going to go into this one Because I know that you're curious about The price with course careers you do not Have to take out a loan there's people You know when you go to Community College trade schools Graduate schools University people are Taking out lots and lots of loans been Out of school for 10 years and still Paying on the loan here at course Careers you do not have to take out a Loan the pay is only a single payment is 499 if you use my coupon code which is The rest of 50 you will receive 50 off Of the 499 dollars or you can choose a Four payment plan of 150 for bi-weekly Payments no contracts or hitting fees You can do a 14 day money back guarantee Whether if the course are fully Refundable within 14 days of purchase no Courses asked simply contact them and They will refund you your money again You have to invest in yourself if you Want to grow to the next level or get to The next level you're going to have to Invest okay this is very affordable of Course careers are trying everything

That they can to work it out for you so If you ever wanted to be a I.T person Information technology or Tech sales This is your opportunity to get in on The average you'll make over 800 a week As a help desk professional that's a Information technology so basically the Course pays for itself during just the First four days on the job this is a Win-win situation Um it goes in here give you information Why Information Technology it talks About the salary and here are what here What the graduates have to say about Course careers I suggest you to go and Watch all of them it is a great Testimony to see where everybody you Know came from what they used to work Why they got into course careers and These are some to come means that are Hiring for entry-level I.T and just then It talks about the day Of the life of the information Technology again you're only responding To emails and assigned accept any Tickets in the queue again it's more of A chat job and then you can continue to Work on tickets and respond to any Incoming requests that's used to get Back that and then you're going to Research difficult tickets or work on Any long-term projects you have going on Again it's more of a chat job and then It tells you about what the course what

They go over and this is your teacher Josh remember stop procrastinate take Action today faith without works is dead Go out there and sign up 2023 is coming In you want to start off a new year with A new resolution of hey I want to do Better I want to better myself for Myself and my family so go out there and Do something new by starting a new Career in it our Tech sales the Information again is in the YouTube Description bar and remember this Channel is all about none phone work at Home job leads they go out every single Day at 7am Central Standard Time Again Make sure you're watching the videos all The way through because there are Valuable information that I am giving You each and every day Um consider subscribing to the channel By clicking that red button that says Subscribe and don't forget to click on The Bell to turn on all notifications so Every time when I upload new videos You'll be notified and that will give You plenty of opportunities to go ahead And apply for these jobs before they're No longer available okay if you would Like to support the channel I'll become A member of the YouTube channel all you Have to do is click that join button There is a short video explaining the Benefits of becoming a member of the YouTube channel don't forget to check

Out the community tab that is where I Engage with you every single day when I Upload new videos when I do quotes when I do posts or whatever I think is Important that I want the audience to Read and understand I posted it in there Again keep pushing keep applying don't Give up there is a job out there being Made especially for you so go out there Today and grab what these years by Applying for these jobs thank you so Much for watching and I will see you in The next video

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