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Happy Monday two chicks fam it's me Carl And I am back with a skip the interview Non-phone work whenever you want Part-time job but before I jump into the Awesome video make sure you guys Subscribe like and share and hit that Bell notification so that whenever we do Upload a video or come on the live Stream you will be the first person to Be notified make sure you share the Video guys because on this YouTube Channel we give away laptops and they Are absolutely free once we reach a Hundred thousand subscribers and we are So close so make sure you guys share Share share we will be giving away 10 More brand new laptop computers and they Are absolutely free be sure to come back Though and leave us a comment now we Were on the live stream last night and So in case you missed it we talked about Four non-phone chat jobs so for those of You that are looking for chat jobs make Sure you guys check out the video and Some of them you don't need experience Make sure you hop over to the two chicks With the side hustle.com blog look under The spotlight job section apply for Omni Interactions if you are new to the work From home space this company will give You a chance let us know in the comments What type of work from home job or side Hustle you guys are looking for and be Sure to sign up for Branded surveys the

Link is in the comments section let's Get into the video so the recruiter for This position reached out to us guys They are looking to hire over 200 people For their online data analyst position And the company is Telus the pay for This one it is 14.50 an hour and let's Just jump right on in it says we are Hiring freelance English speaking online Data analyst for a project aimed at Improving the content and quality of Digital Maps which are used by millions Of users globally the job will suit Someone who is D detail-oriented likes Doing research and has a good knowledge Of national and local geography now you Will not have to interview for this Position guys however you will have to Take and pass an exam in order to be Hired this is a freelance position on a Flexible schedule you can work in your Own time whenever work is available you Will be completing research and Evaluation tasks in a web-based Environment verifying and comparing the Data determining the relevance and Accuracy of information you will be Provided with guidelines for each task Which needs to be followed the project Offers a variety of tasks and work is Paid per task now these are some of the Requirements full professional Proficiency in English you must be Living in the USA in the last two

Consecutive years ability to follow the Guidelines and do research online using Search engines online maps and website Information you must have familiarity With current and historical businesses Media Sports News social media cultural Affairs in the U.S being open to work Across a diverse set of task types such As Maps news audio tasks and relevance Applicants must be 18 years of age or Older ID verification must be attached When submitting your application now Working on this project will require you To go through a standard recruitment Process including passing an open book Assessment this is a long-term project And you will work occasionally be Subject to Quality Assurance checks and That's just occasionally they just have To make sure that you are doing the job Correctly and then it says why join The Telus International AI community Community to earn extra income of course Access to our community well-being Initiative remote work and location Independence you are the most flexible Hours to fit your lifestyle be a part of An online community and then it says What next and then you will just apply So the information guys it is posted on The non-phone blog there will be a link Posted right below this video in the Description box so you guys can check Out this company there are already quite

A few of our subscribers and members Over in our Facebook group join the Group KISS that cubicle goodbye that Work for teller so again the company is Telus International they are looking to Feel their online data analyst position This is very part-time guys and you can Work whenever you choose to work so you Are the boss to pay for this one it is 14.50 an hour get all this information Straight from the recruiter and we have Been promoting this company guys for at Least now three going on three years so Make sure you do some research though Even though it is skip the interview you Need to know who you are working for Make sure you share my awesome video Because somebody out there is looking For a non-phone skip the interview work Whenever they want type of job so make Sure you guys share like crazy but be Sure to come back though leave me a Comment and then you want to hop on over To Facebook you want to join our Facebook group slash Community guys we Have built this group up we are almost At 200 000 members in this group the Group has been there since 2019 and once We reach 250 000 members we are going to Do another giveaway in the group and We've done a giveaway before but it has Been years ago so make sure you guys Come over there and invite invite invite Also guys don't forget while you're on

Facebook to follow us on our two chicks With the side hustle Facebook book Business page now on this page guys we Are trying to get to a hundred thousand Followers and we are halfway there so We're right around maybe like fifty two Thousand followers on this platform so Guys make sure you come over there you Follow us because we are going to give Away two additional laptops that's right Let me say it again for the people in The back we will be giving away two Additional laptops free absolutely free Everything is free when we're doing a Giveaway now the only thing you guys Have to do is come over there follow us And then you can tag or you can share The post join some of the Facebook Groups some of these admins they will Let you post the information in the Groups or you can post it on a business Page or a your personal page so if you Have a personal page you can create a Business page if you don't want to post It on your personal page create a Business page and post the information Let's help get the information out there To the masses because I can almost 100 Guarantee you guys somebody that you Know maybe they haven't told you but Somebody that you know is looking for a Legit work from home job whether it's Part-time whether it's full-time whether It's customer service or whether it's

Data entry somebody out there guys is Looking for a legit work from home job And you just might be that person to Help them out so make sure you come over There to our Facebook business page Again it is two chicks with a side Hustle join the group it is kiss that Cubicle goodbye and start sharing this Great information because we are doing Giveaways like crazy and you want to be A part of this and also on Instagram now We did a giveaway a week or so ago on Instagram we gave away two hundred Dollars in gift cards now we're going to Do another giveaway once we reach 10 000 Followers on that platform so make sure You guys come over there share share Share tag tag tag because you can tag Some people over on Instagram or you can Just put a story up guys create some Stories and some reels and just say hey If you're looking for you know legit Work from home jobs and side hustles be Sure to follow these ladies two chicks With the side hustle and that will help Us out greatly to get to that 10K Following over on Instagram so again Follow us on Instagram make sure you Share the content and just type share Somewhere on one of the posts that we Have posted we do check the comments and We will write your name down on the Giveaway list my name is Carl and I will Catch you wonderful lovely amazing

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