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Happy Saturday two chicks fam it is me Carl and I am back with an overnight Work from home job and if you are new Here welcome to the channel I hope you Guys are having a fantastic day make Sure you subscribe like the video and Share the video on this channel guys we Give away laptop computers and actually We have four giveaways going on right Now so make sure that you subscribe to The channel go over to Facebook join our Facebook group it is kiss that cubicle Goodbye follow us on Facebook at two Chicks with the side hustle and also Follow our Instagram page two chicks With the side hustle and make sure you Guys share that is all that we ask and Be sure to leave us a comment somewhere Don't forget to go back check out all The videos that were posted on the Channel yesterday make sure you guys hop On over here to the two chicks blog look Under the spotlight job section apply For Omni and then scroll down look for Tellers and apply for tellers as well Make sure you get branded surveys in Your basket the link is down below in The comment section and let us know in The comments what type of work from home Job or side hustle you guys are looking For let's jump in the company is called Adapt health and they are looking for an Intake specialist after hours third Shift work from home position so it

Saves here as the in-text specialist you Have a broad range of responsibilities Including accurate and timely data entry Understanding and selecting inventory And services in key databases Communicating with referral sources and Also appropriately utilizing technology To notate Patient info communication Intake specialist schedules can vary Based on the needs of the branch so I do See here the job duties enters referrals With allotted time frame as established Meeting productivity and quality Standards as a established communicates With the referral sources the Physicians Or Associated staff to ensure Documentation is routed to appropriate Physician for a signature slash Completion accurately enters referrals Into appropriate systems based on the Type of referral obtained works with Local branch leadership to ensure Appropriate inventory slash services are Provided you will assist other Regional Team functions as necessary for Non-medicaid patients communicates with Patients their financial responsibility Collects payment and documents and Patient record accordingly follows Company philosophies and procedures to Ensure appropriate shipping method Utilized for delivery of service you Will answer phone calls in a timely Manner and assist the callers for

Non-medicaid patients you will Communicate with the patient you will be Responsible for reviewing medical Records for non-sales assisted refers to Ensure compliance standards are met Prior to a service being rendered you Must be an expert at the pay your Guidelines and reading clinical Documentation to determine qualification Statuses also compliance for all Equipment and services also being Responsible for contacting patients when Documentation received does not meet the Payer guidelines to provide updates and Also offer additional options to Facilitate the referral process you will Work with the sales team to obtain Necessary documentation to facilitate Referral processes as well as support Referral source relationships you must Be able to navigate through multiple Online ER systems to obtain applicable Documentation works with verification Team to ensure that all needs are met For both teams to provide accurate info To the patient and ensure payments Competency skills and abilities ability To appropriately interact with the Patient's referral sources and staff Decision making analytical and problem Solving skills with attention to detail Strong verbal and written communication Excellent customer service and telephone Service skills proficient computer

Skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office Ability to prioritize and manage Multiple tasks solid ability to learn New technologies and possesses the Technical aptitude required to Understand flow of data through systems As well as system interaction now the Requirements I do see here minimum job Qualifications high school diploma One-year work related in a health care Administrative Financial or Insurance Customer service claims billing call Center or management regardless of Industry is required so you will have to Have at least one year of experience Guys in the health care Finance Insurance some type of call center Claims billing or management this is Required exact job experience is Considered any of the above tasks in a Medicare certified agent me IV or HH Environment that routinely builds the Insurance companies so again the company Is called adapt health and they are Looking to feel this intake specialist After hours third shift work from home Position make sure you guys do some Research I will be sure to leave a link Posted right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out this company and apply go over to Google type in adapt Health see what Comes up check the reviews jot down the Information about the company just in

Case you guys get an interview you would Want to be prepared and not surprised Make sure you share my video with a Friend or a family member somebody out There guys is looking for a legitimate Work from home job and they are sick and Tired of these scammers so make sure You guys take the video and share it on Your social media platforms but be sure To come back though and leave us a Comment down below don't forget to hop On over to Facebook join the group KISS That cubicle goodbye so we have four Giveaways going on right now one is on This YouTube channel share we're giving Away 10 laptops then we're going to do Another giveaway in the group once we Reach 250 000 members also guys our Business page on Facebook it is two Chicks with a side hustle we will be Doing a giveaway over there once we Reach a hundred thousand followers and Last but not least Instagram guys two Chicks with the side hustle we will also Be doing a giveaway on Instagram once we Reach 10 000 followers so guys make sure That you are following us on all of These platforms this increases your Chances of winning a laptop or something From the two chicks brand because we Will be giving away keyboards uh mouse Pads ring lights we also may give away Some two chicks with the side hustle

Mugs coffee mugs also some T-shirts Maybe some ink pens and maybe some Calculators just never know what we're Going to pull out of our hats so make Sure that you follow us on all of these Social media platforms go tell a friend Go spread the word this year 2023 we are Really trying to push this information Out there to the masses because I keep Seeing over and over and over again a Lot of these scammers are posting the Companies the legit companies names but They that is how they're getting the People's information and getting them to Go and cash these fake checks so just be Aware of that guys if you are on Facebook on indeed or LinkedIn and some Of these other Career Builder type of Sites just make sure that you go over And apply through the company's website Anything that we post here do some Research on it if you have to call the Company go check to see if they have a Facebook business page and this way guys You will know whether or not these Companies are legit make sure you are Following us on all the platforms make Sure you share this information again We're trying to push this information Out to the masses be sure to leave us a Comment though my name is Carl and I Will catch you wonderful lovely amazing People on the next video bye YouTube

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