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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with an overnight work when You want job but before I jump in make Sure you guys subscribe like and share Because on this channel guys not only do We talk about legit work from home jobs We post them each and every single day But we also talk about side hustles that You guys can do straight from your home Don't forget to share my video because We are giving away 10 more brand new Laptop computers absolutely free just Take the video go post it on Facebook LinkedIn share it with a friend don't Forget to come back though and leave us A comment we have been dropping a lot of Work when you want videos be sure to go Back guys and check those out hop over Here to the two chicks with the side Hustle.com blog look on the home page Where it says the recruiter reached out The recruiter from Telus they have an Opening for the Raider position it is Not on phone work when you want fourteen Dollars an hour let us know in the Comments what type of job you guys are Looking for be sure to sign up for Branded surveys the link is in the Comments let's jump in so this company Guys is Princess Cruises Holland America Line they are looking to fear this Air Customer service agent after hours so it Says here we're looking for an amazing Air customer service agent after hours

To fill this role you will be joining The travel Services team for a Home-based position to cover duties While the office is closed so you will Be processing urgent air travel outside Of business hours for the shipboard Officers the crew the guests Entertainers the vendors the contractors And the shore side employees usually in Cases where trips have been disrupted For unforeseen reasons you will provide Excellent customer service and support For a Cruz guessed that either have a Disruption to to their travel plans or Require immediate assistance with Flights to get from their homes to join Their Crews or from the end of their Cruise to get back home administers Hotel and ground transportation Arrangements for shipboard officers crew And guest entertainers including Creation communication of Hotel rooming Lists and ground transportation manifest You will answer phone calls and monitor Emails for the shore side Travelers in Need of urgent assistance outside of Business hours AKA corporate travel and They do have some other things listed Here now for this one guys you will need A high school diploma GED or equivalent Experience ability to communicate Effectively verbally and ridden with Travel suppliers Port agents crew Members employees other departments and

Also management this job normally Requires three year years of related Experience in a travel agency Airline or Wholesale travel agency proficient in Microsoft Word Excel and Lotus Notes Microsoft Outlook ability to work Independently and think quickly Knowledge of all aspects of the Sabri Airline reservation system such as Creation of an air booking ticketing Exchanges pricing routing and queue Processing flexible schedule that Includes nights and weekends after hours Teams will need to be available for work 6 pm to 6 a.m Pacific Standard Time Monday through Friday nine hour shifts With one hour for lunch 5 P.M to 6 a.m PST SNS shift with Saturday and Sunday Shift assigned will be anytime between Those hours so they are offering guys Flexible schedules the pay is 35 to 45 000 a year so again the company is Called called Princess Cruises the Holland American line and they are Looking to feel this Air customer Service agent for their after-hour shift The link will be posted guys right below The video in the description box so you Guys can check this one out sounds like A great company to work for however Since tan and I neither one of us work For them you guys will need to go over To Google YouTube you can look to see if They have a Facebook business page do

Some research guys even if you get the Information and call the company and you Ask a few questions like where was this Company founded who is the founder or The owner the CEO of the company just in Case you guys get an interview you want To be prepared and not surprised make Sure you take my video go post it on Facebook Snapchat Tick Tock you guys are On Tick Tock anyway so go over there and Share this work from home information Tell your audience to follow the two Chicks with I hustle YouTube channel Don't forget to join the Facebook group We are giving away another laptop guys In the group and it is kiss that cubicle Goodbye also guys follow us on the two Chicks with the side Hustle the Facebook Business page and don't forget to follow The Instagram and also the Twitter two Chicks with the side hustle follow like Subscribe share you guys can create Stories or videos or however you want to Share this information just be sure to Come back and leave us that comment Somewhere my name is Carol and I will Catch you wonderful lovely fantastic People in the next video bye [Music]

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