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Good morning happy Saturday it's Suzanne Today I have a company that is always Hiring work from home opportunities now These jobs that they're hiring for you Typically do not have an interview for Because they are transcriptionist or Captioning type roles and so a lot of Times they want you to take a test or an Assessment to make sure that you have The skills that they need for these Positions so we're going to learn why so Many transcriptionists editors and Virtual scribes prefer A3 on and here They have an apply button but I will Give you the link for this a little bit Later so they are hiring for General Transcriptionists slash editors inside Sales reps medical transcriptionists and Virtual medical scribes now we're not Going to look at the inside sales reps That's a completely different kind of Position we're going to look at these Transcriptionists and medical scribe Positions if you are an experienced Interview transcriptionist we have lots Of opportunities for you we we are Currently seeking candidates experienced In transcribing and editing Multi-speaker audio files this Particular job is open in the US and Canada and of course they offer it fully Remote A3 on is a dynamic organization That provides qualified language Specialists with challenging and

Rewarding work opportunities we have Numerous remote job opportunities Whether you do police legal Media or Business transcription a3n Transcriptionists at their own work Schedules and have access to traditional Transcription speech recognition editing And QA work so this is a job where you Can work when you want you can work it Around your schedule if you have Children or if you have a day job and You just want to earn some extra money You could do that to qualify for their Home-based transcription jobs they do Want you to have a minimum of two years Of relevant work experience if you're Currently enrolled in a transcription Training program please wait until you Can furnish proof of graduation before Applying all their transcription jobs Are independent contractor status Compensation is based on production and A3 on pays weekly so they're going to Pay you weekly And in this position they do want you to Have some kind of formal transcription Training then they have a medical Transcriptionist slash editor if you Have experience transcribing or editing Interviews consider applying to this Position which currently has more Openings again a little bit about the Company on this job you have to show Proof of graduation from a formal

Medical transcription training program They will also consider professional On-the-job transcription training as a Substitute for an academic program Provided you can substitute substantiate A minimum of two years of relevant work Experience if you're currently enrolled In medical transcription please wait Until you can furnish proof of Graduation so again same thing with this Job they want you to have some formal Training the virtual medical scribe is Open part-time and full-time and they Offer challenging and rewarding scribing Work from home they are a thriving Health Care documentation business with Clients across North America doctors and Other health care professionals using Their technology and services to chart More efficiently their Solutions Empower Caregivers to deliver better patient Care with less stress the company is an Established and reputable organization That has been in the healthcare industry For over 30 years their business Delivers high quality solutions to Physicians they believe in total client Satisfaction are committed to each Employee's success so about this Position they're looking for part-time And full-time employees that are Passionate about supporting Healthcare Professionals by entering clinical notes In real time in electronic health record

Systems while listening to Patient Encounters they're going to offer you Incentives and benefits provide paid Leave and all scribing work can be done From home so here's the requirements Medical scribe training or six months of Recent scribing experience so this one You don't need quite as much experience For no criminal background Organizational critical thinking you Know all the typical ability to learn The EHR software quickly can anticipate Caregivers needs diplomatic stable Employment history remained in the Previous role for a minimum of a year Can commit to a minimum of three eight Hour shifts per week for one consecutive Year and there's your responsibilities Document accurately in EHR systems for Doctors maintain regular attendance and Punctuality adhere to HIPAA and other Confidentiality requirements so if this Is something you're interested in you May want to look into some of those Training programs I think you're more Likely to get hired in a role like this If you have that minimum requirement Versus some of the other Transcriptionist jobs where they will Train you sometimes but those jobs Aren't necessarily known for being able To make a lot of money I think A3 on is Actually a company that's hiring Full-time employees so you may just need

To take a training program in medical Scribing you may want to look into that If you're really interested in working From home and working for A3 on all Right guys if you're interested in this Position I'm going to go ahead and put The link Down Below in the description Keep in mind with these kind of Positions they tend to be hiring off and On so you may not hear from them for a While or you may hear from them right Away but you definitely want to go ahead And apply All right guys let me know down in the Comments what other kind of work from Home jobs you're looking for and I'll See you guys on Monday

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