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Hello what is up welcome back to my Channel and if you're new hey for the First time my name is CeCe I post daily Work from home jobly videos ways to make Money from home side hustles anything That's going to help you guys make money On your own terms so for the month of November we're going hard we are going To be applying to as many jobs as we can Diversifying our income if you are with Me give this video a thumbs up and click That red subscribe button below it's 100 Free so this is um papaya Global and I Wanted to share with you guys their job Board obviously the name of the title Global they are going to be globally Hiring remote which is phenomenal and The papaya team is bringing HR and Payroll into the 21st century help us Revolutionize how companies manage their Workforce across the world so we're Going to click here and explore the open Positions as you can see here right out Of the gates we have Argentina remote And so what I recommend you to do is go Through the drop down here you can see Brazil California Canada Canada Denmark France Germany Ireland Japan Mexico the Netherlands Spain Sweden and the UK all Remote they do have other countries as Well I'm not sure though if they have The remote option just for those Specific jobs that are listed but you Can see sales exec Global payroll expert

Information security and cyber Specialists workday HCM integration Specialist software software application Support specialist customers operations Specialists there's so many different Jobs here so I want to make this video Quick and straight to the point this is A job board that I highly recommend you Guys go check out and bookmark I love Sharing job boards because it makes it Easy for you guys to go with your own Skills and qualifications knowing Exactly where you live what department You want to work in and apply for the Job that best suits you as opposed to me Sharing one job lead thousands of you Guys click the link you go apply and There's a lot more competition you feel The pressure to just do a fast apply and Not really do a comprehensive cover Letter and resume so that being said I Will have this full job board linked on My website for you guys to Check it out that will be in the Description box below if this job or This job board I should say was not for You on your screen are two other videos I've also posted you can check those out I am wishing you so much luck on your Applications subscribe for more to come And I will talk to you in my next video Bye

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