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Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody is doing Good today I'm doing great and always Excited to be bringing you guys another Work from home job opportunity and today I'm coming to you guys with a part-time Job and it's going to be a flexible Part-time job with a big company okay so Currently New York Post is looking for a Part-time customer service agent to work Part-time if you're looking for a Flexible part-time job that's going to Allow you to make some extra money Definitely check this one out let's go Ahead and get straight into the details The New York Post is Seeking a part-time Customer experience agent you will be Working about 12 to 16 hours per week That's four hours a day and you're going To be the primary point of contact for The inbound processing of customer Support related inquiries and with this Job right here you will be developing a Deep knowledge of New York Post products And plans to deliver customer service That's going to include for Registered accounts Community New York Post phone and tablet apps Post sports And e-commerce which is the post store Selling merchandise and the 10 type of Issues can include purchase and login And account issues New York post paid Tablet apps and it's going to be a Variety of different issues and you're

Going to also be responding to help Tickets in zendesk using impeccable Grammar you may also make outbound phone Calls as needed troubleshoot issues to The best of your ability Monitor and Respond to reviews and app stores you're Going to need to maintain Professionalism and also prevent churn By solving customer issues in expedient And satisfying ways and you're going to Also have to achieve kpis in zendesk Where productivity and quality are key And providing excellent customer Experiences okay so they'd like for you To have the ability to empathize and Seek to understand users and two plus Years of experience in a customer Service role expert level of written and Oral communication be highly organized With a strong sense of urgency to meet Deadlines comfortable working Independently a college degree is Preferred it's not required it's Preferred also experience in providing External customer support in a service Desk environment and working within a Formal ticketing system zendesk is a Plus and the ability to commit to a Consistent but flexible part-time Schedule approximately three days a week Four hours per day and of course you Must be able to successfully work Remotely so this job is not going to pay Much this is not a you know career or

Anything like that it's going to be 15 An hour so again just a little job to Get some extra money in your pocket so Of course you guys know if you're Interested in applying for this job go Ahead and check out that link in the Description bar you guys know that I Wish you the best of luck leave any Questions or comments below and as usual I thank you guys so much for watching And I'll see you guys in my next video

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