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Hey hey hey happy Saturday it's me Carl I am back with a part-time 20 an hour Work from home job but before I jump Into the video if you guys are looking For those non-phone data entry chat jobs Make sure you hop on over check them out On the non blog be sure to Smash that red subscribe button turn on That Bell notification make sure you Guys thumbs up these videos and make Sure you share we are giving away 10 More brand new laptop computers Absolutely free to you guys so go spread The word tell a friend be sure to come Back leave us a comment down below let Us know in the comments what type of Work from home job or side hustle you Guys are looking for be sure to hop on Over here to the two chicks blog look Under the spotlight job section make Sure you guys apply for Omni and also Apply for tell us and make sure you sign Up for Branded surveys the link is in The comments let's get into the video so The company is called growth therapy and They are looking to feel their client Intake support position and it is part Time so it says here that you would be a Great fit if you love providing Top-notch customer service you are a Quick study who can learn how platform Works and explain it quickly and Accurately on a call you also enjoy

Solving problems on the Fly and leading Our clients through the booking process So that they can have potentially Life-changed Mental Health appointments You have strong oral and written Communication skills you feel Comfortable with speaking to clients Calling to book a mental health Appointment you would also enjoy serving As the voice of growth therapy you are a Self-starter who can dependably and Reliably execute the task and you can Consistently commit to 20 hours per week So this is very part time guys now this Saves what they have to offer and I do See here the salary for this position it Is twenty dollars an hour now out I do See the benefits here Wellness benefits Included unlimited PTO winter break Mental health mornings two hours each Week which is great because some Companies don't allow that flexible Working it says hybrid or in person and Remote so this one of course we're Talking about the remote position now I do see here that they're looking for Somebody that's a self-starter you enjoy Fast-paced work environment and you want To be the first line of communication Between us and the clients now as the Client intake rep you'll be the first Person at growth therapy speaking to a Potential new client who wants to book An appointment for mental health care

You will spend most of your time using The phone and email to effectively Answer client questions and quickly and Accurately book The Client if Appropriate with the right mental health Provider for them you'll report directly To our client intake lead and will work Closely with her to refine and execute Best in Class customer support from day One you'll get exposure to what it's Like to build a business from the ground Up and you'll be able to drive A real impact so this sounds like an Easy peasy job guys you will be taking Inbound calls booking Mental Health Appointments I don't see where you need A degree or anything like that for this One again the company is growth therapy They are looking to hire people for Their client intake support position the Position is part-time 20 hours per week At twenty dollars an hour so that's like Four hundred dollars a week so that's Pretty good guys twenty dollars an hour 20 hours a week it's like 400 a week 1600 a month that's not bad at all or 800 every two weeks so the information It is on the two chicks blog there will Be a link right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out growth therapy remember to do your Own research make sure you guys share The video make sure you leave us a Comment because again we are giving away

10 brand new laptop computers that we Already have purchased guys so make sure You guys go tell a friends spread the Word share these videos like crazy make Sure you come back and leave us that Comment otherwise we will not know to Put your name on that giveaway list and That list is getting very long by the Way make sure you guys hop on over to Facebook join us kiss that cubicle Goodbye a lot of people guys have been Hired with various companies so make Sure you guys hop over there join the Group again kiss that cubicle goodbye Now the most popular company that we Have seen within the last I would say Maybe 30 to 60 days has been United Health Group a lot of people love this Company they say this is a great company If you go on their website they do have A plethora of remote jobs so make sure You check them out come on over there to Facebook guys also follow us on our two Chicks with a side hustle Facebook Business page because we are giving away Two additional brand new laptop Computers on that platform as well so in Case you don't win over here on the YouTube channel you still have a chance Guys to win a laptop on our Facebook Business page we are trying to get to a Hundred thousand followers we are right Around maybe 51 000 and we do have some Subscribers that are already over there

On that platform sharing our information So hop on over there follow us over There and you can tag your friends your Family members on the post so it does Not matter which post that you share or Where you share the post and I think it Is easier for you guys to share over There especially if you already have a Facebook personal page or a business Page all you have to do is go under the Blog post or go under the videos Click Share and it will automatically go over To your pages so make sure you guys do That join some Facebook groups click That share button get the permission From the admin first make sure it's okay And then start sharing our content or Like I said it you could tag a friend a Family member a cousin it does not Matter on the page and that is a form of Sharing and we will still put you guys's Name down on their giveaway list again Help us get to a hundred thousand Followers on that Facebook business page And then you guys want to hop on over And follow us on tick tock on Twitter And also on Instagram now on Instagram We are going to do a pop-up giveaway We've done this before it was a success So we're going to do it again between Now and the end of December so the end Of the year December 31st we are going To just pop over on Instagram and do a Giveaway now I have no idea just yet

What we are giving away now we can't Tell you guys when we're gonna do the Pop-up because what it is a pop-up Giveaway so that means that it is a Surprise now for the pop-up I'm not sure What we're gonna give away it could be a Keyboard a mouse pad it could be a two Chicks t-shirt or sweatshirt or a Keyboard it could be a laptop stand or It could even be a laptop guys we have No idea it also could be a Walmart gift Card for a hundred dollars or a Amazon Gift card for 75 it could be a cash app We've been known to give money away on Our YouTube channel so guys who knows What we're gonna give away just make Sure you hop on over there again the Page it is two chicks with the side Hustle you guys can share us on your Instagram stories you can make create a Story about us put us in the story or You can tag you can go over to the page Whatever we have posted you can tag your Friends your family members in the Comments you can also create those short Reels about two chicks with the side Hustle you can make a video and just Tell people that we have the real legit Work from home jobs and that we post Them over here on our YouTube channel on The blogs or whatever you guys want to Do just make sure you tell a friend and Spread the word my name is Carl I'll Catch you wonderful lovely fantastic

People in the next video bye

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