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Hello hello welcome back to my Channel Or if it's your first time welcome my Name is CeCe I post daily videos on this Channel all in the work from home remote Side hustle make money on your own terms Financial advice all the businessy fun Monetary stuff I got you click that red Subscribe button below it's 100 free and Let me help you and alleviate a lot of The tension when it comes to these Topics I know I have a lot of introverts Out there not even just introverts People who just don't want to talk on The phone to people daily people who Might be shy people who get social Anxiety people who just have had enough I feel like I fall under all those Categories to be honest and you just Want some chat specialist jobs or some Remote work jobs that you can do that You know you don't have to do the most With so I do have this website I found Percepta and teletech they have a bunch Of different roles on here all over the The U.S that are remote they do have the Different locations here placed and that Is just I think due to where the tax Laws allow you to work remote from home But they do have a bunch of jobs but What really drew me to this was the chat Specialist jobs we love chatting we love Being a chat specialist so what I'm Going to do is just send you guys on Your way to apply for these if you

Qualify we are going to click in I want To give you a little more insight Um a typical day you'll be responding Via mail and that could be email that Could be chat support Etc I also want to get into what you can Expect the rate of pay is 16 per hour Health dental vision life insurance FSA HSA 401K company match sick time with Paid holidays tuition reimbursement Employee assistance and discount Programs training and development and Rewards programs so there's a lot here Of course there are other jobs listed if You find that one of these is right up Your alley some support specialist HR Specialists but I really wanted to Highlight the chat support I'm going to Keep this video brief I don't want to Waste a bunch of your time I feel like There's no need so if you would like the Link to this job board you can find that On my website work from home with And the link to access that will be in The description box below if this video Wasn't for you or maybe you just want a Little more of me that is totally okay On your screen are two other videos I've Recently posted check those out and my Face is also on the screen hi hello it's Me click that it will also subscribe you To my channel because 70 of you who Watch us are not subscribed and I can See it in my analytics you're not

Pulling one over on me click it it'll Subscribe to my channel you'll never Miss an upload and you can have more of This you guys are probably like we don't Want more of that that's why we're not Subscribing it's okay I love you anyways Have a great rest of your day and I'll Talk to you in my next video bye

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