Princess Cruises Hiring! – Work From Home Job | Get Paid To Answer Questions | $2700 – $3700 A Month

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What's up two chicks fam happy Friday Evening it's me Carl I am back with Another work from home video but before I jump in if you are new to our Channel Welcome make sure you subscribe like and Share the videos because on this YouTube Channel guys we give away laptop Computers and if you want a laptop it is Absolutely free the only thing we ask is That you take our videos put them on Your social media platforms put them on Facebook share it with a friend and be Sure to come back and leave us a comment Down below don't forget to check out the Two videos I already dropped on the Channel today one is a skip the Interview Non-phone texting work from home side Hustle egg the other one guys It is a good one as well so make sure You guys check out those videos also hop On over here to the two chicks with the Side blog look under the Spotlight job section make sure you guys Apply for Omni interactions they are on A hiring spree and don't forget to Scroll down look where it says recruiter Reached out and apply for Telus Telus is A skip the interview non-phone work Whenever you want opportunity and don't Forget to let us know in the comments Guys what type of work from home job or Side hustle you're looking for and be Sure to sign up for Branded surveys the

Link is down below in the comment Section let's get into the video so this Company guys is called Princess and they are partnered with the Carnival Corporation so they're looking To feel their own board experience Support specialist as you guys can see It says remote us so it says here that Your responsibilities will be providing You elevated support to the shipboard Staff before during and after the cruise Assist with handling sensitive and Highly escalated situations as they Require support actively listening to The You actively listens to create Understanding researches using a variety Of available tools and techniques and Then partners with the shipboard team on The appropriate course of action for the Situation respond to inquiries and Assist with requests for administrative Supports uses empowerments and judgment To drive timely and effective Resolutions up to the full value of the Booking where deemed necessary liaise is With appropriate business units to Ensure all relevant information has been Processed as needed actively Communicates and partners with the Shipboard teams at All Phases to ensure Alignment interfaces with the accessible Experience team on issues requiring Ada Expertise to drive resolution research

Guests and travel professional letters Email and phone calls regarding Inquiries complaints and praises and Communicates internally with the Appropriate company Personnel to resolve The issue issues you also manage Customer interactions by utilizing the Siebel system creates service requests Or srs's activities and monitors files To ensure that no issue is left unsolved Follows ups with the guests to Communicate the resolution of identified Concerns and ensures their satisfaction With the handling of their expressed Concerns now You will need some experience for this One guys I do see two plus years of Hospitality or customer service Experience including two years handling Escalated issues excellent interpersonal Skills and communication skills verbal And written with guests travel agents Employees other departments and also Management strong listening skills and The ability to emphasize and connect With customers ability to assess Situations and determine the best course Of action with scope of Road time Management and organizational skills Strong knowledge and Proficiency in Relevant systems to access and update Guest info so the pay for this one I see The base pay salary thirty three Thousand one hundred dollars to forty

Four thousand seven hundred dollars per Year so this one is posted on the two Chicks blog there will be a link right Below the video in the description box So you guys can check out this company Make sure to do your own research make Sure you go over to Google type this Company his name in see what comes up Jot down the info before you apply for This position make sure you take the Video put it on your social media Platform share share share we are trying To get this good information out there To the masses be sure to come back Though and leave us a comment down below And then you want to hop on over to Facebook you want to join our group it Is kiss that cubicle goodbye we are Doing another giveaway guys in the group Once we reach 250 000 members so you can invite invite Invite you also guys can join us over on Our two chicks with the side hustle Facebook business page follow the page We're giving away two additional laptop Computers on that page so make sure you Come over there guys and follow us make Sure you also follow us on Instagram We're trying to get to 10 000 followers and we are so close guys So make sure you come over there and you Follow us and you tag tag tag share Share share leave us us a comment Somewhere because we are going to get to

That 10K and then we're going to pick Some more winners two chicks with the Side hustle my name is Carl I'll catch You guys in the next video bye bye YouTube [Music]

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