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What's up two chicks fam it's me Carl And I am back with a work from home Video and I am so excited guys because This company is a quick hire company and This is a data entry work from home job But before I jump into this awesome Video make sure you guys subscribe like And share because on this YouTube Channel we believe in giving back to our Subscribers thank you guys so much for Watching the videos and sharing our Content with your friends and family Members so we are going to give away Guys 10 more brand new laptop computers Absolutely free the only thing you guys Have to do is take my video put it on Facebook share it with a friend family Member but don't forget to come back and Leave me a comment down below now if you Guys are looking for more non-phone jobs Data entry chat be sure to check those Out on the non Phoneworkathome.com blog let us know in The comments what type of work from home Job or side hustle you're looking for And don't sleep on branded surveys the Link is in the comments section let's Get into the video so the company guys Is broad path and broad path guys they Are hiring for their data entry rep work From home position again this is a quick Hire company your responsibilities it Says here that brow path is hiring for Their data entry reps data entry reps

Will be responsible to obtain and Process our pertinent clinical info Needed for the authorization of Professional and Medical Services the Position responds to Patient referrals And works insurance companies to Pre-certify Services based on the Patient's Benefit Plan you will review Our referrals for eligibility expiration Date and accuracy you will act as a Liaison between the patients providers And the staff members to direct Appropriate cases to the utilization Management staff works cooperatively With internal and X external customers To help members and providers with Referral issues participates in Answering prior authorization calls and Also entering customer data in the Database daily now they are asking for Basic qualifications clinical experience And or health care experience with Medical insurance also ability to handle Insurance based questions authorization Experience office and or experience with The CPT ICD and the 10 codes two plus Years experience in a medical office or Clinical environment you must have Knowledge of durable medical equipment Knowledge of HMO Systems and experience working with the Medical referral process is required so This one guys it is on the two chicks Blog because with this one there may be

Some phone calls involved also guys this Company will provide you guys with the Equipment and they pay weekly so again This is a quick hard Company the company Is broad path be sure to go over to Google do some research about the Company just in case you guys get an Interview you would want to be prepared And not surprised so make sure you do That jot down any information that you Think may be important about the company Maybe when was the company founded who's The founder of the company or who's the CEO of the company what does the company Stand for things like that so be sure to Jot down the information the link will Be provided it will be right below the Video in the description box so you guys Can check it out make sure you guys Share my video somebody out there guys Is looking for a legit data and entry Job I see the scams posted on social Media each and every single day and you Just might be that person to help these People out so make sure you share the Video don't forget to come back and Leave us a comment Down Below in the Comment section so that we can put your Name on our giveaway list and we do have A lot of giveaways going on with this Brand so be sure guys to join us on Facebook the name of our group it is Kiss that cubicle goodbye don't forget Guys to follow us on our Facebook

Business page it is two chicks with a Side hustle we're giving away two Additional laptops brand new absolutely Free over on that platform and don't Forget about Twitter and Instagram two Chicks with the side hustle we have Other giveaways going on with the group On Facebook and also on Instagram as Well on Instagram guys we are trying to Get to ten thousand followers and we are So close and once we hit that 10K now Number there will be another giveaway on Instagram so we recently did a giveaway Back in December and we are going to do Another one this year 2023 so be sure to Hop over there put us in your story make A real about what we do make a real About work from home jobs you never know Who out there is looking for a legit Work from home job and you again just Might be that person to help them out Sharing is caring on this channel my Name is Carol and I will catch you Wonderful fantastic lovely people in the Next video bye Bye YouTube

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