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Remote chat service agent pays 15 per Hour with bonuses work from home today Wayfair work from home remote chat Service Africa at work from home jobs Pronounced AF free QT before we get Started what type of work from home job Are you looking for put it in the Comments section and AI will get started Scouring the web for the perfect Opportunity for you Wayfair Link in descriptions job title Remote chat service this is a remote Work from home job posted three days ago For anywhere in the world no degree Required paid time off pay starting at 15 per hour qualifications include Strong problem-solving resourcefulness Next Ability to work with multiple customers Excellent relationship building strong Organization multitasking reliable Attendance excellent written and verbal Communication skills strong typing Skills and ability to navigate Computer-based tools Next responsibilities as part of a Customer service team you are expected To work proactively in a fast-paced Environment resolve issues provide Service to customers chat and mobile Messaging identify areas of improvement Next Benefits your hourly rate of pay is 15 Per hour with cost of living adjustment

And tenure based as early as six months Quarterly performance bonus of up to two Thousand two hundred dollars referral Bonus of five hundred dollars per Eligible referral Health Vision Dental Insurances which start on day one 401K 401 company match up to four percent Paid time off seven paid holidays Parental leave tuition reimbursement Wayfair employee discount and community Service day off Next job description as as a digital Service associate from the time a Customer places their order through Delivery to their home the team Works Proactively to monitor customer orders And ensure a seamless delivery Next what you'll do as a remote chat Service agent you will independently Troubleshoot problem solve and resolve Customer service inquiries provide Service to customers on multiple Channels such as chat mobile messaging Provide assistance with post-order Issues such as returns Replacements Refunds delivery status back order and Any other issues you will also look for Areas of improvement navigate customer Conversations using software Applications and Wayfair tools and Demonstrate excellent verbal and written Communication skills next assistance for Individuals with disabilities Wayfarers Fully committed to providing equal

Opportunities to all individuals Next let's talk a little about Wayfair Before our dance intermission Wayfair is one of the world's largest Online destination for the home They are committed to industry-leading Technology and creative problem solving If you are looking for rapid growth Constant learning and dynamic challenges Then you will find Wayfair as the place For you Next let's take a short intermission and Watch afriket Dance for your like And Subscribe then we will get right to the Reviews [Music] Thank you Did you like And subscribe thanks next Indeed rates Wayfarer 3 stars on reviews Salaries benefits interviews and more Next out of 1900 reviews 445 have 5 Stars 341 have 4 stars 412 Have 3 stars 292 have two stars and 475 Have one star Next one current employee as of April 3 2023 rates four stars and say fun place To work Next a former employee as of April 4 2023 rates one star and says hated it Due to differing ratings let's check see What others have to say [Music] Thank you [Music]

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