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Foreign [Music] This is Melissa from Melissa at home and I'm back with another video on today so I've been shooting out a lot of Remote-based opportunities these job Leads are coming in Fast and there's so Many jobs available and I do not want You guys to miss out on any of these job Leads they can expire at any time and I Do not want to keep these job leads Under the wraps okay so we're going to Share these job leads no matter what Time of day it is or how many times a Day we are going to get these job leads Out so you can start applying and start Getting these positions also make sure You check out my resume template bundle Is currently available it's on the Description section below this video I Added a bonus resume to that bundle so Now there's three resume templates added So this is the resume bundle it also Comes with a full resume and cover Letter guide to help you to craft an Amazing resume okay so definitely check It out and if you have any issues with Your download it is a downloadable file That will be downloaded to your computer And once it's downloaded you will have Access to all the resumes and cover Letters and the video tutorials etc etc Now if by any chance you come across any Issues in regards to opening your files

Or any Tech issues then you can shoot me An email my email is on the product page It's melissia okay so let's Get back to this amazing work from home Opportunity this is coming from Liberty Mutual Insurance they just posted this Remote-based opportunity that is Currently available today so that's why I wanted to hurry up and get this job Lead out to you so that you have time to Apply for this position so the pay range Is right up front 30 000 to 41 000 per Year currently hiring for afternoon and Evening shifts so if you're someone Who's looking for evening shifts then This will be perfect for you the Starting dates for you to get started in Working is March 2023 which is next Month will be an eight hour shift with Various start times at 1 30 PM Eastern Or later you must be flexible with Availability so they're looking for Someone who's flexible with their Schedule okay and it is the eight hour Shift so they are hiring in all states Except Georgia Illinois Alaska Hawaii Nevada New York and California sorry Guys you are always left out in these Types of positions and it's just the way It is unfortunately okay but there will Be other work from home job leads that Will include your state so make sure you Continue to stay subscribed and just Keep your notifications on okay so

They're looking for a compassionate Responsive efficient claims Customer Care Associates to join their team the Responsibilities include conveying a Calm caring attitude you will provide Best-in-class service to customers while Processing new claims and first notice Of loss forms collaborative partner They're looking for efficient worker Problem Solver clear communicator and so On now these are the specifications for This job listed here so these are the Job specifications this is in their Claims department it is a remote-based Position that is available in the US Except for the states that were Mentioned earlier okay you just need to Have a high school diploma or GED in Order to do this remote-based position So you don't need to have like a high Degree like a bachelor's or Masters or Anything of that nature to get started In this application so this is the Responsibilities that they listed here You could click where it says Qualifications to get to the Qualification section so we get more Details on what they're looking for so The qualifications include a history of Working in financial services Totality or retail with previous call Center experience is a plus but it's not Required appropriate licenses or Willingness to obtain licenses via

Company sponsored training so if you're Interested in getting license then Definitely check out their sponsor Training that they offer for this Position apparently you will need to Have licensing or be willing to obtain Ones to work for Liberty Mutual then It's definitely worth it excellent oral Written and interpersonal skills ability To project courtesy and empathy strong Time management skill demonstrated Typing proficiency you know how to use a Computer in Microsoft Outlook and Keyboards ability to handle confidential Information High School degree again or Bachelor's degree which is preferred but Not required Willie will ask to continue Learning about products procedures and Technical Systems as you grow in this Role so this is basically the Qualifications as you see you don't need To have basically no experience is Required but they do prefer someone who Have previous you know experiencing call Center Financial Services retail Etc Okay so these are the experiences that Would be a plus if you have them if you Don't then you can still apply for this Position if you have related uh skills And qualifications that may relate to What they're looking for okay so you can Go to their featured benefits sections Look at the benefits and what they offer As an employee working for Liberty

Mutual these are benefits that you will Be provided with okay and if you'd like To learn more about Liberty Mutual you Can select where it says why Liberty Mutual to read information about the Company and just to do your quick little Overview about Liberty Mutual so that You can form a close relationship with This company that you are looking to get Started in working for okay so if you're Ready to get started you click where it Says apply now to jump into the Application uh once you click apply now It will take you to a page this page Right here that took some some time to Load my computer is a little slow but Hopefully it's faster on your end and You're just gonna basically create an Account with Liberty Mutual in order to Proceed with the application okay so you Gotta enter your email address and just Follow the prompts from there all right Fairly fairly simple so if you're Interested in this opportunity Definitely hop on it if you're Interested in my resume revamping Services that I provide you can email me At Melissa home I'm handling a Boat full of resumes currently but I Always have room for more and you can Check out my resume templates that I Mentioned earlier if you're interested In just getting your resume done on your Own then you can use my templates to

Guide you okay well thank you again for Watching and I wish you all the best of Luck happy work from home bye

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