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Happy Sunday two chicks fam it's me Carl I am back with a part-time work from Home job I know today is live stream Sunday but unfortunately we will not be Coming on the live stream tonight make Sure you guys smash that red subscribe Button turn on that Bell notification Thumbs up these videos and make sure you Share now if you are looking for the Non-phone jobs hop on over to the non blog remember to Share the video guys we're trying to Give away these 10 brand new laptop Computers they are absolutely free so go Spread the word help us get to a hundred Thousand subscribers before the end of The year make sure you guys go back Check out all the videos that were Posted on the channel yesterday and Today and make sure you hop over here to The two chicks blog look under the Spotlight job section apply for tell us And apply for Omni interactions and be Sure to sign up for Branded service Faith people here guys are making real Money from this company the link is down Below in the comments let's get into the Video so this is a part-time position With the company Kaplan University Partners so they're looking to feel this Position for the Course Mentor for the Wake Forest University I guess they are Partnered Um with each other so it says here that

The Kaplan or the kup is seeking Wake Forest University students and alumni to Act as part-time members to pre-college Students enrolled in the online programs The course mentors will engage and Support the students throughout the Course mentors also provide support and Encouragement at predetermined moments Throughout the course using group online Video conferencing and digital messaging Tools such as email chat or SMS finally The mentors advise and guide the Students on course assignments in Preparation for the role mentors will Complete a paid training program Self-paced modules and exercises as well As a live component receive support from The kup staff and both give and receive Support as part of the Course Mentor Team now the key responsibilities you Will provide in sync guidance feedback Answer questions you will lead the group Sessions with the students to review Progress ask key questions and ensure The course progress review course Assignments provide Direction and answer Questions answer ad hoc questions Throughout the course session brainstorm With the students on their final project Ideas be familiar with all course Material check in with the program staff Report back on the student engagement I Do see her time commitment as well Approximately three hours per week of

Mentor-led live group student Interaction also approximately one hour Per week of in sync or a sync engagement Feedback back in small operational tasks Now the qualification strong passion for All aspects of course subject matter Experience working with adolescents Teens ages 13 to 17 your passion for Helping others achieve their goals with An emphasis on delighting and engaging The students strong interests in Undergraduate level Proficiency in the Subject area ability to work in the Absence of direct supervisory Relationships demonstrated ability to Learn and work in digital communication Platforms like email Zoom Google Hangouts or canvas you must pass a Background check and you must be Authorized to work in the U.S now it Does say that you must be a current Student or alumni of Wake Forest but Guys you never know with these companies Sometimes they'll say that you might not Have to be a current student or you Could just say that you are a current Student I don't know if they're going to Ask for proof or anything like that but I do you see here guys that Um it says here remote Nationwide USA so With this one you can live anywhere in The USA and apply for this job I did not See how much the pay is for this one so That is where you guys will come in

Because you will need to do your own Research now I did see 15 an hour I take That back I did see 15 an hour for their Positions so I'm I'm just going to save 15 an hour could be a little bit more For this one I'm not 100 sure anywho be Sure to do your own research there will Be a link provided for you guys to apply And check out this company make sure you Go over to Google and type in the Company's name see what comes up so you Guys can be prepared and not surprised Make sure you share leave us a comment a Lot of you are sharing the information The content and things like that but You're forgetting to come back and drop Us that comment so make sure you guys do That hop over to Facebook and join the Group it is kiss that cubicle goodbye Make sure you follow us over on our Facebook business page because guys we Are going to give away two additional Laptops over on their platform and it is Two chicks with a side hustle we already Have some of our subscribers over there Now sharing our content and we really Really do appreciate each and every Single one of you it is not too late if You have not shared anything it is not Too late help us get to a hundred Thousand followers over on that page as Well we are already around 52 000 over On that platform you can tag your Friends on the post or you can simply

Share the post you can also share some Of the videos guys in other Facebook Groups if you're not a part of a group You can join some groups and start Sharing that way as well but be sure to Share we're giving away two laptops We're also going to have another Giveaway on Instagram so if you're not Following us on Instagram please jump on Over there and follow was it is two Chicks with the side hustle we have a Tick tock also a Twitter two chicks with The side hustle because guys on Instagram we are doing a pop-up giveaway So this means that we're gonna just pop Up and do a giveaway we could give away Another laptop you never know what we're Going to pull out of our hats but just Make sure you're over there you're Following us you're sharing our content Post us in your stories you can guys can Create some of those reels about what we Do on the platform my name is Carol I'll Catch you wonderful lovely amazing People on the next video bye YouTube

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