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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with a skip the interview work Whenever you want and you don't need Experience guys for this particular side Hustle but before I jump into the video If you are looking for the non-fone jobs Or more skip the interview non-phone Side hustles be sure to hop over check Them out on the blog smash that Red subscribe button turn on that Bell Notification make sure you guys thumbs Up the video and make sure you share Because on this channel guys we do real Giveaways and we are giving away more Laptops 10 to be exact so make sure you Tell a friend spread the word come back Leave us a comment down below and also Let us know in the comments what type of Work from home job or side hustle you Guys are looking for be sure to hop over Here to the two chicks with blog look under the Spotlight job section make sure you Apply for Omni internet actions the Owner reached out again they still need More agents for these great Opportunities and don't forget to sign Up guys for Branded surveys check out All the videos that were posted on the Channel today let's hop in so the Company guys is called Center QA we've Talked about this company before this is A easy peasy telephone mystery shopper

Side hustle so let's jump in it says That we are hiring telephone mystery Shoppers throughout the U.S this Exciting contract work from home Opportunity it is for men and women that Don't mind speaking on the phone you Have great listening and writing skills And a strong attention to detail no Previous experience is necessary we do Not require a background check so guys You can just literally sign up to this One tonight you must be at least 18 Years of age or older and be a current Resident of the US however to apply we Do not charge a registration fee to Apply AI or to work with us it says that We will also consider applicants with Different backgrounds who have the right Set of skills to work with us parents Disabled adults grandparents students And those looking for extra income can Benefit from this opportunity so guys it States that we offer a great opportunity For you to make some extra cash while Working from home on your own schedule You will get paid five dollars to Complete a telephone Mystery Shop along With a brief online feedback form which Is one page long each call is typically Around 10 minutes and our feedback form Takes a few minutes of your time to Complete now the payout per call is one Of the highest in the industries and They pay out fast it says the payout is

Within seven business days or less other Mystery shopping companies have you to Wait 30 to 45 days to get paid we offer Some of the best telephone shops in the U.S after you are high tired and Complete your first paid list of Telephone mystery shops you will be put On a waiting list to receive additional Shops that match your profile so I don't Know what the profile looks like if they Give you choices I would say make sure You check all the boxes guys this one is By far one of the easiest side hustles That anyone can do so again the company Is called Center QA go over to Google Type in the company's name now they will Not interview you guys but you need to Know some information about who you're Working for so again call center QA They're looking to hire telephone Mystery shoppers throughout the US you Don't need any experience to sign up for This one they do offer flexible hours Where you can just pick and choose the Schedule that you want to work and they Do pay five dollars per completed Telephone Mystery Shop call after you Fill out the form guys this is an easy One so get this easy peasy I hustle egg In your basket along with the other side Hustles that we talk about make sure you Guys hop over to the two chicks blog Look under the spotlight job section Make sure you give gig spot that is

Another telephone mystery shopping Company is where we found that out last Night on the live stream make sure you Guys get that egg in your basket make Sure you share my video with your Friends and family members somebody out There is looking for an easy side hustle With no experience that pays five Dollars a call make sure you guys share This video make sure you hop over to Facebook join kiss that cubicle goodbye Make sure you follow us guys on our Other social media platforms Tick Tock Twitter Instagram we also have a Facebook business page where we're Giving away two additional laptop Computers so follow us on that page it Is two chicks with a side hustle on Facebook and don't forget about Instagram two chicks with the side Hustle because on Instagram we're doing A pop-up giveaway so this means is that We're gonna just pop up and do something Special for you guys so go on over to Instagram create you an account if you Don't have one already follow two chicks With a side hustle share share share my Name is Carol I'll catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people in the next video Bye Bye YouTube [Music]

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