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Hey hey hey this is TNG from two chicks With the side hustle coming at you with Another work from home position but Before we get started do me a favor hit That red subscribe button also hit that Bell notification button so you can be Notified whenever we post a new video or Do a live stream so make sure you are Hitting that notification button so you Can be notified whenever we post one of These great job leads or side gigs or Side hustles and you guys make sure you Are signing up for these side gigs or Side hustles they can be a extra stream Of income they may not make you rich but They sure can help you in the time of Need so today guys our position comes From our non-phone work at home blog and The URL for that is and we post a Lot of these side gigs and side hustles And a lot of these things guys you can Combine them get strategic with them Create your own frame of reference and Things that will help you use some of These side gigs and side hustles while You are looking for a traditional remote Work from home job if you cannot find One and you need some income to help you In between time in the meantime check Out these side gigs and side hustles you Can put them together do a survey site Do a texting site do a mystery shopping There are ways you can combine these

Things and create income for them people Are making 100 200 even three four Thousand dollars a month by combining Side gigs and side hustles and it could Be you so give it a try Um today we're going to talk about a Side Hustle so that is a survey site you Can do quizzes Carol actually does this One it is one to two answer surveys you Can always create quiz quizzes for your Friends you receive points by taking These online quizzes or surveys and that Is how you get paid so those points will Redeem for Amazon or Walmart gift cards And just think if you can do enough of These surveys and get a Walmart or Amazon gift card you can buy things like Toiletries or groceries or things like That you may not always get physical Cash or Um cash or money on your card for these Surveys there are other things you can Get and that money that you would have Spent on groceries by earning this Walmart gift card you offset that money And you can use that money for something Else so it is otherwise ways you can get Paid by using these points and things Like that and tell you what is a great One I know Carol has gotten several Amazon gift cards off this site they Always are sending her surveys they're Not that long I think maybe of them Maybe some of them take 60 30 seconds

Maybe a couple of questions three five Questions so it is worth your time if You're waiting if you have an Appointment if you're sitting and Waiting for something these are a great Way to pass time and earn money so think About it have a great day enjoy your Hustle bye-bye

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