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Hey hey hey this is TNG from two chicks With the side hustle coming at you with Another work from home position but Before we get started do me a big favor Hit that red subscribe button and also Hit that Bell notification button so You'll be notified whenever we upload a New video or do a live stream and Remember as always on this channel Sharing is caring so do me a favor grab One of our YouTube videos share with Your friends family anyone who is Looking to work from home come back Under this video type I shared and you Will be entered into a drawing to win One of ten laptop computers when we Reach 100 000 subscribers and we're almost there And thank you for those of you who have Shared well guys if you checked out our Last live we talked about focus groups And if you don't know what a focus group Is it is a thing where market research Companies Um They look for people from different Backgrounds demographics so maybe Um different ethnicities Socio-economic Religion they look for people with all These different backgrounds to give Their opinion on something so this could Be anything from a service at a hotel or Food banking

Um anything anything that the companies Want to research and get real human Interaction data from it how you know How you answer questions that they Deemed important about whatever their The focus group is on so that's what a Focus group is and they usually pay very Well I have been paid from Sixty dollars all the way to four Hundred dollars for maybe an hour worth Of my time so it is a great side gig Side hustle I advise you to sign up as Many as with as many of these focus Group companies and online ones as Possible also remember Google in your Area focus groups and they usually have Ones that you can go to in person and Earn a little extra money from time to Time so check it out it is a good way a Stream of income that comes when you Least expect it so Um one that I wanted to highlight today Is and they are a great They offer paid Um focus groups in your area as well as Online Um paid studies and interview Um you will see if you qualified to give Your opinion on everyday products Anything that you probably will use they Do focus groups on Um these focus groups will be scheduled By phone own or either on webcam if They're at home

At home focus group or they can be Located outside the home what you Usually do is you'll sign up for they'll start sending You screeners and these screeners you'll Give your opinion on give a little Information about how you use these Products and if you qualify if they're Looking for your demographic on that Focus group they will call you Um so I strongly recommend you sign up For they are a leading Focus Group in that Focus Group Company In that Arena so I would check them out Click here to apply so you can get on Their list and they will send you Screeners and they actually pay between 75 to 150 dollars per focus group so Make sure you sign up have a great day Bye-bye

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