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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another work from Home job lead for you and this one has No interview associated with it you can Work when you want to we are going to Dive all into it it is a part-time hang With me till the end because I have done Some research on this company as always And as always the links to everything I Share are also in the YouTube Description box below if you want to Check anything out yourself now I know a Lot of you have seen different part-time Works when you want to jobs before from Places like appin and Telus International now I've even personally Worked for app into doing some of their Rating jobs and I have a whole video on That and my experience with that but Today's job lead is from the company Pero it's spelled P-e-r-o-p-t-y-x not even gonna try to Pronounce it but they say seem to be in The same line of work as Telus International and appin and one for Formo or whatever all of these companies Have these same rating jobs they call it A data analyst for the maps application This is going to be the same thing as Telus International hires for their Maps Evaluator so what you're going to be Doing is you're going to be looking at Maps if you were on a phone And looked up something on GPS you're

Going to be looking at maps and it's Rating them on if this is a good return For this specific location or query in The maps you'll be rating them things Like that you'll be verifying the Business names associated with the Business on the map and as well as the Opening hours are correct so you'll kind Of be using Google to verify this data And make sure it is correct you are just Rating the correctness of the data now One thing to note you've got to be Fluent in English great research skills Great local knowledge of your home Country General understanding of Geography and culture in the US and Analytical mindset you have to be living In the United States for at least five Consecutive years so the way this is Going to work is exactly the same as all The other companies that do this work You're going to sign up and then they'll Give you documents to read you'll read Through those documents I'll learn that Material and then you'll take an open Book test to verify that you understood The material and the concepts once you Pass that test you are in and can start Working on tasks they're looking for Somebody who work will work at least 10 To 20 hours a week good knowledge of Search engines and map applications and Familiar with social media platforms now You do have to have your own internet

And computer they don't provide any of That for you but of course it's one of Those things you don't have to go to an Interview for and you just log in and Work when you want to so this is a Perfect for making extra money on the Side now as far as the research that I've done I could not find a glass door Page for this company or any business That showed the legitimacy of this Company and have not heard of them Before so we went straight to Reddit Because the people always try these Things out when they're posted so why Not say see what everyone else's Experiences are like now some people are A little bit on the skeptical side as Always I can tell you happen and Telus International are legit you might want To read through this entire Reddit post And do your own research on the company But there are people in here that are Reporting that they have signed up they Have passed the test and they have Gotten work now a few things that people Complain about is that there's not Always work available so sometimes they Might log in in the middle of the night To work and there's no task available Someone reported that they were making Thirteen dollars and fifty cents an hour Working this job in this company another Person in Canada said they were making 16.50 an hour so of course the pay is

Going to be based on your location but At least this does confirm that people Have signed up passed the test and Actually gotten in and done a task and Been paid for those tasks all right let Me know down in the comments below if You like jobs like this and want me to Continue searching for different Companies that offer things like this or If there's anything specific that you're Looking for leave that in the comments Below thank you so so much for watching And supporting me and I'll be back Really really soon with more work from Home job leads just for you

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