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Hello there what is up welcome back to My channel and if it's your first time Here welcome I am so pleased to have you Here this is a customer escalation Specialist remote through Staples yes We're talking Staples the uh what do you Even call it office supply store not the Staple Center which is no longer with us Unfortunately but this was just posted It is full-time regular remote job Anywhere location in the U.S so there's A lot to dive in here I'm going to skim Through for the sake of keeping the Video brief but anything I miss go back And read on your own time so your focus Is to support and manage escalations for Print customers in-store or managed by The inside sales team you'll be the Advocate to maintain relationship Between the Departments so really what This is is there's some drama going on In the stores you're the one who gets to Take the calls later like this happened How do we alleviate this Etc so you have To obviously be really good at Di Escalating situations but also you know As somebody who is a little bit nosy I'm Like oh girl what happened like tell me Tell me on the T what happened how could We fix that so the perks we're going to Get into after the area of focus but You're going to manage the customer and Store escalations and coordinate the Resolution manage and maintain positive

Relationships expedite confirm and Proactively follow up ensure that they Are resolved accurately within a Timeline reduce the volume by analyzing The root cause so that way you can Report back and that can be fixed Further gather and verify the Information and make sure the ticket Management tools are always up to date Professionally represent Staples and Adopt new systems and communication Methods for this you only need a high School diploma or a GED you can maintain That professional demeanor in difficult Situations your coachable strong Communication on phone and email Tenacious engaging over the phone Demonstrated time management skills you Can work through challenges overcome Obstacles now any of these if you have It's going to help but you don't need One year successful working experience a Self-starter you can work Under Pressure Strong organizational skills Relationship building skills are strong And you are results oriented competitive Spirit positive attitude strong work Ethic motivated and curiosity and a Little bit of a spoiler alert put these On your resume yep not in that order Obviously Diversified but those are some Key points you want to put on your Resume now what are they offering Generous amount of PTO obviously

Including remote work a 401K with Company Match full benefits plan options And Associate resource groups and store Discounts on Mobile plans movie tickets Etc there's no way to pay I'm going to Pop a suggestion on the screen so do With that what you will if you want the Link to apply to this job you can find It on my website work from that'll be in the Description box below if this one wasn't For you on your screen are two other Videos I've posted check those out you Might find a better match for yourself There click my face to subscribe so you Never miss an upload and I will talk to You in my next video bye

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