STARBUCKS $52,000 To $89,000 Year Entering DATA Into Databases | Work From Home Job 2023 | No Degree

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Yo I am so excited to be sharing this Job lead welcome back my YouTube friends And a family and this is Lindsay and I Am back with a very exciting work from Home job lead this one is from the huge Coffee Company Starbucks but there is no Leaving your house or having to actually Make coffee for people Starbucks is Hiring a data administrator now this is A remote within the United States they Are paying very well for this position Anywhere from 52 400 a year all the way Up to 89 000 a year of course they do note final Compensation that you'll be offered Between the 52 and 89 000 is based on Your location and of course experience Will play into that as a data Administrator you will be entering Information into databases and Coordinating regularly in emergency Database maintenance to keep all the Information up to date you'll process Any data change requests and make modify Information in related spreadsheets Files or templates you'll maintain History files and problem logs for each Monthly system download and analyze any Trends you find they are not requiring Any kind of a degree for this position They want someone who has experience Maintaining and working with large Amounts of data and making sure the data Is correct they want someone who can

Focus on outstanding a customer service And successful Team Dynamics somebody Who can balance multiple priorities at One time and still meet deadlines Someone who can work both independently And as a team and someone who has the Ability to support projects and manage The process independently including Defining and developing and documenting And executing multiple related tasks If This job lead was helpful or of anything That I share has been helpful to you Please give this video a thumbs up like Button and please share with your Friends and family so we can all work From home live in our happiest Healthiest life I want to say thank you So so much for watching and supporting Me and I'll be back really really soon With more work from home job leads just For you

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