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What's up two chicks fam it is me Carl And I am back with another work from Home video make sure you guys subscribe Like and share we are doing another Giveaway guys once we reach a hundred Thousand subscribers on this channel There will be another laptop giveaway so If you want to win a brand new laptop be Sure to share my video with a friend Post it on your social media platforms Facebook Tick Tock it does not matter Where you share our videos just as long As you share it make sure you come back And leave us a comment now we did not do A live stream yesterday however I did Drop five videos on this channel so be Sure guys to go back and check out all Of those videos that were posted on the Channel yesterday make sure you hop over Here to the two chicks blog on the home Page look for a tell us tell us recently Reached out to us they are on a hiring Spree for their Raider work from home Position be sure to apply today let us Know in the comment Miss what type of Job you're looking for and be sure to Sign up for Branded surveys we got some People here guys that make up to fifty Dollars in a day the link is down below In the comment section let's jump in so The company is called Royal Caribbean Group and they are looking to feel this Chat agent work from home position it is A full-time job it says that the

Celebrity Cruises chat agent you will be Accountable for communicating with the Guest real time through various Communication channels now in this role The guest is responsible for assisting Guests with making new reservations Servicing existing reservations through Various communication channels that Include but are not limited to and they Do have phone calls on here so this is Not a non-phone job I wish it was but It's not SMS messaging live video calls Live web chat email and social media However they did not really specify like How many phone call so it could be very Very few so it does State here that the Primary role of the agent is to drive New Revenue to the consumer Outreach Department and or service existing Reservations using exemplary sales and Customer service skills the ability for The agent to service reservations and Drive new revenue is key to the success Of this road so they do have some other Duties and responsibilities listed here I will read a few chat with multiple Guests at the same time through various Communication channels to drive new Revenue increase online booking Conversion also increase customer Satisfaction you would chat with Multiple guests at the same time two Also guys Get the guests booked with consumer

Outreach via chat and email provide the Full Celebrity Cruise experience to the Guest now the qualifications I see Associates degree or equivalent from an Accredited college or university or Three to five years of experience and or Training or an equivalent combination of Education and experience and this is Required one year of experience in high Volume call center or sales customer Service work environment that is Preferred experienced with as400 or Similar reservations system required Microsoft Office experience is required The ability to type 55 to 65 words per Minute I do see that listed here and They do have some other qualifications Knowledge and Skills listed as well so Again the company is Royal Caribbean Group they are looking to feel their Full-time work from home job for their Chat agent position the link will be Posted right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out this company and apply make sure you Go over to Google do some research it Only takes one to two minutes to type in The company's name jot down the Information guys because you just might Get an interview and you want to be Prepared and not surprised make sure you Share my video sharing is caring but Don't forget to leave us a comment come Back though leave us a comment Down

Below in the comment section hop on over To Facebook join the name of our group It is kiss that cubicle goodbye follow Us on our other social media platforms Guys we have a lot of giveaways going on Across these platforms so be sure that You're following us you're liking the Content and you are sharing the content On the two chicks with the side hustle Facebook business page we will be giving Away two additional laptop computers Brand new and absolutely free once we Reach a hundred thousand followers on Their platform and don't forget about Instagram Instagram is two chicks with the side Hustle guys and we are so close to ten Ten thousand followers my name is Carl And I will catch you wonderful lovely Amazing people on the next video and Thank you guys so much for sharing this Content bye Bye YouTube

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