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Foreign [Music] This is Melissa from melissia at home And welcome back to another video so on Today's video we're going to be sharing Another work from home job lead I hope You're not getting too tired of these Videos because I sure am not okay so I Posted a video earlier today this Morning if you missed that video make Sure you check out the description Section below this video or I'll try to Post it in the comments section a link To an opportunity that was shared Earlier today from Target it's no Experience not phone based job and it Pays fairly well so if you missed that Video or you did not get notified then I'll post a link to that video so that You can go ahead check it out and if You're interested apply to Target okay So they have remote-based jobs as well Now in this video we're going to talk About support ninja this is a company That many of you may not be familiar With support ninja is basically a Company that was created in 2014 so they Have been around for a very long time They basically help fast growing tech Companies by providing around-the-clock Outsourced supports lead generation Customer service and Community Management so they are a remote first Company meaning that majority of what

They do are majority of what they do is Online based and so of course they do Hire people to help run their business And to assist their clients so they do Have remote based opportunities that are Available you can go directly to their Career section which is Forward slash careers and this is where You'll be taken to and then it'll State Explore job opportunities you click on That and it will take you to this page Where you'll see a list of jobs that They currently have available you can Always filter out location of job Opportunities that you would like to Search for selecting location type if You would like to see what is remotes Available remote you can select remote And it will populate jobs that are Remote based if you like to know what Work type is available you can select Contractor full-time full-time remote Project-based opportunities etc etc okay So currently they have a position Available for their customer service in The US this is for us-based residents Only and it is their chat support Position it is full time and they're Looking for someone to start ASAP so Their start date is ASAP as soon as Possible the work Arrangement is remote And it is full time the salary range for This job is 16 per hour they will Provide you with equipment which

Includes a computer to do the work you Would have to provide internet Connection good internet connection Fdmbps download speed and uploading Speed the schedule is flexibility to Work eight hours within operational Hours of 9 A.M to 8 PM U.S standard Eastern Standard Time so the essential Functions include Monitor and quickly Respond onto tickets regarding insurance Claims for Eye Care concerns follow a Prescribed process and manage a high Volume of transactions show empathy Collaborate with other team members Follow up on outstanding team follow Through until completion leave internal Notes for follow-up with team Work and Leadership skills is definitely Important for this position it is an IPhone based job and it states that is Chat support but as you can see there's Other things that you'll be doing in This role but all of the job duties seem To be non-phone-based so they do require You to have teamworking teamwork Experience and Leadership skills which Again I do offer resume and cover letter Assistance as well as templates you can Check out the links in the description Section below this video okay so it'll Take you to my resume templates you can Email me at melissia at home If you would like me to work on your Resume or your cover letter okay I'm

Someone who likes to be transparent with My services I'm not someone who's going To lure you and lure you in with Freebies and then on the back end you Have to pay for something I like to be Transparent and upfront about my Services okay so if you are interested In any of my services you can go ahead And email me or you can you know check Out my resume templates of course there Is a charge and there are fees to my Services as well as my AI resume Templates because that's basically and That's basically how I continue to be Able to do this and present these Opportunities for you and it's a form of Support you're not obligated to pay for Any of what I offered all right so let's Get back to this position so the Teamwork and Leadership includes Expresses ideas and suggestions in Support of the team's success solicits And readily accepts constructive Feedback sees tasks through to Completion and offer support as needed Closely follow process workflows and Support in implementation of initiatives In the communication transparency and Proactiveness you can see a list of what They expect from you as an employee or An agent working for this company They're looking for organizational Skills problem solving skills decision Making skills they also have their hard

Requirements and these are requirements That are non-negotiable so these are Required must have experience working at A tech company or a startup so if you Have experience working at working at a Tech company then this will be a great Position for you excellent written and Oral communication skills in English you Must have at least one year of Experience in a call center as a Customer service representative managing Claims dealing with diverse demographic Background Etc an individual who has an innate Curiosity has team player mindsets Flexible in working Us hours between 9 A.M and 8 PM U.S Eastern Standard time They also include weekends okay so just Keep that in mind and you do need to Have some experience wanting Plus at Least one year experience and you must Have experience working at a tech Company so if you have experience Working at a tech company whether it's In customer service or sales or managing If you worked in a tech company in any Type of role or position then you meet That specific requirements okay the Preferred requirements this is Negotiable experience with CRM systems And background understanding of Non-profit organizations so basically That's all there are looking for if you Are interested in this particular job

You can go ahead and click where it says Apply for this job and you will have to Submit your resume and cover letter fill Out this detailed information and answer Some of these questions and scroll all The way down to make sure you fill out All the details and submit your Application very simple all right so This is coming from support ninja again They are currently hiring and they are Hiring for their customer service Representative role in the chat support In the US In the U.S and this is a full-time Position well thank you so much for Watching I'll speak to you next time Happy work from home bye

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