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Happy Saturday everyone I am back with Another work from home job where you can Start actually working today this Company will start hiring um you today If your resume has all the keywords that They're looking for so we're going to go Ahead and dive right into Um the jobs here where you can see okay We're talking about the company Memorial Care they're currently seeking epic Analysts ASAP this is a full-time Position to work remotely then when you Scroll down the pay is very good it's Between 42.68 an hour to 61.88 okay and basically on this job um What they're what you're going to be Doing is you're going to provide an Intermediate level of operational and Application Bill expertise and complete Application assignment to meet customer Goals and desires outcomes and they also Typically are responsible for projects Change requests before workflow analysts Be feel in documentation and Collaboration with external and external External team members that means Communicate with other people within Your department and some of the Responsibilities of this job is going to Provide epic build support for ASAP Application needs related to project Change requests just I just got to Repeating it in a Time maintenance

Business demands and you're going to Demonstrate effective communication to Achieve goals here okay now when you go Down a little bit further they're Looking for someone that has a minimum Of one year of health care experience in Techno Revenue uh clinical operation Role required okay as well as Demonstrate knowledge of effort ASAP Software as well as operation support by The application is preferred preferred Means if you have it that's great if you Don't then don't worry about it still Apply for the job and to give you Information about Memorial Um care it is a health system at the Center of excellence in health and Wellness caring for more than one Million patients eat each year so we're Gonna dive a little bit deeper Um on what you're going to do again one Of the responsibility is develop and Maintain appropriate end user reference And then what they're looking for is When you go down here demonstrate Ability to utilize system two meet Functional needs of users experience Planning and organize day-to-day Activities manage more than one task and Meeting establish deadlines and also Held a previous role participating in Team projects with interpersonal Corporation and then as well as epic Proficiency in ASAP application obtained

Within the first year in the new role Okay so when you look at this job don't Just this disqualify yourself and say Look I don't have the skills when I was Looking for a job or if I'm looking for A side hustle whatever the case may be I Go and always dissect the job if I don't Understand for example epic analysts I Go and just copy and paste that into a Search bar what is epic analyst and it Explains to you what it is they do have Videos that show you exactly what you do It how you how you do it and I look at It I say okay I'm able to do it and then I'm I go and apply for the job you know With that being said Is that if you're interested in applying For this job all you need to do is Click Right here where it says apply online And I just want to just take out the Moment before I actually go in and show You a resume you know if I was actually Applying for this job this is how my Resume would look I want to give you Encouragement words because that's what We need Um a lot of times in life it is just too Many negativity going on Um I get it it's people that don't Believe in you you got to believe in Yourself you got to show people what you Can do you can't just tell people I'm Gonna do this you got to take action and Show people what you can do because

People don't believe you you know um People don't encourage you they'll talk Down on you and say you know you're not Worthy nobody's gonna hire you you don't Dress the part you don't look the part You got to stay away from naysayers it's 20 23. you need to put surround yourself Around positive people that are speaking Life over yourself if people not Speaking life of yourself why would you Want to be around those type of people Um I listen to RC Blake and he talks About protecting your peace because at That time I was going through situations Where I was around the people that you Know every time you go around you feel Some kind of way and those are the type Of people that you shouldn't be around And he says protect your peace if you Don't have peace you don't have anything And that could be family members it Could be mother father Husbands sisters cousins whatever the Case may be if they not Every time you go around them you're Getting upset that's that's not Protecting your piece you got to learn To love them in distance so surround Yourself around people that's going to Uplift you and say hey you know you got This you know apply for this job they're Going to give you a chance even though You feel like you know you're not worthy I feel that you're worthy you're going

To you know get this job so again Speak Life over yourself the power of the Tongue determines life and death if you Say that you can't get something guess What it's going to come to fruition but If you say look I know it's hard I'm Going to keep trying even though I'm Gonna get rejection letter but one thing I'm not going to give up if you fall Down the issue is is if you're going to Stay there you know We All Fall Down but It's your choice to decide if you're Going to get up or not even me I fall Down but I choose to get up every single Day with Clyde class because rejection Again is a part of life but it's not the End of the world no don't mean no it Means next opportunity when one door Closed another door is going to open so You just gotta believe that Speak Life Over yourself and again surround Yourself around people that has your Best interest everybody is not happy for You it's people that are jealous it's People that are out for you to lose your Job so you'll go homeless but you gotta Understand God says you reap what you sow if you Sow good seeds it's going to come your Way if you sow Bad Seeds you're gonna Get it you know Um you know you're gonna reap what you Sow so go out there and grab what is Yours by applying for these jobs there

Is a job out there with your name on it But you gotta believe okay now I'm gonna Show you a sample resume That I have made myself Um just to help you out because again Like I said in 2023 I want to start Seeing more people getting job offers Um more than they did in 2022 it's People that did get job offers but I Want to see on my end so I can start Um you know shout you out and letting You know hey this person have received a Job offer again I love canva they have The free version and they have a paid Version Um I did a free version for three years When I started my YouTube channel now I Do the pro because I do a lot more than Just resume on here but again you can go To canva and all you need is just a Simple resume a lot of people think that They need a fancy resume your resume is Not trying to Um attract the human eye it is trying to Attack my track Um the African tracker system the ATS so You need a black and white corporate Resume what you need again this is not My name I'm putting a fake name but if You were doing this resume you would Want to put your real name so I came up With Susie doe Jones you need to put the Phone number where they can contact with You because sometimes I'm hiring manager

Recruiters will reach out to you on the Phone okay and then also your email Address should be something professional Suzy Jones or Susie doe Jones you want a professional or Business email address if you have a Personal that's fine but don't use your Personal Um email address some people have baby Baby girl a baby man at it's Okay to have that but have a Professional email address with your First and last name at so you Can look professional so as you can see I took the job title out of this um job Here when you are your resume has to Tailor to each job that you're applying For that's very important so what I did Is I copy and paste this job here you Know I'm saying Um to Um copy and paste this job to the resume You want to put it word for word epic Analyst ASAP full-time remote you want To put that because hiring manager are Recruiters if they just want to wean out People they can type in epic analysts All of this word for word and if you Have that then your resume is going to Be in the pile of a callback if you Don't have that then your resume is Going to be tossed to the side now your Summary this is my resume summary here It should be short and straight to the

Point I put down an engine energetic Professional with leadership experience And Healthcare business office excellent Organization skills with attention to Details quick learn and apply new skills And knowledge while regarding for Ability to achieve results excellent Multitasking able to relate to people at All levels now in this resume summary There's keywords that I took from the Job post and Implement that as well as I Research what is epic analysts what do They do and I took out some keywords From there and also put that in my Resume summary the key words for those Who don't know is organization skills That is one of the key words attention To details that is one of the key words Quick learner is is a quick uh is a Keyword as well as multitasking is what Is a keyword so you want to implement Those into your resume because again Power managers can go into the ATS African tracking system at any time and Just type in attention to details and It's the resume if you have that in your Skills and resume summary you're going To pull up and that's who they're gonna Call okay so you want to do everything That you can the key components is the Same thing as your skills again you take The skills from the job post as you can See there's different skills that you Can take and Implement those into your

Resume you can talk about MMR that's Often there you can talk about epic sap Software you can talk about information System technology you can talk about Microsoft Office Products Microsoft Office Products is like Excel PowerPoint Assets you can put that all in there Experience planning you can say planning That's a part of organization skills so When I go back into my resume I have all Of that confidential typing because You're going to be doing what the Computer excellent organization skills Insurance billing analytical skills Analytical thinking accuracy and Attention to details teamwork problem Solving computer proficiency HIPAA Communication skills or presentation Ability critical thinking these are the Key words that I got I also research I Say what are the keywords what are the Keywords or the hard skills for epic Analysts and some of those come up and I Implement these in my key components Again when you are searching or applying For a work from home job You have to do everything you can to Stand out from the crowd that means Taking our time doing your homework Doing your job making it for sure that Your resume is tailored to that job post That is the only way your resume is Going to pass the applicant tracker System I hope that you're getting

Understanding of what I'm saying of how I'm taking the keywords from the job Post and implement it into the resume Now the next step is the professional Experience I see so many people Um they don't put bully points it's just One thing data entry and they don't Understand why they're not getting a Call back your resume needs to be in Complete sentences have bullet points Have to be stand out you have to have The company's name what's your title Um how long you've been there another Sample is this resume that I got from Um Live Career Um they show you the skills here you Know this is how you're you're supposed To be arranged you know your resume Should be arranged a professional Summary on your skills section your work History and then Um your education lasts so if I was Applying for this job the best thing to Do Um for this job is that if this was my Job on this resume okay the reason why I'm going back and forth because this is Nothing it's just in a different Language so I'm just trying to show you If I was applying for this job and I was A customer service Associates FedEx I Would look at the job description and Ask myself what did I do on my current

Job that I can Um rearrange my bullet points in order To match the job so I can get this job Because African tracking system reads From top to bottom so if I was doing FedEx I would look at it maintain Customer satisfaction with Forward Thinking strategy focus on addressing Customers needs and resolving concerns That could be first and then communicate With vendors regarding back orders Availability future inventory special or Orders I will put that second because Communication being able to communicate With external internal people that's Communication so basically this would be First I put this bullet point that would Stay first I would move this up to Second okay and then you just go over This would be Third customer loyalty Promote repeat customers and approve Sales and that lines up a match or Almost close to The job post you know so it's that easy Okay it's not hard it's very easy I get It a lot of people say well I pay Somebody to do my resume you know I'm a Job coach resume review interview prep I Would love to do your resume Um currently at this time I'm booked This is the only option is to sit down And tell you that if this is how I will Do my resume if I was applying for this Job hopefully you would take the twos

That I have given you in order to make Your resume stand out and pass the African tracking system here okay and Again make for sure that you watch the Videos all the way through all my videos Because I feel in my heart that my Videos are very valuable I'm taking out Time you know to show these different Things uh most people charge you to do Resumes here I'm just trying to do Everything I can to help you find a work From home jobs I gave you and get that Job I gave you the tools now it's up to You to go take these twos and Implement These into your resume my channel again Is all about non-phone working home job Leads they go out every single day at 7 A.M such a standard time make sure you Share this Channel with everyone that You know that can benefit from this Again thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video

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