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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with another work from home Video Target is hiring and this one pays 18 an hour but before I jump into the Video make sure you guys subscribe like And share on this YouTube channel guys Not only do we talk about legit work From home jobs we also do real giveaways And we are giving away 10 more brand new Laptop computers we already have these Laptops in our possession all we need is For you guys to take our videos make Sure you share them on your social media Platforms but don't forget to come back And leave us a comment don't forget to Go back check out all the videos that I Dropped on the channel yesterday make Sure you guys come over here to the two Chicks blog look on the home page where It says the recruiter reached out look For Telus International the Raider Position is now open let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job Or side also you are looking for and Don't forget guys to sign up for Branded Surveys the link is in the comment Section let's jump in so Target is the Company and they are looking to feel This home-based senior specialist Red Card dispute resolution work from home Job so it says apply today the hourly Rate is 18 an hour so this one guys it Says this road is a work from home Position and requires residency and

Maintaining residency and you must live In these states so it saves Minnesota Wisconsin Texas South Dakota or Arizona If you are offered this road so I'm Gonna scroll on down the start date is Next month April the 24th 2023 and they Do have the schedules listed here as Well so I do see here Um high school diploma or GED ability to Work a flexible schedule including Nights weekends and holidays one to two Years of previous guest experience or Customer service experience proven Superior verbal and written Communication skills including listening Negotiating and decision making skills Ability to interact with guests and team Members in a professional manner show Empathy and de-escalate as needed Ability to use various info resources to Answer questions identify problems and Appropriately resolve guest issues Strong Tech skills ability to work Within multiple systems and high Proficiency with the PC Microsoft Applications access to a home workspace That is clear of noise location to Perform the role hardwired internet in Your home location I do see here that Target will issue you a computer it says Target issued computer to the modem or The router now I do see here guys Um Let me go back up

Now is the home-based uh Sr specialist In the red card dispute resolution You'll answer the phones for the guests Regarding transactions and or payment Disputes while delivering an exceptional Guest experience you will be responsible For researching and resolving the guest Disputes by following regulatory Guidelines and deadlines all while Advocating for the guest and for Target You'll use critical thinking and strong Verbal written communication skills to Ensure accurate completion of your work You'll also work in an environment that Is challenging and fast-paced which Requires flexibility in how you Prioritize your work to meet the Business needs in addition you will need To be comfortable in working Independently to resolve dispute cases So guys this one pays 18 an hour this is Target be sure to go over to Google and Look at some reviews about Target and Work from home jobs maybe you want to Google the home based Sr specialist Red Card dispute resolution position as well Jot down any important information but Don't forget guys to come back to come Back um Don't forget to come back write down the Information just in case you guys get an Interview you want to be prepared and Not surprised make sure that you guys Look under the video come back to the

Video that's what I was trying to say Come back to the video to get the link It will be posted right below the video In the description box so you guys can Check this position out make sure you Share sharing is caring and somebody out There guys would love to work from home For Target I run into people every day When I am out on the town and people Will see either a shirt that I am Wearing or I may ask um do you want to Work from home I'll say all types of Companies are hiring Target Walmart CVS Pharmacy Walgreens Fortune 500 companies That are well known and believe it or Not a lot of people would love to work For this company make sure you come back Though and leave us a comment don't Forget to hop over to Facebook make sure You join us kiss that cubicle goodbye Follow us guys follow follow us on the Rest of our social media platforms Because we are doing these giveaways and Who doesn't want to win a free laptop Computer or a desktop or a cash app or a PayPal everything is free make sure you Guys follow the Instagram two chicks With the side hustle my name is Carol And I will catch you wonderful lovely Amazing people on the next video Bye YouTube

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