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Happy Sunday everyone and I am back with A work from home job at this company They are hiring immediately they are Hiring now they are looking to hire you So let's go ahead and dive right into The job before they go like this okay Now we are talking about the company PMD They're currently seeking part-time Medical billing and collection specials To work from home okay when you scroll Down to the bottom the pay is 27.54 cents an hour that is a high mcom To give you a little bit information About on the requirements is you're Going to have to have post-secondary Certificate in medical billing encoding So you will have to take some medical Billing and coding for this type of Position okay two to four years of Medical billing experience with an Emphasis on managing accounts receivable Ability to work at least 25 hours per Week during Eastern Standard Time Business hours for a six month period With the option to extend and again Available to start immediately they're Looking to hire meatling and you must be Familiar with CPT icd-910 and the latest Coding guidelines EMR experience and Reside in the United States so this is Great if you are in medical billing and Coding or if you're taking some courses This is great for you okay so when we go More into details about the job is

You're going to collect on delinquent Accounts and aggressives working the Aging receivables for both patient and Insurance balance you're going to Resubmit charges for reprocessing Providing support documentation for Medical Necessities and or take corrective Action for a resubmission As well as you're going to retrieve Explanation of benefits from Pair Portals to reconcile deposit and post Both payers and patient payments and Then you're going to have the ability to Manage time effectively okay now if this Sounds like something that you're able To do then make sure you go ahead and Apply today don't delay all you need to Do is scroll down here and hit apply for This job then once I hit that apply for This job here then it will take me to Another screen right here and you just Fill out everything it's very easy Self-explanatory and then you hit the Submit application okay so if this video Has been helpful so far then go and Subscribe to the channel by clicking That red button that says subscribe and Don't forget to click on that Bell to Turn on all notifications so every time When I upload new videos you will be Notified and that will give you plenty Of opportunities to go ahead and apply For these jobs before they're no longer

Available and these jobs go just like This so make sure you go ahead and Subscribe the channel and remember that These jobs are higher now they're hiring Immediately so go ahead and grab this Job today okay now I want to leave some Encouragement words with you like I Always do in all of my videos is to keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but it starts with you you gotta Believe it starts with the mind okay if You don't believe nobody else will don't Think somebody else is going to Encourage you and tell you to go ahead And apply for these jobs because they're Not people don't like to see you be Successful in life that doesn't it means Like when you're applying for a job when You want to start a business my mother And my grandmother used to always say That we're like crawfishes in a bucket Every time when somebody want to make it To the top we're always pulling people Down and I've never been jealous of Anybody I've been you know curious like Why is this person getting this job but I never felt jealous of why this person Is you know being successful and I'm not Because God has a time in my life when He's going to bless me just like he's Gonna bless you but people hate on you And I'm from a little Country Town And um in Texas that's where I'm

Originally from and Back in the day we didn't sit in the House and play with tablets we were Outside learning life skills and I did You know it was a lot of crawfish is Where I was so I did get two crawfishes And put them in a bucket you know and I Just washed them it took probably about Five to ten minutes and because you know Crawfish is a very small I mean a very Slow and I saw that this crawfish was Just trying to get to the top and sure Enough here's this other crawfish Pulling them down so I'm like I do Understand now what my mother and my Grandmother was telling me and that does Make a point in life is that when you You never tell people your goal you move In silent because when you move and when You tell people your goal they're gonna Always have something negative why are You going for the school why are you Going back to school for this it's too Saturated why are you doing this it's Too expensive nothing come out of their Mouth Um that is positive it's always negative So you cannot tell everybody your dreams People people hate people get jealous And people are not going to support you On the things that you're going to do But here I'm gonna tell you you got this Keep pushing keep applying don't give up Don't disqualify yourself before you

Apply for these jobs the more you know Knowledge is power the more you know the More you grow if you don't understand Something there's going to be a point in Time where you're going to have to Invest in yourself it's so much that you Can do by yourself by researching going On different platforms and YouTube and Trying to put the puzzle together but Some things you're going to have to Invest and I'm talking to myself I start Investing in myself to understand a lot Of things so I can continue to grow so I Continue to get a job offer And you will have to do the same thing As you're going to have to vest you Can't complain about the situation if You hadn't take action in order to get Knowledge and to understand what these Jobs are asking you okay I know some of Y'all sitting here saying I'm not Qualified for the job I'm not qualified If you may not be qualified for this job But make sure you go and explore within The company because there may be another Job that is a good fit for you so you Have to speak life of yourself because The power of the tongue determines life And death you got this but you got to Believe you got to make for sure that Your resume is tailored to each job that You're applying for I keep saying that That is very important because I do Reach out to hire managers and ask them

What are you looking for in a resume and They keep telling me that maybe for sure You tell people that their resume has to Be tailored to the each job that they're Applying for in order for them to pass The African tracking system and that is What I tell in a couple of videos I did A resume demo where I explained to you How to take the keywords from the job Post and implement it in your resume if You have the experience not to lie if You don't have experience I don't Suggest you to do that because you never Know when they're going to have you to Take a test and if you don't pass the Test then they're gonna be like okay She's lying or he lying so be truthful In your resume if you don't have Experience you'd be surprised there were Jobs that I did not have the experience Y'all the job that I've been on for 11 Years that I do medical billing and Coding and it requires a bachelor's Degree I have told you over and over Again I only have a social degree and I Have certification but I had a will in Mind and a willing heart and a willing Spirit and went out there and grabbed What was mine and they hired me and now They glad that they hire me and that's The same thing I love about Les Brown Make sure you go and check out some of His motivations is that you got to be Hungry he said you got to fake it until

You make it go out there and research The things that you don't know use Google as your friend in order to get Out there if you don't understand Excel Don't be saying I don't understand it Get out there and learn Excel if you Google it there's YouTube videos there's Different videos that will show you how To do these things so you can get to the Next level okay You got to stop complaining and start Using that energy to be a risk taker and To get knowledge the more you know the More you grow so go out there today and Apply for these jobs there is a job out There for you but again you got to take This the first move that you got to move And take that first step so go out there Today and apply for these jobs there is A job out there being made for you okay Now you know that I always talk about Um having uh multiple strains of mcom And I talk about Um course careers because I do believe In course careers is that you don't have To have any experience no degree Um course careers have partnered Directly with Fortune 500 companies that Want to hire course careers graduates Into I.T Um Information Technology Tech sales Um digital marketing they want to hire People into these different fields here Okay so again you don't have to have

Experience it's very affordable you do Not have to take out any loan I hear so Many people all the time want to go back To school but they don't have the funds Unfortunately everybody's not going to Get a full ride scholarship some people Are going to do get it some people not If they do get a scholarship is not Going to be enough to pay for your Tuition so if you are a High School Junior senior and you uncertain about What you're going to do this is for you If you've been on a job for anywhere Between one and five years or longer and You're not seeing any growth for changes This is for you or if you just want a Career change this is for you career Course careers is a great opportunity For you to go ahead and get started Making anywhere between 60k to 100K a Year okay now When you go here I just put into text Cells we know that text cells is high in Demand you not only get paid hourly but You do get a commission base as well I Suggest you to go look at these Different videos of testimonies they Have a whole bunch of testimonies where It's this girl stood out because she's The youngest one at this time making Over 60 a year working from home as a Tech sales and she was working at Starbucks like I always say there is Nothing wrong with working at working at

Starbucks I started working at McDonald's Taco Bells I did it but I Don't think it's meant for you to stay At the same job and you're not moving up It's time for you to be a risk taker and Get out there and take action today not Next week not next month but today and That's exactly what she did now when we Talk about text sales the course is Self-paced again you can um it literally Take three months but when you go Through the testimony it's some people That finish the core course within a Week or so and it was people that got Job offers before they completed the Course because they hustled this thing They were hungry like Les Brown would Say they were hungry and they went and Pursued their dreams so again the course Is eight weeks the first thing that you Do is you sign up for the free Introduction when you sign up for their Free introduction it's going to give you All the information you need about Information Technology digital marketing And Tech sales and at that time you know Exactly if it's a good fit if it's a Good fit don't procrastinate go on and Take action sign up today as soon as you Sign up you can go ahead and start that Class today and start being on your way To make that passive mcom but with tech Tech sales it takes eight weeks and then They have 300 case openings and the

Average salary is 70k a year as you can See on the screen scrolling here these Are some of the companies of many that Will hire you in text sales digital Marketing as well as information Technology here okay and then it gives You information about the day in the Life of a tax sales and then when you go Down a little bit further It talks about they offer flexible Education because it's self-paced and You complete the course again in a Couple of days or it can take you know No later than three months and it goes Over everything here and then it tells You what will you be doing in the class What they'll be going over in the class Again this is some more testimonies that You need to you know get on the Bandwagon and watch these testimonies And seeing what everybody else to have To say and again there's a free Introduction course for free the price For this course is only 499 dollars but If you use my coupon code which is the Rest all in caps in 50 you will receive 50 off of that and that is a one-time Fee as well as you can choose to do a For bi-weekly payment of a hundred and Fifty dollars no contract or hidden fees Along with a 14-day money-back guarantee They will guarantee your money back Within 14 days if you're not interested In the course but again this is a great

Course people are talking about it folks Are coming out making money it was one Girl that was a dog walker and she was Making thirty thousand a year now she's Making over thirty thousand years she's Making over 60k as a tech sales and this Can happen to you but you got to be a Go-getter you got to have that mindset You got to stop procrastinate you got to Take action today faith without works is Dead so you got to get up and move here Again on this channel I only promote Things that I believe in is course Careers and book both I'm doing bookboat Right I'm walking that walk of course Careers I will be taking digital Marketing in August like y'all might say Why are you waiting that long it's Because I have a full-time job I I'm Doing a lot but I am going to take it That is the only time that I it's gonna Be a little slow for me so I can go Ahead and take these courses in order to Have that digital marketing uh Background because I love dealing with Analytics and campaign and social media That is what I'm interested in and I'm Going to take action and remember Make for sure that you are watching the Videos all the way through because there Are valuable information all of my Videos to help you get closer to Landing A job remember to keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job

Out there being made for you but it Starts with you you got to believe it Starts with your mind you got to believe If you don't believe nobody else will so Go out there today and grab what is Yours by applying for these jobs make Sure you check out the next videos that Either is appearing at the top or at the Bottom there are valuable information in There that are discussing work from home Jobs these companies are still hiring so Go ahead and watch these other videos That's appearing on the screen because There are more work from home jobs to Help you get closer to Landing your First second third job even a side Hustle thank you so much for watching And I will see you in the next video bye

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