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Happy Monday YouTube family I am back With another work from home job this Company they will train you and you can Be a cyber security specialist and you Can make a thousand two hundred per week So we're going to go ahead and dive Right into it again we're talking about The company Das Health they're currently Seeking cyber security Specialists to Work from home this is a full-time Position and this is a mid-level Position according to Glassdoor the Starting pay is 30 an hour it could be More and you can make a thousand two Hundred per week So basically what you'll be doing in This job is you will Revere and resolve Standard cyber security related issue Presented to the security team from Multiple sources security or audit and Maintenance task as well as you're going To understand and configure Incorporation technology and you're Going to complete I.T security Maintenance task and then you must have A strong documentation skills including The ability to document your work real Time and then also the reason why I get From they will train you right here it Says willing and able to obtain security Certification according to A training in education plan they will Train you but they do want you to get Your certification certificate as well

Now there are free things like I always Talk about Um Google things you know build a Relationship with Google if you go Through the job description when we Dissect the job description and you do Not understand something you know you Could always Google things Um there are uh five Keys I.T Maintenance tasks to do every month this Here give you information about what is It maintenance because that is in the Description a job description about it Maintenance so you can go always go Ahead and read this kind of things that You can make yourself knowledgeable uh When you are I'm applying for this job As well as it teaches you um How to do um this here Um You know in corruption is very important Here it teaches you um how to do all of This you can watch this video on YouTube And it explains more about you know how To do that and then to give you Information about Das Health it is the Leading provider of Health I.T and Management solution in a trusted Consultant to many Physicians groups Hospitals and Health Care Systems across North America now we're going to dive a Little bit deeper into the job here okay Now when it says resolve a variety of I.T security related service related to

They're taught by email security Activity Directory Group Policy firewall Security cloud service security And then you go down a little bit Further you're going to oversee this Cyber security of their computed assets Including all laptops including remote Maintenance and Survey Um so if that sounds like something that You want to do then make this year you Go ahead and apply today Um they're talking about you have to Have one to three years experience in I.T related preferred Um that means if you have it that's Great if you don't strong networking Knowledge Um that you need to have and then also Um a security certification and training Is desire so that means if you have it It's great but they will train you Um but you have to be willing and then Eventually able to again get your certif Security certification okay now if this Sounds like something that you're able To do then make sure you go ahead and Apply today to my right this is a quick Card application meaning it literally Takes you less than five minutes but you Want to complete everything to the best Of your ability and then you want to hit The submit uh button here you scroll Down here they're giving you different You know tests that you have to do and

You have to submit application they do Want to know your ACT SAT scores but Again like I say go ahead and apply for The job don't disqualify yourself before You apply for these jobs let the company Do it the best thing to do is to Google If you don't understand something if you Go into a job Post that I have posted or maybe you Have research on your own and it's Something on there that you're not Familiar with it all you have to do is Copy and paste that to your search Engine and you can say how to do this For free if something is going to come Up and show you how to do um whether It's cyber security for free giving you That knowledge giving you enough that When you go before an interview that you Can sound very Um you know professional and you Understanding your percent whatever They're asking you to do in a Professional manner and that's what a Lot of people doing a lot of folks don't Know how to do different things like me Like I tell you Um I've been doing medical billing and Coding uh for 11 years I didn't know how To do codes I didn't know how to do that But you know what I did I researched Just like I'm telling you now and when I Went before Um the hiring manager and Recruiters in

The company I sound professional it's Like oh this girl been coding for years And I really wasn't I mean that was my First job coding but I'm like you have To study this is homework you got to Study Um the job description and get out there And do well you know first of all get Your resume to pass the Africa tracking System and then once you get that and You get an interview you have to really Study so you can present yourself well And remember again you got to keep Pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there with your name on it but You have to believe because if you don't Believe nobody else will so you got to Go out there today and grab what is Yours by applying for the jobs I get it Life is hard life is like a roller Coaster one minute you up next minute You down but that is a part of life you Know it's building your character you Know once you've found what you seeking You're gonna be happy but again like I Said even though that you have a job Never stop looking always apply for a Job because you never know when these Companies are laying off or you never Know what can happen so at the moment When you're applying for jobs that job Will come at the right time okay I tell You about what happened to me years ago

Um I was I really I was working at a UT Southwestern and I love my job I love to Stay you know busy I love to Um you know no multiple things because They make you valuable and then I left That company for another company and I Went there and they let me go I mean Just for little things like I'm this Lady she was talking about prior Jabez And she asked me what I thought about The book and I told her I said well Let's just wait until my break and she Said no I want to hear it now and I say It's a great book and then you know Anybody know that when they work in the Medical field when you're printing codes To a hick perform it could tie up the Computer you know sometimes it could Print you could be on the computer the Printer could be printing for like four Five six hours so you gotta let people Know so if they want to go ahead and Print they can go ahead and print or They can use another printer and my Supervisor told me to tell tell me that And the next day I was called in the Office fired because one lady of the Supervisor her supervisor said she heard I was talking and remember I don't when I go to work I don't really talk I just Speak and do my work that's how I am and Then my supervisor told me and they lied That's how he is people will lie on you But at the end of the day I was I had

Applied for multiple positions I mean This was by maybe six or seven months Ago I applied for this particular Company I tell you I got fired on that Friday four hours later I was calling For an interview and I was hired on the Spot I had something to go in that Monday had I not applied for other jobs Didn't get complaints and say oh this Job love me they gonna keep me I Wouldn't had nothing where to go When you lose your job it is a job Looking for a job okay so go out there And grab what is yours today by applying For these jobs today okay now this is The right time to talk about this course Careers because we just got through Talking about cyber security and that is Some of the things that you will be Doing in course careers and for those Who don't know what course careers are It is an online course where you can Study text cells as well as information Technology and this com different Companies that they partner with Um they will hire you they drop the Experience and degree before course Careers and they give you information Text sales is you're going to be on the Phone you're going to reach it out to People like say for example you're Working for Google you're going to be Reaching out potential buyers that want To buy the whatever product that Google

Has to offer information technology is More of a chat where you'll be dealing With tickets and cues so if you don't Want to be on the phone I said suggest You to go through Information Technology Course okay now you need to watch the Testimony you need to look at the Testimony there are tons of people that Are testifying about how good course Careers is but just to paraphrase this One this girl she was 19 years old She worked at Starbucks and again like I Always say it is nothing wrong with Starting at Starbucks Walmart uh McDonald's there's nothing wrong with That it's a job but I don't think it's Meant to stay somewhere for the rest of Your life especially when you're not Moving up you know you're not making the Money that you need to make it's people That come in and you've been at the Company for a while and they coming up Surpassing you I don't think it's meant To be that way but she ran across course Careers and now she is one of the Youngest at this time making 60k a year Working from home and this can happen to You so you may ask how do I start out Yeah where did I get started the first Thing is sign up right here where it Says sign up for free to get the Knowledge and the understanding of what It is that you're going to be doing it As an information technology as well as

A textile they're going to tell you Everything you need to know and once you Figure out hey this is something that I Am interested in don't talk yourself out Of doing this okay the more you know the More you grow knowledge is power so the Next step is to enroll in their online Course this is a self-paced course some People finish it in two weeks some People it takes three months to complete But it depends on how much time you Commit and you will learn everything to Require required to land your first Position now I do want to say this We know that when you go to a community College a trade school a university you Come out you spending two years three Years some people spending four years or More in college coming out with a degree They go out and they try to apply for a Job and they come out and they don't Have Um The Experience so they go back and Change their major and get another Degree here at course careers you get a Internship where you can work for three Months make it between fifteen and Twenty dollars an hour once they're Three months is up you can choose to Stay at that company and get hired on Permanent or you can choose another Company that course careers has Partnered with and again it is a win-win Um once they you complete the course

You'll start applying the skills you Acquire from the course in a new career They will teach you exactly how to land An entry level position or internship by Giving you the knowledge of how to apply To companies what they look for their Resumes application how to prepare for Interviews and so much more because they Have partnered directly with companies That want to hire course career students Into a entry-level position and an Internship dropping their degree in your Spiritual requirement just only for Course careers graduates okay Now when you go here if you're looking For a price I think it's very very Affordable you don't have to worry about Taking out any loans or anything it's Only 499 dollars do you hear me 499 when you go to a trade school a University even a community college you Are out of more than 499 dollars okay And here it is it's a one flat fee of 499 but if you use my coupon code you'll Get fifty dollars off of the 499 dollars Again that information is in the YouTube Description bar or you can make a four Payment plan of a hundred and fifty Dollars every two weeks they're trying To make it affordable for you it is so Many people that are going through this Course and they're coming out smiling Because now that they have enough money To support their family or their self

And you could be the same way the thing That I tell you is to stop procrastinate And take action today if this is Something you want to do a text sale or I.T you need to go ahead and sign up the Court for this course because you could Come out making over a 60k a year you Can make anywhere between 60 to 100K Um IT Tech sales are high in demand and You need to take advantage of this here Um you go down a little bit further it Tells you uh what is the information Technology what is the day you know the Day in the life of a IT person again Like I said you're going to just be Working on tickets or any projects Tickets tickets usually involve helping Users with any issues they may have Again is more of a chat okay so this is Something easy Um it tells you about the course take Out time this is what they go over and This is your teacher Josh he is going to Be teaching you so again The more you know the more you grow so Go ahead and sign up today okay so you Can start taking the course and remember Watch my videos all the way through Because there are valuable information In all of my videos to help you get Closer to Landing a remote job my videos Go out every single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time That's Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and

Sunday so make for sure you go and check Those out and if you would like to Subscribe to the channel I would love For you to be a part of the family all You have to do is click that red button That says subscribe turn on your Notifications so every time when I Upload new videos you'll be notified and That will give you plenty of Opportunities to go ahead and apply for These jobs because these jobs are going Really really fast if you would like to Be a part of my YouTube membership hit That join button there is a short video Explaining the benefits shout out to Everyone that's already a member I Appreciate it don't forget to check your Community tab that is where I engage With you every single day okay I engage With you every single day when I upload New videos as well as doing pose and Quotes and just to remind you is join me On December 2nd Um 2022 at seven o'clock P.M Central Standard time I will be going Facebook YouTube live and bring it back the guest Deborah Swisher she is a medical billing Coder she's a certified professional Coder as well as instructor combined 30 Years of experience so go ahead and mark Your calendar for that okay so if you Ever wanted to get into the medical Field then this is your opportunity to Join me and get your courses answered

Thank you so much for watching and I Will see you in the next video

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