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Happy Tuesday everyone I am back with Another work from home job these Companies they will train you so make Sure you jump on the bandwagon and grab These type of jobs because these jobs Will move just like this so we're going To go ahead and dive right into the job Okay now we're going to be talking about The company's scribe kit they're Currently seeking Ophthalmology virtual Medical scribes to work from home now When I went to the glass door the pay is 23 dollars per hour it could be more Depending on your experience this Company do offer paid training so that Is where I got they will train you you Will get paid bi-weekly Direct Deposit They do pay holidays and this coming do Offer Advanced opportunities and an Hourly rate based on experience again You can make more than 23 an hour if you Have more experience now they do have State high restriction listed you must Be resided in these states in order to Be eligible to to apply for this job Okay now we're going to go more into Details About this job you will have a One-on-one time with Physicians and Other health care providers the paid Training that provides in-depth Knowledge of HPI documentation EMR System medical terminology disease Processing uh process procedures

Medication medical decision making and More so that is what your paid training Is going to go over now they do want you To have prior experience and Ophthalmology this provider is located In Hawaii so you must be available to Work Mondays through Friday 1 pm to 10 P.m Eastern Standard Time or 11 A.M to 8 P.M Mountain Standard Time 40 hours now It does require you to have a typing Test score of 60 words per minute so That's why I researched and I found These two typing places that you can go And practice your typing for medical Scribe so here is one it is free to you All you have to do is start typing and It will time Um your type and speed as well as here's Another typing test as well that you can Go and take advantage of it Um and this is free and then also here Are some more official Where you can practice your typing test Your 10 key tests and it give you typing Tips as well as official I'm sorry there is plenty of typing Tests that you can go and get your Typing skills where it needs to be okay Now we're going to go into details about Also what you're going to do again it Requires a high school diploma rgd Equivalent a minimal GPA 3.2 okay They're asking for that Um passion for the medical field

Proficiency in micro uh medical Terminology strong professional written And verbal communication skills strong Organization and multitasking skills With high attention to details and then It talks about what type of laptop or Desktop that you need to have also a Reliable internet and a quiet and hip For compliance workspace now your Responsibility is you can describe in Real time while culminating Physicians During Clinic document patients Information into the EMR history Chief Complaint review of system physical exam Assessment and plan You're going to input orders as directed By the provider including laboratory Tests Radiology tests medication you're Going to handle any and all patient Information without most compliance to Help a regulation you're going to Communicate any provider schedule change To the client service team okay so That's how easy this job is okay very Easy job that you can do sometimes they Do hire for entry level positions as Well you know if you're new to Medical Scribe they do offer entry level but Again this is a great opportunity so if You're interested in applying for this Position then you need to go ahead again They're hiring for full-time and or Part-time and this is they work from Home job all you have to do is Click

Right here where it says apply now I Want to leave you some encouragement Words is to keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there Being made for you I know a lot of y'all Are looking at this job poster saying Look I don't have the qualification They're not going to harm mean you got To speak life over yourself I keep Telling you the power of the tongue Determines life and death if you say That you're not going to get a job then It's going to come to fruition you got To say look even though I don't Understand the job I'm gonna go into the Job post and dissect and and go use Google as my friend to understand uh What they're asking and a lot of times When you research you'll be like okay I Understand this but I'm just gonna apply Anyway you just never know a lot of jobs Require certain things like a bachelor's Degree or a minimum GPA 3.2 and when you Go and you apply they drop all of that For you because you're in favor you know Favor is no fair when you when you God Is favoring you people Overlook a lot of Things you know a degree your GPA so you Need to go in here and just step out on Faith and go ahead and apply for these Jobs okay this is a great opportunity Don't disqualify yourself before you Apply for your for these jobs like to Come and do it a lot of people are

Disqualifying theirself before they Actually submit a resume you got to Speak life you got to have confidence in Yourself you got to believe in yourself Because if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will okay this is a great Opportunity for someone to go in here And just learn medical scribe because This is also a great opportunity Um to go in here and pick this up and be Able to work from home again they have a Lot of work from home jobs or hiring Companies different companies are hiring Right now you just have to make for sure Your resume is tailored to each job that You are applying for and do the work and You're going to greet the benefits okay So don't get disencouraged be encouraged You're not the only one I have had a Hard time finding a job in the past I've Been working from home ever since 2007 But it took me a year to find a job okay So don't give up Speak Life Speak Life say I got this I'm Going to keep lying even though I'm not Getting the job I'm gonna keep lying Because if you quit how you know that You could have got a job the next resume That you sent off that could have been Your opportunity to get a job but you Just some of y'all just thrown in the Towel and you never know you just gotta Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job being made for you okay

So just believe in in yourself because I Believe in you you got this go out there Today and grab what is yours today not Tomorrow not next week but go out there Today and grab what is yours by applying For these jobs okay I believe in you now You know that I always talk about having Um a backup plan at all times necessary And I talk about course careers because This is a great opportunity for a high School student like a junior senior that Is uncertain about what they're going to Do and they don't want to take out any Loans or anything this is perfect for Someone that been on a job for two to 20 Years and they're not seeing any growth They're not seeing their paid range is Going up or this is for anybody just Want to do a different career change and It is with course careers course careers Are It's these have courses online courses That are self-paced that you can take Like technology sales digital marketing And information technology y'all this is A great opportunity I know that you have Heard a lot of testimonies I have post One of my subscribers that actually went To the course as the tech sales and Graduated and found a job in text cells Text sales there are more than 200 000 Or 300 000 opening jobs in the average Starting salary is 60 to 80k a year And the digital marketing is more than

200 000 opening jobs average starting Salary is between 40 and 60k a year and Information technology is more than 200 000 opening jobs average starting salary Is 40 to 60k a year now Tech sales is You on the phone but a lot of people are Doing text sales because they got Potential of making a whole bunch of Money digital marketing same thing you Got potential making money Um digital marketing is something that I'm interested in so I probably will be In up taking this course sometime this Summer where I have more time is digital Marketing Um information technology is not on the Phone it's more dealing with cues uh Tickets and everything so this is a Great opportunity to go ahead and get Started now um the reason why they have These openings because I know it's Somebody said well they got to open this Because it's a turnaround note the Reason why they have a lot of openings And text sales digital marketing Information technology is that they Don't have enough people that are Trained mean correctly in order to do This job so that's why course careers Have partnered with different Fortune 500 companies that are willing to hire Course careers graduates even before They graduate why is people getting Hired while they're taking the course

Into an entry-level position making 80k A year all I do is suggest you to go and Look at these testimonies these are one Of many testimonies that you need to go And click and watch the full video you Know uh where they giving you more Information about Um what they did what they think about Course careers go check that out okay And how it works is that you have to Start a free intro course And in the intro course is giving you Information about digital marketing Text sales information technology and at That time it's telling you if it's a Good fit for you and if it's a good fit For you then you need to stop Procrastinate and enroll in the class A Lot of people's life has been changed Since they wrote a role in this class A Lot of people are unable to afford to Put gas in their car they don't they Can't get a car to go from point A to Z And this has been a life changer for a Lot of people and it could be a life Changer for you so you're enrolling Their online self-paced course and you Begin learning you complete the course In a few weeks to a couple months Depending on how much time you commit You will learn everything required to Land your first job they do have small Groups where you need to get into the Small groups where you can interact with

Other people that are doing the same Thing that you're doing whether it's Text sales information technology or Digital marketing and then you have Meetings like twice a week where you Meet um with the teacher and to learn And get your courses answered so you you Will start applying the skills you Acquired from the course in a new career That teach you the exactly how to land The entry level position through Insider Knowledge of how to apply companies what They look for a resume applications how To interview and such much more again They partner directly with companies They want to hire their students Dropping a degree and experience Required for their graduates okay so say For example Again you do not have to have any Experience or degree to do this job so Say for example if I was interesting and This time I'm gonna do text sales so Basically you go in here the courses for Eight weeks again there's 300K job Openings the average salary is 60k and It could be more these are some of the Best companies that are hiring Tech Sales and scrolling down there's plenty Others out there too and then it goes Into when you scroll down it talks about The day in the life of a tech sales your Arrive at the office now You'll be working remotely they do have

Work from home jobs your response to Emails checking calendars research Companies and adding New Prospect making Phone calls to people in your Outreach You have lunch time sitting personal Emails and Linkedin message to people in Your Outreach and then take a break and Get ready to finish off your day strong And then again you'll be making your Skill scheduled Discovery calls and then Making afternoon calls to people in your Outreach that's how easy the job is okay Very easy and then when you go down here They do offer flexible education because The course itself pays right and then it Tells you your qualification really you Don't have to have you don't have to Have any experience to do Tech sales Information Technology digital marketing You just have to have a will in mind Willing heart and a willing Spirit to do It it talks about your background it Could be a high school graduate looking For a college you know a lot of people Don't want to go to college or you could Be an employee wanting to make a career Change that is what you're looking for And it tells you what you will learn in The course so Basics sell skills sales Technology sell process interview prep And then you let's get started here Again these are graduates that actually Went through the course y'all a lot of These people went through the course and

Um And they have they have a testimony here A lot of people went through this course You could just look at it um at your own Time people went through this course and They are very successful a lot of people Have gotten job offers before they Actually complete the course and it can Happen to you now the course this is Very affordable if you go to a University a trade school a community College you'll be out of more money than That you'll be taking out loans these People I know that have taken out alone 12 years ago and they are still paying On that loan okay and I know people that Actually went to school for tax sales or Information technology or digital Marketing they come out with the degree But they don't have the experience They're getting turned down with course Careers they do offer a paid training Internship where you can work for a Company for three months make it between 15 and 20 an hour just to gain that Experience and once the three months is Up you can decide if you want to work For the company or choose another Company that course careers have Partnered with and is a win-win you do Not have to take out a loan they're Working with you you have a four payment Plan of a hundred and fifty dollars Where you'll pay every two weeks a

Hundred and fifty dollars Um or you could pay the one-time fee of 499 dollars if you use my coupon code Which is the rest and thrust of 50 all In caps don't worry that information is In the YouTube description bar you will Get fifty dollars off of the 499 dollars And again they do have a non-contract or Hidden fee along with a 14-day Money-back guarantee so this is a great Opportunity y'all 400 500 that's very Affordable you know college is some most Of the time people are out of 50k to 60k 100K and they still panel along you're Debt free with course careers so this is Something that you need to think about Get on board again I told you that Um I'm planning on This summer is enrolling their digital Marketing class because that's what I am Interested in and again people's life Has been changed for the good and who Wouldn't it's a lot of people that are Not making enough money and here you go I'm here on this channel not only just Giving you non-phone work at home job Leads every single day but I am Promoting you and telling you to go Check out course careers this is a great School online course to take so if You're interested in taking the course All you have to do is hit the sign in Button or sign up for the free intro Course and use my coupon code which is

The rest of all in caps and 50 and you Would get 50 off of that 499 dollars so Remember if my channel has been a Blessing to you or you really enjoy Um what I'm giving you on this channel Make for sure you consider subscribing To the channel don't forget to click That red button don't forget to click on The Um Bell to turn on your notifications so Every time when I upload new videos You'll be notified in time to go ahead And apply for these jobs because these Jobs move just like this and I want you To be able to get the job that you're Seeking um if you would like to support The channel make for sure you go ahead And Um Hit the join button there is a short Video explaining the benefits of Becoming a member of the YouTube channel Don't forget to check out your community Tab that is where I engage with you Every single day when I upload new Videos I post it in there as well as People when they complete course careers Or people have gotten hired I posted in There to let you know that people are Still getting hired every single day and Make for sure that you're watching the Videos all the way through because these Are valuable information in all of my Videos to help you get closer to Landing

A work from home job remember this Channel is all about non-farm work at Home job leads that go out here every Single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time share this Channel with everyone You know that could benefit from this Thank you so much for watching and I Will see you in the next video just Remember to keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there For you but you got to believe in Yourself if you don't believe in Yourself nobody else will so go out There today and grab what is yours by Applying for these jobs you got this Thank you for watching and I'll see you In the next video

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