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Happy Monday everyone I am back with Another work from home job this company They will train you so make sure that You're watching the videos all the way Through why because I am going to show You a resume sample if I was applying For this job this is what I put Um this is what I will put the keywords From the job post and Implement that Into my resume because I am trying to Help more and more people in 2023 to Found our remote job so make sure you Watch these videos all the way through And again my channel is all about none From work at home job leads to go out Every single day so let's go ahead and Dive right into the job here okay so I'm Gonna move myself over here right over Here we're going to be talking about the Company Farmers Insurance they're Currently seeking NDC electronic Document processes to work from home now When you scroll down I don't want you to Get confused it says California only Colorado only New York I reached out to Hire manager and double check and say You know are you hiring in other states And they say yes they're hiring in other States and this position is going to pay Similar so the pay is between 15 and 19 An hour okay even though that it says California if you don't live in those States according to hire manager you can Still apply for the position and you can

Make up to 600 760 per week okay now This company do offer benefits which is Great and when you go up a little bit Further um basically what you're going To do as an NDC electronic document Processor you're going to review claims Related electronic documents and are Responsible for quickly and accurately Dispositioning each document okay and to Give you information about NDC Electronic or Farmers Insurance it's Basically forming insurance is the Coverage for your home Auto life Business and vehicles and more that is a Little bit about Um this form of insurance we're going to Dive a little bit deeper about what You're going to be doing more you're Going to evaluate document quality and Request rescan as necessary You can also follow an established Process and utilize best judgment to Determine appropriate document type Related claims specialized Document Handling instructions such as document Splitting or envelope inclusion and you May work a schedule outside of Traditional business hours and when you Go in a little bit further it tells you More about what you're going to be doing The reason why I say this company will Train you you will attend refresher Trainer training you're going to review Training tips and apply coaching

Feedback from designated Mentor Performance coach in our supervisor Manager that's why I said that they will Train you so this is a great company Again it only requires a high school Diploma or our equivalent and daily Entry experience prefer one year of General work experience preferred now When we're talking about data entry There are free things that you can go And practice your 10 key and that is Through official typing test okay the Official type and test again it is free You can go go and practice your typing Test as well as your 10 key test and They will give you typing tips so all You have to do is hit this 10 key test And this is what will appear you can Choose to do full 10 key tests which is Numbers and symbols or you can do zip Code tests which is numbers and only so You can choose take advantage of this Today again it is free to help you get To where you need to get in order to get Closer to landing on this remote job Here okay Now what we're going to do here too as Well is if you're interested in applying For this job okay if you're interested In applying all you need to do is hit The apply button here you can scroll Down and you can apply for this job here By hitting the apply now now I want to Leave some encouragement words with you

Is to keep pushing keep applying don't Give up there is a job out there with Your name on it but it starts with you You got to believe if you don't believe In yourself nobody else will a lot of Times people get so disencouraged in Life when things don't go their way and Again like I always say life is like a Roller coaster one minute you up next Minute you're down but you just got to Keep pushing We All Fall Down I fall Down a lot of times but when I fall down I get back up you know when you fall Down it's not about you know Um it's all about once you fall down are You going to stay down are you going to Get up I chose to get up okay life is Full of problem situations you deal with All types of people some people don't Like you for you don't have to do Nothing to anybody and they hate you for No reason at all but you just got to Keep pushing you got to keep praying put God first in everything that you do and You will find the job that you seek in Real soon I don't care if somebody say Oh nobody's not gonna hire you Um you don't have the experience you Don't look the part you don't dress the Part you will find a job when one door Open another one is going to open so go Out there today keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Being made for you so go out there today

And grab what is yours there is a job Out there with your name on it and I'm Doing my part by helping you and just Tell you You know how to take the keywords from The job post and implement it into your Resume so let's go ahead and dive right Into it okay as you can see on the job Description if I go back to the job Description this is the job Rec or job Description when you are looking for a Job it is a job looking for a job I I Get it so you need to look at the job Description study this do your research And found things here okay so the first Step is the title the job title you want To copy and paste this job title into Your resume word for word just like it Says I got this resume in canva again I Love canva they have a free version they Have the pay version I did the free Version for three years and I ended up Doing the paid version because I do a Lot in canva so first of all make for Sure you have your first uh last name or Your first and middle name is up to you A number where they can contact you and You want a professional email address Susiejones or you can say Susiedo Jones you don't want a Personal email address that's baby baby Girl Suzy Jones companies are Not going to take you serious so you Need to take have a professional email

Address you want to take again The title word for word from the job Posting implemented here which you saw Earlier in DC electronic document Processor you also want to put weather Fits remote because sometimes they have Jobs remotely and they have jobs that You go in person so you know I talk About work from home jobs so you want to Put remote here okay so your summary Your resume summary should be brief Short and straight to the point I chose To put down organize and motivate Employee eager to apply time management Organization skills in various Environments seeking entry-level Opportunities to spend skills why with The company growth experience with skill Document process with strong background And document control and processing System technically employed in project Manager with expertise in Microsoft and Adobe software desire to bring ability To gain over two and a half or 2.5 years I'm in growth Arden position focus in Improvement in Optimum workflows okay so In this resume summary I have taken some of the keywords from The job posts and Implement those into My resume so I can get closer to getting The interview because you got to Remember your resume go through a Software called applicant tracking System or ATS and it's looking for

Keywords from the job post once you have Those keywords in from the job post into Your resume that is how you are called In for an interview so for those who Don't know Um when I look at the resume summary Time management is a keyword Organization skills is a keyword Document process skill document process Is a keyword Microsoft and Adobe Software so if you put Microsoft's Software Adobe software those are the Keywords or growth order that is a Keyword so you will see those into your Job post that you can see when I scroll Down here when you scroll down special Skills requirement strong keyboarding And 10 keys skills basic verbal and Written communication skills strong Attention to details and critical Thinking analytical skills ability to Make quick accurate decision these are All the key words that you can put into Your resume you can choose the Requirement as well as the job function You can take some of the keywords out of There and Implement those into your Resume as well okay so that is what I Did on my key components which is the Same things as skills is I um and I took That information from the job post as Well as I research okay I'm gonna show You here I research what let me move Myself out of the way what are the soft

Skills of NDC electronic document Process this is what come up strong Keyboarding 10 key skills basic verbal And written and communication skills Strong attention to details and critical Thinking that is what I research okay so I'm gonna use those into my skills Section as well as Irish search what are The hard skills of a NDC electronic Document process the hard skills are Communication skills Organization skills data entry okay so All of those are going to be implemented Into my resume as you can see so under My skills key components is the same as Skills I chose Keen I for detail Document process processor excellent Organization skills strong keyboarding And 10 key skills analytical skills Records management accuracy and Attention to details critical thinking Verbal and written skills records Maintenance computer proficient that Means understanding Microsoft Word Excel Listening skills communication skills Detail ordin and document distribution I Took some of the keywords from the job Post and implemented into my resume that Is all you have to do that is that is How your resume passed the applicant Tracker system again is taking the Keywords from the job post and Implemented in here okay now if I was a Applying I'm showing you a sample resume

I got this information in the ND you Know your resume look need to look Professional like this I am a job coach Resume review and I see a lot of resumes That they're saying that they cannot get A job but when you look at their resume They don't have bullet points they only Have one sentence daily entry and they Don't go into details you see how it is They go into details this is how your Resume needs to be okay the only Difference is the skills I feel that the Skills should go after the summary Education need to go down the bottom Okay so if I was applying for this job Say for example if I I was Administrative assistant and I was Applying for the NDC electronic document Process basically what you need to do Is look at your job and see ask yourself What did I did did on my current job or My past job that is similar to this job NDC electronic document so all you're Doing is rearranging the bullet points Because the applicant tracker system or The ATS reads from top to bottom okay so I'm gonna go through here and see what I Can put up first provide ongoing Administrative support to senior Executive driving organization success And you remember one of the key words Was Argon being organized so I will Leave this first right And then it talks about composed and

Proofreading memos letters reports and Presentation provide accurate concise And error-free Communications Um basically Um I will move plan coordinate and Finalize details for travel Arrangements I will put that second so this will be First I'll put this second put the Compose and proofreading memos third so Basically again you're rearranging your Bullet points to match the job okay That's basically it again the applicant Tracking system reads from top to bottom You go through all of your jobs that the Same way that you've had and rearrange To say what did I do on this job that is Similar to whatever job that you're Applying for and that is how your resume Passed the African tracking system now I'm gonna put these free resumes Um from indeed into the YouTube Description bar There is a lot of different resume Samples that you can look at to kind of Piggyback and to get an ideal on how Your resume need to pass the applicant Tracking system okay that is all you Need to do here okay so if you have any Questions just let me know in the YouTube comments let me know if you have Any questions also I just want to go Briefly of course careers Um I did a video where I went more into Details about course careers

Um if you ever wanted to get into it or Text cells you need to join course Careers today Um you don't have to have any experience Um you don't have no degree it's Required they're going to train you to Do this uh different course careers have Partnered with um different Fortune 500 Companies that are looking to higher Entry level Um people from course careers into their I.T and text sales is very affordable It's just only 499 dollars or you can do A bi-weekly where you pay 100 150 Dollars but if you use my coupon code Which is the rest of 50 you would get 50 Off of that course so make sure you go Ahead and check that out and College is Very expensive a lot of people Um are unfortunately not going to get Scholarships And if some people do get scholarships It's not going to be enough to pay for Their tuition so if you want a career Change and make between 60k to 100K a Year go sign up today with Um course careers today you this is a Great opportunity and I'm going to leave These words with you is to keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there with your name on it but It starts with you you have to believe If you don't believe in yourself guess What nobody else will believe in you so

Go out there today and grab what is Yours by applying for these jobs you Know consider subscribing to the family I would love to have you part of the Family thank you so much for watching And I will see you in the next video

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