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Hello everyone and welcome back to my Channel in today's video I am talking About companies that they will train you And we're going to go ahead and dive Right into it make sure that you're Watching the videos all the way through Because there are valuable information To help you get closer to Landing your First second third job and remember in This video I am going to show you Um a resume sample so if I was actually Going to be applying for these jobs then This is how I would do it okay so I'm Going to move myself over here to this Side here we're talking about the Company GLS Talent solution LLC they're Currently seeking experienced medical Scribes to work remotely even though it Says Philadelphia PA you still apply for The job now the pay is between 11 and 12 000 an hour I know that it may be a Little bit low for a lot of people but You have to crawl before you walk Um again they're hiring immediately They're looking for experienced virtual Medical scribes they do offer paid Internship working directly with Physicians across America again it's 12 An hour flexible hours no weekends no Seasonal full time and part-time only And this company they do offer two weeks Of full-time training okay Then when we go into a little bit deeper When we dive in here you will basically

Handle all their electronic medical Records patients to patients in real Time you will interpret symptoms and Document the document doctor patient's Visit in the clinical charting of each Patient's and entirely and then they Want you to be able to type at least 45 Words per minute as you can see on the Screen okay and they give you Information about GLS Talent solution LLC they've been providing efficient Effective and enjoyable Staffing Experience to job Seekers employees Within the health care so let's give you Information about the job now when we Dive a little bit deeper in here they Want you to gain knowledge on how to Draft hpis PES Ros and analyze lab Reports and then they want you to be Able to provide EHR charting support Directly for Physicians as a charting Assistance in real time And they want you to be able to work Comfortable in your home now the work Minimal right as you can see on the Screen is three shifts per week that's Mondays through Friday with the ability To work and interpret eight to ten hour Shift between the hours of 7 A.M to 7 P.M Eastern Standard Time are Pacific Standard time again they want you to Have strong computer typing and Listening skills as well as you have to Be 18 years of age or older and

Currently living in the in authorized to Work in the United States okay now if This sounds like something that you're Able to do then make for sure you go Ahead and apply today now I'm gonna say Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there with your name On it but you gotta believe like I said It's 2023 and a lot of people get so Disencouraged before they actually apply For the job you know um rejection again Is a part of life I've been rejected Many times but is not the end of the World know gonna be no know it means Next opportunity but you gotta trust the Process you got to believe in yourself God will provide a job for you there is A job out there with your name on it but You just got to keep praying you got to Keep pushing and you got to keep Applying today I'm going to show you a Resume sample like if I was actually Applying for this job this is how my Resume will be because I want to start Getting more people getting jobs offered In 2023 so I'm going to show you a Sample of how I would do it okay Now I got this Um job resume sample I got it in um let Me move myself out over here I got this Job resume sample in canva canva is a Great platform to go and get resumes or As you can see to my left there's Different resumes here but all you need

Is a simple resume like black and white Corporate resume that's all you need to Do because you're not trying to please I'm a human eye you're trying to please The Africa tracker system so this is Something simple that you need to Um explore okay the information will be In the YouTube description bar Now I just made up a name Susie go Jones But you want to put your name here and You will need a phone number where they Will be able to contact you and then Your email address needs to be Professional you need to have like Suzy Jones or susiedojo Jones so you need a pers a Professional email address you can't Have something that's unprofessional Because a lot of times they will not Hire you because you have a um Professional email address so just make It simple now when you see experienced Medical scrub remote when I go back You're going to see me going back and Forth to different Um Deals here Um the experienced medical medical Scrubs I got that information I put that On my resume here as you can see Experienced medical scrub remote I put It word for word I came up with a resume Summary your resume summary should be Very short and straight to the point so

I said throw it in the energy at Energetic medical scribes with three Years of experience in health Information management background in Medical office testing and procedures Medical terminology and HIPAA compliance Excellent communication and time Management skills that support quality Recording so when you look at the job Post you are there are keywords that I Am taking from the job post and Implemented into my resume summary so When hire manager goes in and they may Want to type in experience it medical Scribes I will be they would pull me up You know if I put medical terminology That is one of the key words in the job Post Um they would pull me up HIPAA is one of The key words as you can see Um in the job post as well communication Because you got to be able to Communicate with providers and nurse and Then time management skills and support Quality recording reporting that is what You need to take from the job post and Implement those into your resume summary Now when you talk about the key Components those are the same things as The skills there are skill sections in The job post or this job Rec they have Hard and soft skills in there so you Want to take the hard skills and the Soft skills from the job post and

Implement those into your skill sections Or key components so one of them was a Strong leadership skills Typing it says typing 45 words per Minute so I put type and proficiency Excellent organization skills insurance Billing because you're going to be Contacting insurance billing and asking Questions you may or just researching Um their insurance and then knowledge of Medical terminology again that came from The job post transcription data entry Analyzing collecting patients history Documentations EMR is the same thing as Electronic medical records Um and then EHR is electronic health Records the same thing HIPAA Communication skills medical records Again I took all the keywords from the Job post as you can see when I go back To the job here this is the keywords all In this job post as you can see on the Screen here Um like again typing Um HIPAA Um when you're interacting with Physicians working directly with Physicians that is communication skills So that is where I got that information From okay And then when you go down a little bit Further you want to look at your Professional experience So this is the example I mean even

Though it's blank I'm going to show you A lot of times I do job coaching resume Review interview prep and I've seen a Lot of resumes and a lot of people say I'm not getting a call and I wonder why And the reason is is not they don't have The bullet points and it's not Incomplete sentences okay so I found Another resume so you can kind of Understand I went to live world and say For example if I was sending this Customer service representative off to Um apply for the position I will have Everything on here as you can see I will Have my name my information of the Experienced medical scribe my resume Summary the key components and of course The jobs will be like this if I was Applying Now the first step is what you would Have to do is you will have to look at Here and say okay I'm applying for Experienced medical scribe what did I do On this job if I'm a customer service Rep work at an Enterprise Rent A Car What can I do Um that relates to ex experienced Medical scribe okay so I can say Document conversation with customers to Track requests promises solution as you Can see that one of the skills or data Entry so I'm dealing with dating entries So I would say document conversation With customers to track requests

Promises solution assist customers in Making payments on accounts and setting Up payment plans what I would do is move These bullet points up this will be First I'll move this up to the first This would be the second so basically You're going to rearrange your Your bullet points to match the job you Know whatever job that you're applying For because the Africa tracking system Reads from top to bottom that is Basically what I would do in order to Get the job is you just rearrange the Bullet points to match with what the job That you're applying for and that is how Um your resume gets past the African Tracker system I would do the same thing For all of the jobs that I've had it's a Look at the job you know post or your Work experience and say okay you know if I'm applying for these experienced Medical scribe what can I take and move It up in order for me to go ahead and Pass Um the applicant track system you do That your resume will pass the applicant Tracker system if I go back To this here It needs to be professional y'all it Needs to really be professional where You have again your name your resume Summary what the job what type of job You're looking for that's very important Your key components your professional

Experience as you can see on the screen I have October 2020 I made up something To present it has to be professional Here okay and then your education goes Down the bottom okay that is just very Simple all you need to do is dissect the Job post or the job Rec and Implement Those keywords into your job into your Resume because I want to see more people Getting hired in 2023 again keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there with your name on it so go Out there today and grab what is yours Remember to subscribe to the channel I Bring to you nothing but non-phone work At home job leads to go out every single Day at 7am Central in the time thank you So much for watching and I will see you In the next video

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