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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with a super quick higher work From home job but before I jump in make Sure you guys subscribe like and share Because on this channel not only do we Talk about legit work from home jobs but Guys we give away laptops and if you Guys want a brand new laptop for free Take my video go post it on Facebook go Share it with a friend come back and Leave me a comment now we have been Dropping a ton of work when you want Videos if you guys have missed them make Sure you guys go back and check them out Some of these non-phone some of these Are phones some are no interviews guys And no experience so if you are someone That is still looking and you need to Get something right away be sure to Check out those work when you want Videos and apply today make sure you Share those as well hop over here to the Two chicks blog look on the home page Apply for Telus International this is a Work we when you want fourteen dollar an Hour opportunity for you guys let us Know in the comments what type of work From home job or side hustle you guys Are looking for and be sure guys to sign Up for Branded surveys the link will be Down below in the comments let's jump Into the video so the company is instant Teams and people actually guys have been Getting hired with this company so I am

Bringing you guys this company again if You are someone that is looking for a Work from home job like right now be Sure guys to apply for this one now they Are stay specific they do not hire in Every state so they are looking to feel This outbound Verification Specialist Qualifying guide position so it says That insta teams is currently hiring Entry to mid-level outbound Verification Specialist qualifying guys to partake in A mission-driven opportunity that helps Improve the financial well-being of Consumers these remote team members or Rtms are responsible for pre-qualifying Insurance Shoppers while providing first Class service in an outbound call center Type of environment now I do see here Guys that you must pass a background Check to be considered this is a remote 100 remote company 16 per hour with paid Training I do see here that the training Schedules it says the trainees who have Successfully completed the 60-day period On the platform you will see a pay Increase to 17 an hour and then also up To eighteen dollars an hour upon Successful completion of 181 days on the Platform so that's not bad at all it Will start at 16 and go all the way up To 18. they do have the training Schedules listed here as well I do see Here that they start dates each week in April currently this position is hiring

For full-time shifts only so they have Start days guys going on each in every Single week for the entire month of April and it may roll over to may as Well so you will be speaking with and Serve an average of 300 potential Shoppers per day via an outbound dialer System now it may not be 300 it could be A hundred could be 200. I'm pretty sure That number will vary from day to day Qualify customers by asking a series of Targeted questions to find out the Customers goals and ensure they would be A good fit for the products and or Services you will meet daily weekly and Monthly key performance indicators based On various metrics maintain the highest Quality of customer service by Demonstrating proper phone etiquette and Consistently following scripts Demonstratability to handle and overcome Challenges with your best rebuttal so They're going to teach you guys how to Do these calls so if you don't know About outbound calling I did see on here Paid training now I do see here that you Must have a computer laptop or desktop a Wired USB headset with a microphone USB Mouse if using a laptop a high-speed Internet connection I see 15 Mbps upload And 15 Mbps for the download speed Google Chrome for the internet browser Must pass again a background check now Those eligible to work in the U.S

Located in Japan Puerto Rico and Guam Are eligible and I do see here due to Specific position requirements we cannot Hire from the following locations for This opportunity and they do have those States listed right here guys so I see Iowa Illinois Minnesota Washington DC California Massachusetts Montana Seattle Washington New York City Flagstaff Arizona unfortunately the company does Not hire in these states so again the Company guys is instant teams they have Training sessions each and every single Week for the entire month of April this Is for their outbound Verification Specialist the pay is 16 it goes all the Way up to 18 an hour I will be sure to Leave a link right below the video in The description box so you guys can Check out this company make sure you Guys go over to Google please do some Research we stress this on each and Every single video just in case you guys Get an interview you want to be prepared And not surprised make sure you share my Video somebody out there guys is looking For a quick higher company and you just Might be the person to help them out Don't forget to come back though and Leave us a comment down below also guys Don't forget to share the video Over on Facebook share it with a friend You can put it on any of your social Media platforms we don't mind that at

All make sure you come over there to Facebook this is very important join the Group because we are doing another Giveaway in our group and this time we Will be giving away a beautiful brand New laptop for free make sure you come Over there join us kiss that cubicle Goodbye and all you guys have to do is Just invite invite invite we can see on The back end who has invited the most People so make sure you come over there And start inviting your friends your Family members you can even tag them but You still have to invite them in order For them to see what we have going on And posted in the group also don't Forget to follow us on the business page Two chicks with a side hustle there will Be two laptops giving away on that Platform and on Instagram we're trying To get to ten thousand we are almost Home free guys we're almost there so be Sure to invite your friends and family Members over on Instagram if they have An Instagram make sure you guys tag tag Tag share share share we are trying to Push this good information out there to The masses because so many people guys Are looking for legit work from home Jobs and I continue to see these Scammers posted on social media each and Every single day and I can almost but Guarantee you these people are sick and Tired of getting scammed I see it posted

Every day all day long data entry jobs 35 an hour I see uh teaching jobs 65 an Hour I see customer service jobs that Are paying 20 to 35 dollars an hour and They're using real companies information The real name of the company but they Want you to talk to them via messenger Or telegram or the WhatsApp so if you Guys come across anything like that now We don't post that nowhere on none of Our platforms but if you come across Anything like that on any of these Social media platforms 100 of the time It is a fake job that's why we stress to You guys to go over to Google type in The company's name look for a phone Number call the company ask the company Hey does John Smith work there he Reached out to me via Facebook he Reached out to me via Instagram I need To know does he work for this company And trust me guys the companies they Don't mind telling you guys the truth so Keep that in mind when you are doing Research on these companies my name is Carl that was just my tip for today and I will catch you lovely people in the Next one bye Food

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