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What's up two chicks fam it's me Carl I Am back with a part-time beginner Friendly work from home job now if you Guys are looking for non-phone jobs data Entry chat texting email transcription Or just some type of side hustle that's Non-phone like a Skippy interview make Sure you guys hop over to the non Phoneworkathome.com blog be sure to Smash that red subscribe button turn on That Bell notification make sure you Guys thumbs up these videos and make Sure you share because on this channel Guys we do real giveaways and we give Away laptop computers and if you guys Want to win make sure you go tell a Friend spread the word come back leave Us a comment now I did drop several Videos on the channel today make sure You guys go back and check those out hop Over here to the two chicks blog look Under the spotlight job section make Sure you apply for Omni and for a tell Us and don't forget about branded Surveys easy peasy surveys the link is In the comments let's get into the video So the company guys is U-Haul and you Have heard us talk about this company Before they are looking to feel their Sales and reservations agent position Again this is 100 work from home Part-time this is perfect for people That are students or teachers or someone That is just looking for a second job

Now it says here guys that the contact Center agents they take back-to-back Incoming calls from customers who need Help with the U-haul products and the Services you may have to assist Customers with quoting rental rates Sales and earning new business providing Customer service to existing business Such as making changes to reservations Answering questions helping with Customer concerns and taking storage Payments now you must follow specific Methods and procedures while assisting The customer Master required scripts and Custom and Advertisements provide excellent Customer service use good time Management practices work well with Others and you are someone that is a Team player and you also guys enjoy Helping people and problem solving you Like a fast-paced starting day one And staying busy every day you enjoy Working closely with your manager and Receiving daily feedback you are Comfortable learning and using multiple Computer programs and U-Haul the offer Is contact center agents the hourly Based pay rate starts at 13 per hour However guys with this company since They give bonuses and things like that You can earn 17 to 20 dollars per hour It says here you will work from home Opportunity for base pay Merit increases

This is based on your performance Part-time benefits they do include Medical reimbursement plan RX Prescriptions plus discount Plan dental Vision plan retirement savings 401K now The minimum qualifications and these are Bare minimum proficient keyboarding and Computer skills ability to navigate and Use multiple computer programs at once Excellent variable communication and Listening skills you have a clear Speaking voice with general knowledge of U.S geography willingness to incorporate Feedback to constantly improved Performance you must have a quiet Private work area ability to meet all Technical requirements training and Education and I do see here where it's Explained now this one guys again this Is a part-time work from home job the Company is you all they're looking to Hire for their sales and reservations Agent position the pay is 13 all the way Up to twenty dollars per hour and Benefits are included so this one is Posted on our two chicks blog there will Be a link right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out this company and with this company Guys if you have teenagers you can be 16 Years old and work for this company We've seen that posted over on their Website so make sure you guys do some Research about the company just in case

You get an interview you want to be Prepared and not surprised again the Link will be posted it right below the Video in the description box right under The video make sure you share sharing is Caring again we are giving away 10 brand New laptop computers they are absolutely Free to you guys and anybody can win These laptops so go spread the word Share this video put it on your social Media platforms but don't forget to Leave us that comment and then hop on Over to Facebook join us kiss that Cubicle goodbye follow us over on our Facebook business page because we are Going to give away two more laptop Computers on that page it is two chicks With the side hustle help us get to a Hundred thousand followers on that page As well and then follow us on Tick Tock Twitter also on Instagram two chicks With the side hustle we're doing another Giveaway guys on Instagram so make sure You're following that page my name is Carol I'll catch you wonderful lovely People in the next video bye

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