Under Armour Hiring Remote Work From Home Customer Service With No Degree Required | USA Only

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another work from Home job lead for you this is going to Be a phone based customer service job But it is from the huge clothing Retailer and athletic company Under Armor of course the links to everything I share are always in the YouTube Description box below this video a few Things to note this is a temporary Position it is remote within the United States only and they did not list a pay In this job description a pay would have To be discussed at the time of the Interview but under armor is hiring a Customer service representative again And this is remote work from home it Says this position is a remote-based Temporary position as a contractor for Under Armor so it is a contract to 1099 Position and is not a W-2 position but They're looking for someone to connect With the e-commerce Under Armor Customers across several different Channels of communication those include Phone chat email and social media you'll Represent the company to the customer Service philosophy with the utmost Integrity while delivering that World-class customer service you'll add Value for the customers by building Relationships and their trust so you'll Have to stay up to date on all of under Orders products and a sales technique so

You'll become a product expert you'll Identify and communicate any Trends and Improvements up to your manager so You'll just be answering questions from Customers through the different channels These questions might be resolving Customer returns exchanges gift cards And carrier claim requests now one thing To note it does say under education Bachelor degree or two years equivalent Customer service experience so no degree Is required as long as you have at least Two years of customer service experience Bilingual in Spanish or French is a plus But is not required they're really Looking for somebody who has excellent Oral and written communication skills That the ability to multitask in a Fast-paced environment of course you Have to have those proven customer Service skills and the ability to work a Flexible schedule could be days evenings Or even weekends alright as always if This job lead was not for you and that's Absolutely okay please feel free to Leave in the comments anything specific That you're looking for because I do Read those and keep that in mind thank You so so much for watching and Supporting me and I'll be back really Really soon with more work from home job Leads just for you

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