Up To $18 Hour Working Remote From Home Researching Car / Vehicle Prices | No Degree Needed | USA

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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With another work from home job lead This one is really different and Exciting to share if you've ever bought A car before and you went online to look For cars compare prices and you got deep Into that research this might be just The perfect opportunity for you now this Is going to be for my United States Folks only but they are hiring anywhere In the United States they don't have any State restrictions of course as always If you're interested in applying the Links to this page are always in the YouTube description box below today's Job lead is from the company Elite now Elite is in the industry of Property and Casualty Insurance now what that means Is when someone wrecks a car and it's a Total loss your insurance has to pay you Out the going rate for that car and how Do they know what the going rate for That car is so that they can pay that Out that is where you you come in they Are hiring a vehicle researcher now this Is remote so what you'll be doing is Being a market research analyst Assisting in Vehicle Insurance Claims Settlement process and the way you do That is that you are going to be working With insurance adjuster so you're not Actually going to be an insurance Adjuster but you're going to kind of be

Their right hand person you are going to Use a third-party websites to research The value of cars and vehicles and give Them an unbiased fair market value for a B hip vehicle that has been wrecked and Deemed a total loss so again they know What to pay out you'll use a variety of Resources to do the research on the Lost Vehicle your reports will be completed By finding comparable vehicles for sale That match the Lost vehicle as closely As possible so you're doing research on The make model year color whether it was Low loaded with sunroof leather interior All of those different things you're Trying to find vehicles that are just Like that and find what the going rate Of them are now this may occasionally Require a little bit of a phone work you May have to pick up the phone and make Outbound calls to car dealers and get an Estimate for a vehicle not all Dealerships put their prices online that Is a one downfall but I don't know how Often you'll have to make those outbound Phone calls now a good note about this Is that they don't require any kind of a College degree or even a car industry Experience of course knowledge in Insurance and automotive industry is a Plus but it's not required they're Looking for someone who's a high school Diploma can type at least 35 words a Minute has great math skills and can

Analyze information has strong attention To detail and the ability to research Information using web-based tools so Going Beyond Google can you go deep into The web and find the answers you're Looking for now of course pay is always Dependent on location and experience but The pay for this position is anywhere From 14.29 an hour all the way up to 18 an Hour and of course they offer a standard Benefit package including health Insurance Vision Dental 401K paid time Off all the things all right as always If this job lead was not for you that's Okay please feel free to leave in the Comments anything specific that you're Looking for because I am always reading Those and keeping an eye out thank you So much for watching and supporting me And I'll be back really really soon with More work from home job leads just for You

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