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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another non-phone Work from home job lead for you of Course remember the links to everything If you're interested in doing more Research on the company or getting that Application in is always in the YouTube Description box below this video today's Job lead is from the company exemplus Now they have only 93 reviews on Glassdoor but they do have a 4.1 out of 5 star rating they are hiring an order Entry rep now this is remote for my United States folks only it states the Salary range for this position is 12.91 All the way up to 23.33 I'm going to assume that's based On location and experience but I am Assuming that they're going to pay at Least a 15 an hour I don't know why Their starting range is so low but this Is a non-foam position so I wanted it to Share they are looking for someone to Help be a part of their team to make Sure that 400 plus orders per day are Entered into their system with the Highest level of urgency and accuracy so You'll be entering orders from first in The queue system the minimum daily order Requirement must be met so you will have Productivity standards to meet you'll be Responsible for processing and entering All sales orders accordingly this Includes entering GSA State contract

Sales orders into the government Checklist when necessary you'll help Assist the customer support team with Proofing of acknowledgments I'm assuming That's some kind of form you'll run Necessary order entry reports as Acquired you'll match the acknowledgment Forms to this cell's orders and you'll Assist in Parts entry literature Fulfillment and any other administrative Duties now they're only looking for Somebody who's a high school diploma or GED no college degree is needed someone Who is two years of experience in data Entry and the ability to pass a typing Speed test with accuracy now they do Offer quite a few benefits on top of pay They offer the standard health insurance 401k and pay time off however it says All of the it equipment that you need to Work will be provided for you they're Going to give you all the computer Equipment and for remote workers 11 Bi-weekly stipend for your internet so That's going to be 22 dollars a month That wouldn't pay my whole internet but They are going to give you money towards Your internet all right if you've made It to the end of this video I want to Say thank you so so much for watching And supporting me please feel free to Leave anything you're looking for Specifically in the comments I do read Those and keep that in mind also if you

Have any suggestions of things I could Do differently or how I can make this Channel better I am trying to improve And take feedback so feel free to leave That in the comments down below as well And I'll be back really really soon with More work from home job leads just for You

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