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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay I'm bringing you another daily work from Home job lead today's job lead is from The big Home Improvement retailer Lowe's They are hiring an executive of customer Relations case manager now this is a Very good paying position this is remote For the United States folks only they do Have certain states that they can hire In they are right here in the job Description which is linked in the YouTube description box below I also Have all of these states listed in the Description box below but the customer Relations case manager is basically Responsible for supporting Lowe's Executive office and executive officers That hold those higher level positions You're going to help them in rebuilding Relationships and retaining customers Who experience complex and challenging Issues through their interaction with Lowe's so you are basically someone who Is going to try to get the customer to To change their perspective and outlook On lows and continue doing business with Lows even though they've had a very bad Experience so you will be acting as the Liaison between Lowe's Executives and The customer themselves making Resolution for the customers and making Sure that's achieved in a timely fashion They are really looking for someone who Can communicate effectively and be

Confident in high pressure situations Someone who can analyze the situation And find the root causes and take Ownership of the situation and see it to Resolution and this position also Requires a deep understanding of Enterprise Sales and Service of programs But if that sounds like something you Are interested in the pay for this Position is anywhere from 19.13 cents an hour all the way up to 31.88 per hour of course pay is always Going to be dependent on your location And experience all right I do just want To ask that if you have any suggestions On how I can make these job lead videos Better for you please leave any Constructive feedback and criticism you Have in the comments down below as I'm Always looking to improve and be helpful For you I want to say thank you so so Much for watching and supporting me and I'll be back really really soon with More work from home job leads just for You

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