Up To $63,000 Year + Mac Computer Provided Working From Home Reviewing Vendor Documentation | USA

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another work from Home job lead today's job lead is from The company Earnest now Earnest is a Fintech company they believe in consumer Lending that can be improved and doing What is best for the consumer and the Borrower so they are helping people be Able to pay down their student loans pay Down their debt do all kind of great Things financially they are hiring a Vendor and purchase order associate now A vendor in purchase order associate is Responsible for implementing and Maintaining the vendor management and Vendor risk management program at Earnest so you'll collect and review the Documentation needed to conduct and Perform initial vendor reviews Onboarding and periodic vendor audits You'll maintain the central vendor risk Profiles you'll perform checks you'll Respond periodically internally and Externally to Audits and you'll draft Submit and amend all purchase orders now This is open to all states of the United States they are looking for someone Who's two to three years of work Experience as an associate in contract Vendor or purchasing Administration or If you don't have that experience some Kind of relevant expertise someone who Can use a Mac computer and is good with G suite and of course somebody who has

The ability to grasp and understand and Follow processes so being able to follow Direction they do offer complete Health Dental and vision benefits they are Giving you a Mac computer so this is Going to be perfect of those of you who Want to work from home but don't have a Home office because on top of the Mac Computer they're also going to give you A stipend to help you get supplies to Set up your home office now if this Sounds like something you would be Interested in and they pay anywhere from Fifty thousand dollars a year all the Way up to sixty three thousand dollars a Year and of course the links if you want To put those applications in are in the YouTube description box below alright if You've made it to the end of this video I want to say thank you so so much for Watching and supporting me always feel Free to leave anything specific that You're looking for in the comments I'm Always reading those and keeping that in Mind and I'll be back really really soon With more work from home job leads just For you

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