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Foreign Work Enthusiast Delilah and I hope you Guys are having a terrific Tuesday you Guys I do not want to delay because I Absolutely love everything about this Non-phone lead okay not only do you not Need a phone you don't even need to have Experience and this is a great resume Boosting company if you're not familiar With them this company is called Maximus And they specialize in Government Contracting so you're not working Directly for them even though you would Be considered an employee you would be Assigned to different government Projects and if you know anything about The government sector the government Loves their Contracting companies so This is a great foot in the door Especially for the folks who like the Government sector and want to move Forward in that area of their careers so Anyway we're going to go ahead and get Into all the details but first things First please make sure you hit that Subscribe button and tap the Notification Bell this is is the place To be if you want to work from home I Share hot leaves every single weekday I've been doing this for over four years Now okay I can show you some things About remote work okay if you want a job And you want to be working from the House and collecting checks then make

Sure you lock it in here okay and on That note we are ready to jump in Okay all right we're gonna go ahead and Jump in here and this company is called Maximus as I was saying this is a Government Contracting Company if you go Over to their Glassdoor account they Have a ton of information for you to Peruse through ten thousand plus Employees been around since 1975 and They are well respected so jumping on in Here they have a hot lead for a medical Records file clerk position this is with Veteran services this opportunity has 60 Openings okay it's regular full-time and That means 60 folks are going to be Starting in this job ASAP so this could Be you now at the bottom they tell us The pay the minimum is 15 per hour and The maximum is 16 per hour so guess what We're gonna go for we're gonna squeeze That dollar out of them and that would Come to about 2 560 dollars per month which is awesome Okay so jumping on in here job Introduction Medical record book markers Supporting the veterans evaluation Services administered by Maximus make an Impact every day by facilitating Providers review of the Veterans Medical Records by providing the pertinent Information that is being requested Bookmarkers have the responsibility of Going through an entire medical record

And determining what is pertinent to the Case using the tools at their disposal In best judgment candidates must possess The desire to assist our wounded Veterans and service members with a Caring positive and patriotic attitude To prepare you for this role the VES Provides paid comprehensive training Which ensures all new employees provide The highest levels of knowledge and Professionalism education and experience Requirements primary responsibilities Separate all pertinent information from The veterans medical record successfully Research and document medical conditions Communicate with vbms for Capri checks If needed make sure the case is complete Before the scheduled exam maintain the Correct status of OMS for each case Research both common and uncommon Medical conditions additional duties and Responsibilities breakdown and scan Physical C files if needed trained for Both scanning and bookmarking when Needed occasional special projects from Other departments strive to achieve Quota on a daily basis ensure compliance With HIPAA attend periodic meetings Overtime available with overflow of Cases and we know overtime is where that Money gets really good requirement high School diploma or GED equivalent Required some college preferred and we Know preferred is nice to have but you

Don't have to have it basic computer Skills proficiency with Microsoft and Adobe programs functional knowledge of Medical terminology attention to detail Ability to draft proper email Correspondence ability to multitask home Office requirements internet speed of 20 Mbps are higher required you can test This by going to Www.speedtest.net Preferred Windows or Mac no Chromebooks operating system for Windows Windows 10 or newer and an Operating system for Mac Big Sur Catalina Mac operating system 12.5 Renewer connectivity to the internet via Either Wi-Fi or Category 5 or 6 ethernet Patch cable to the home router USB plug And play wired headset with a microphone And noise suppression private work area And adequate power source a second Monitor is highly recommended for most Positions and then they have a link here About veterans evaluation Services now Part of Maximus you can check that out And then they just give you more Information about the company they're an Equal opportunity employer and that Means they don't discriminate for a Number of Legally protected reasons and Then they disclose the pay so it says That they have paid transparency and That's how we know how much this Opportunity pays you guys if you don't Drop what you're doing right now and get

Your application in you won't see an Opportunity like this probably for Little while now I do want to point out That roles like this require you to have All the skills to pay the bills that I Talked about in the 10 data entry jobs Video I have a whole segment where I go Into you know the nooks and crannies of What it takes to get hired for these Data entry roles and I tell you in that Video not all data entry jobs go by the Name data entry this is a purely data Entry job but we see what it's called Medical records file clerk so I have Some things I need you to do okay first Drop what you're doing and make sure you Get yourself together your application Everything to apply for this job then I Want you to go watch that 10 data entry Jobs video because if this is your jam You're going to love that video and it's Going to give you some positive things To do moving forward to find more of These jobs and then I also want you to Make sure that you are work from home Ready they give us the details about What your computer and home office need To look like I'm always telling you all About my Amazon storefront with computer Packages that meet these exact Requirements if you head on over to my Amazon storefront and you click on Computers all of the computers in my Amazon storefront meet these Tech

Requirements in fact the computer that I'm always pointing out these two they Go back and forth between being you know Which one's on sale the most for under 160 bucks you can get everything that This job lead tells you you need and in Fact this runs Windows 10 Pro and the Job lead told us we only needed to have Windows 10 or newer so you're going to Have even more than what you need with Any of these computers and if you need Dual monitors which it said they suggest You can get the whole hook up for 255 Bucks everything you see here the Peripherals wired keyboard and mouse at Least a 19 inch monitor they didn't go Into details like that in the job lead But most companies want you to have at Least a 19 inch monitor so you can get The whole hookup okay over in my Amazon Storefront and then of course if you Need a headset it they talk about that Too you can get headsets for under 20 Bucks okay you can get this one for 13.99 it's got the cool lights you could Even get this one which is actually the One that I have it's one of my personal Faves it's 22 bucks okay so not bad at All you can never go wrong with Logitech So for under 200 bucks you will meet Everything that these jobs require and It's not just Maximus there are a lot of Companies that have the exact same Requirement so the link to this hot lead

Is in the description box below the link To my Amazon storefront is also in the Description box below and of course if You want to put in more applications Check out my website remoteworklife.com I have this amazing resource on here Called the mega list of jobs you guys There are 485 companies on this list That will hire you to work from home I Have the direct link to their careers Pages you can go there and see the Latest and greatest that they have for You to apply to the this is how people Are landing interviews and jobs not Every company puts everything that they Have available on the job boards so You're cutting through all the chaos and The traffic by just going directly to Who hires you to work from home you can Search this list if you are interested In you know something along the lines of Health care or medical records and Things like that you can type that in And we have some descriptions for some Of the jobs that these companies are Known for and you can see you know who All hires in that you know Healthcare Medical world and there are 71 companies On this list so the link to this Mega List of jobs along with my Amazon Storefront and of course this hot lead Are all Linked In the description box Below run do not walk to this hot lead And thank you so much for watching I

Truly hope this has been helpful and I Will talk to you soon bye

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