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Hey hey hey happy hump day it's me Carl I am back with another no experience Guys I hope you are catching these no Experience work from home jobs that have Been posted on this channel today make Sure you go back check out those two Videos one was a data entry non-phone 600 a week the company will provide you Guys with the equipment be sure to catch It don't let it slip through the cracks Make sure you smash that red subscribe Button turn on that Bell notification Thumbs up the videos and make sure you Share on this channel we do real Giveaways we are giving away 10 more Brand new laptop computers absolutely Free so make sure guys you tell a friend Invite your people over here we are Getting ready to come on the live stream So make sure you invite your people your Friends your family members over here to The channel be sure to hop over here to The two chicks blog look under the Spotlight job section make sure you guys Apply for Omni interactions and don't Forget about gig spot we have a Subscriber here year she made seven Hundred dollars off of this side hustle Gig spot they are over here on the two Chicks blog under the spotlight job Section and be sure to sign up guys for Branded surveys the link is down below In the comment section let's get into The video the company is called

Quotivity this is a health care company They're looking for customer service Medical records retrieval they are Trying to find people to feel this Position as you guys can see they are Urgently hiring guys urgently it saves Fantastic perks and benefits no nights Or weekends which is good no irate Customers or sales calls and I know a Lot of you guys are looking for a job Such as this one now the pay is on the Low side however if you don't have any Work from home experience any health Care experience that does not mean that You guys should not be applying for this Job just because of the low pay get in Here get the job gain the skin skills Gain the knowledge gained the experience Before you start talking negative in Those comments yes we do read the Comments make sure guys that you apply For this one this is a good company so Starting wage is 14 an hour and they're Going to give you full benefits Available the first month following your Start date potential 50 Cent pay Increase at 90 days and they possibly Will give you more money Just stick and stay with it and they may Have room for growth check that out as Well don't just give up because oh oh It's fourteen dollars that's not enough Money but if you don't have the Experience and if you don't have what it

Takes to make it in the work from home Arena you could start with this company Now it says that You will be contacting health care Provider offices to request copies of Medical records identify and coordinate The method for medical retrieval for Provider offices maintain professional And frequent contact with provider Offices throughout the record retrieval Process provide accurate and timely Updates on the record retrieval status To captivity clients complete our Responsibilities as outlined on annual Performance plans complete our special Projects and other duties as assigned Now you will need a high school diploma Guys GED or equivalent work experience It saves previous call center sales or Collection experience is preferred However it is not required again we will Provide training so you don't need Experience to apply for this job ability To communicate clearly through verbal And written communication using proper Spelling and grammar demonstrated Ability to give close attention to Detail including planning executing and Follow up procedures must be able to Work well in a team environment Demonstrated understanding of the HIPAA Regulations is preferred not required Typing speed of 30 words per minute with 90 accuracy and this is very low because

I've seen some that want 85 words per Minute so that's very low now if you do Not have 30 words per minute You can go over to a free website Typingtest.com and practice practice Practice this is a remote work from home Full-time role now of course we know This date has passed but guys they are Still hiring don't worry about this day Because I know some of you will come on Here and say oh well it said November 28th if the job is still posted on the Website then that means that it is still Available they probably forgot to update The date and they are urgently hiring Again the company is coativity go over To Google type in coativity see what Comes up know something about the Company before you apply then Make sure you jot down some information About the company just in case you get An interview guys you want to be Prepared and not surprised so creativity Is hiring full-time customer service Medical records retrieval they are Urgently hiring for this position no Nights and no weekends again the pay Starts at 14 goes up to 14.50 at 90 days So make sure you guys check this one out There will be a link posted right below The video in the description box so you Guys can apply for a coativity be sure To share my awesome videos somebody else Is looking I guarantee you somebody else

Is looking for a legitimate work from Home job with no experience and this Could open up the door for somebody if Not for you it could do it for somebody Else so please share the video hop over To Facebook join the group KISS that Cubicle goodbye make sure you guys come Over there because we've had a lot of People to be hired within the last 30 Days at various comp Japanese and I know For a fact United Health Group that that Company guys they are on fire they do Have a lot of remote positions available And we've seen tons of people in our Group get hired with this company so Make sure you come over there check us Out kiss that cubicle goodbye follow us On our Facebook business page it is two Chicks with the side hustle we're giving Away two additional laptop computers Over on their platform so be sure guys We already got some people over here From YouTube that are over there sharing Our content each and every single day it Is not too late we're trying to get to a Hundred thousand followers on that Platform and we're going to give away Two additional laptop computers Absolutely free brand new still in the Box and you guys do not have to pay for Shipping either everything is free when We do the giveaways make sure you join Us on Instagram come over there to Instagram because with Instagram we're

Doing a giveaway this this month before The end of the month we're doing a Pop-up giveaway so therefore I can't Tell you guys when we're going to pop up Over on Instagram just make sure that You come over there you follow us you Share the content you tag a friend you Put us in your stories or you put us in A real we're trying to get this Information out to the masses it is just Too good to keep it to yourself and Sharing is caring on this channel so Make sure You follow us on Twitter two chicks with A side hustle Instagram two chicks with A side hustle and on Instagram guys I Don't know right now where we're gonna Give away so it's a pop-up giveaway so That means that we're kind of just gonna Come on the live stream just pro bono Coming on the live stream we don't know When we don't know what day we're just Gonna pop up and start giving away stuff So I don't know what we're gonna give Away right now it could be hmm another Laptop you never know what we're going To pull out of our hats it could very Well much so be a ring light it could be A hundred dollar cash app we have been Known to give away money over on our YouTube channel make sure you share Share share my name is Carol and I'll Catch you wonderful lovely amazing People in the next video bye

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