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Happy Sunday everyone I am back with Another no talk and work from home job Lead that I would like to share with you You can make up to a thousand per week And this is a great opportunity for Someone Um so all you're going to be doing is Just responding to requests so it is a Really easy job so we're going to go Ahead and dive right into it I am going To share my screen so you can see the Job that we're talking about Um the company that we're going to talk About this is a great opportunity I'm Here as a claim assistant Um these type of jobs are really awesome If you want to get into like medical Billing and claims type of job here so We're talking about the company as you Can see on the screen Teen Health They're currently seeking claims Assistant to work from home as you can See this is a full-time position here And when you do your research to pay It's between 42 100 to 53 300 per year So that's around 20 to 25 an hour so I Got a thousand per week from 25 an hour Um full time now when you go up here We're going to get information about Um the job description overview is the Claim assistant is responsible for Providing professional administrative Assistant to the manager claims Administration and the support now some

Of your duties of what you're going to Be doing is going to respond to requests From current informal clinicals for Claims lost history verification as well As she can provide support and a student Responsibility to assist other team Health claims Department support staff To include data entry for new files set Up as needed and you can complete other Projects and assignment as needed now The job requirement is either a Socialist degree or related experience So if you have the experience and you Don't have the degree still apply for The position they're looking for someone That have minimal two years experience Preferable that means if you do have it That's great if you don't know where About it and administrative support Capacity experience in a legal Department of an organization our Law Firm is desired so it is only preferred If you have it that's great and they're Looking for someone to have excellent Organization and time management skills Excellent communication skills verbal And written with infancy grammatic Skills excellent interpersonal skills Also excellent computer and typing Skills intermediate skills level with Microsoft Office Suite including word Excel PowerPoint Outlook is required Ability to maintain and handle Confidential information and ability to

Prioritize multitask and deadlines as Well as the ability to work in a team or An environment ability to work Independently with minimal supervision As well as professional appearance in The mirror with ability to interact with Corporate executive and division Presidents so if this sounds like Something that you're able to do Then maybe for sure you go ahead and Apply today by clicking here you can Always explore other remote positions Within the company Um if you happen to go across these jobs And they're no longer available you can Always explore with the company and see What other jobs that they have available And I want to show you because in the Video it stated that you have to have What Microsoft Word experience and Typing so again this is one skills that They're not going to train you on you Have to know how to do this so the first Thing is I'm going to show you Microsoft 365. this is a free place to learn Microsoft Word for free not too many People know that but me I just research It because I want to help you be better And get this job and as you can see here This is Microsoft 365 training you can Learn Outlook OneDrive word excel PowerPoint OneNote SharePoint Microsoft Team in assets so if I wanted to learn Excel all I do is Click on it and

There's different Excel video trainings That I can choose so if I'm interested In watching Road columns all I do is Click on it and this will teach you an Insert or delete rows and columns you Just watch the video and it will walk You through step by step how to do it so That's why I say before you disqualify Yourself and you don't understand things Go into the job Rack or the job post and See highlight the keywords or highlight What they're asking for if they're Asking how to do a certain accounting Software all you need to do is Google it And you'll get an understanding they Have different other videos people are Talking about it how to do it where it Can get you to where you need to be okay So I am going to also show you Another place again to practice your Typing skills because you got to get Your type and where it needs to be so I'm going to be talking about there's Typing test Um it's uh you have official typing as Well as typing tests and I'm going to be Showing you today Um typing test you could check your Typing skills in one minute two minute Three minute five minute ten minute is Up to you you can choose medium text uh Easy Tax hard text and then if I hit Start this is what's going to happen Here

Um it just depends on the speed of your Computer this is what pulls up all you Do it it will start your time once you Start typing they do have typing courses Like say for example if you're new to Typing or if you haven't been typing in A while or you just want to refresh of Course you could go ahead and start These lessons there's 14 lessons touch Typing they go over all of this Introduction test the home row letter e And I look at all of this here for free Most of the time you have to pay for all Of this but this is free speed building They go focus on the index fingers focus On the middle middle finger and calming Words I think number row two lessons They go over your number rows here as Well as four lessons here that go over Symbols and then they go over three Lessons 10 key numbers so make for sure You go ahead and get your typing where It needs to be because again this is one Skills that hiring manager is not going To train you you have to know how to Type okay so if this video has been Helpful thus far I want you to hit that Red button that says subscribe and don't Forget to click on the Bell to turn on All your notifications so every time When I upload new videos you'll be Notified and that will give you plenty Of opportunities to go ahead and apply For these jobs plus when I go YouTube

Live speaking about YouTube live make For sure that you mark your calendar for This coming Tuesday April the 4th 2023 At seven o'clock P.M Central Standard Time I will be going YouTube live this Is a work from home q a whatever courses You have with regards to work from home As well as we're going to be talking About resume I'm going to do a couple Live resumes so make sure you go ahead And Mark that calendar for this coming Tuesday April the 4th I want to leave some encouragement words With you like I always do is to keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but it starts with you you gotta Believe if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will so go out there today And grab what is yours by applying for The job today I get it it's a lot of people again it's Under so much negative Um where people don't believe in you and Say that you're not gonna get this job Nobody's going to hire you you know some People will say all these negative Thoughts but you cannot believe what People tell you when you start believing In what people telling you you're not Going to get point from point A to Z People have said a lot of things about Me you know you're not going to be at This level you're not going to do this

Um nobody is not going to hire you but If I listen to what people say I Wouldn't be doing half the things that Um I'm doing now because a lot of people Tell you all of this is because they Tried it and it didn't work for them and They think because it didn't work for Them that it didn't work it's not gonna Work for you or work for me but we are Two different people I put in the work I Hustle I educate myself if I don't Understand things I learn it I use Google as my friend I watch other videos That teach you how to do things I've Always been that way when I didn't Understand things like when I got Rejected when I was applying for work From home jobs I was a type person I Always reached out to hiring manager Because I wanted to know what I do wrong That's just how I've always been what Did I do wrong why did I didn't get the Job and one hiring manager took out time And told me said look you got Determination then I am going to tell You what you did wrong and from that Point on when he sat down and he told me What I was doing wrong and what I need To improve then I started improving and Started getting job offers and it can Happen to you you got to stay in the Race too many times we would just want To throw in a towel and we're just at The Finish Line you're just at the

Finish Line you have to keep applying a Lot of times people get complacent They're at a job they don't want to look You should always be looking for another Job just the case at the job you have Let you all fire you because you can get Fired for any reason at all because that Never happened to me before I've told my Story before it have happened to me for No reason at all but again keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there being made for you it Starts with you you got to believe Because if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will so go out there today And grab what is yours by applying for These jobs then you know I always talk About having multiple strains of income Y'all I always talk about that not seven But eight multiple strains of income Just in case of something happened you Can always have a backup plan and and This is with um course careers I am Going to share my screen I talk about This because I believe in course careers I have people in my family that are Actually taking this course and they Love Um course careers here so I want to Share this with you today so we can go Over this The great thing about course careers is A great option for people especially High school students that are Juniors or

Seniors and they don't know what they Want to do with their life they don't Know what college they want to go this Is for them this is for people that Actually went to college and they feel Like that they're not getting the Training or they just want to do Something totally different or this is For you if you're sitting on a job for a Year to six years and you're not growing It's time for you to make a change Course careers have partnered with Fortune 500 companies that are dropping The experience and a degree only for Course career graduates you know that Text sales is very high in demand you Hear a lot of people that are talking About that and a lot of people are Taking the course of tech sales Um there are more than 300 000 opening Jobs as well as an average starting Salary of between 60 to 80k a year it's Not only the salary but it's people that Are getting the salary as well as the Commission and this type of job you will Be reaching out to people on the farm Like you'll be reaching out to potential Buyers a buyers be calling you Um because they're interested in a Certain product that your company is Selling so you're going to be on the Phone with that digital marketing is More uh dealing with Um if you're a blogger you did have a

Website your content creation Um you're dealing with paid campaign Like Facebook ads that is what digital Marketing is all about Um that is a no talk and work from home Job there's more than 200 000 opening Jobs average starting salary is between 40 and 60k a year and this is a great Opportunity if this is something you Want to do as well as Information Technology also known as it Um there are more than 200 000 opening Jobs average starting salary is between 40 and 60k a year it information Technology is more of a chat job where You're dealing with customers with Tickets and cues so that is a really Easy job and that is a good field as Well all these three are a good field to Get into Um the great thing about it is you can Always apply for jobs before you Complete this course and it's people That are getting job offers before they Ask to compete complete the course so if I go into Digital marketing okay I suggest you to Always look at the testimonies they have A whole bunch of testimonies out there And just to paraphrase with this girl Here Um she at this time is recording a video Is the youngest one that actually Started course career she was working at

Starbucks and um she was working you Know different ships and she noticed That she wasn't going up so she ran Across course careers and now she is the Youngest one making over 60 000 a year Working from home as a tax sales and she Went through this course program check Out her videos if this don't get you Pumped up I don't know what will so you Can watch the full testimony along with Other people that have actually went Through the course and doing it too as Well and when you go down here it tells You the course length you could take six Weeks to do it some people finish within A week it's just up to you how you move And everything they talk about you know The salary here are some of the Companies that are interested in hiring I'm you into a digital marketing some of Them are Zoom Survey Monkey Um article you get the picture here and Then when you scroll down a little bit Further it talks about the day in the Life of what you're doing you'll check Your emails and reply to critical Messages you'll review active campaign And AD platforms you have a team meeting In brief and you go down here you will Check your DMs on a main platform really Easy easy opportunity for someone to Start doing and when you scroll down a Little bit further Um it tells you the qualifications

Um to actually do digital marketing in Your background really nothing to just Be a recent high school graduate looking For a college alternate employee wanting To make a change College dropped out Figuring out their next move in life College graduate considering what their Options are and and it tells you what You'll be learning in the course you'll Be learning marketing fundamentals key Marketing channels digital marketing Framework skills and process career prep That's what you'll be learning in class And again here are more testimonies that You need to check out so you can listen To them and see what they have to say And how it have changed their life and When you go down here how much will it Cost again the free introduction course Is free that's the first step is to to Sign up for the free introduction course In the course is going to tell you Everything you need to know about Becoming a technology specialist or Information technology or digital Marketing and at that time you know if If it's a good fit if it's a good fit Don't procrastinate enroll in the course And then it is self-paced again you can Complete it within a week some people Click complete it in three months and Then after that you apply everything you Learn in the course and you'll start Applying for jobs they'll teach you how

To do your resume interviews everything And a lot of times you're getting that Experience before you actually get out There that's a good thing about course Careers versus if you were going to a College a Community College University Um a graduate school you're coming out With a degree but you're not coming out With the experience a lot of people are Coming out with a degree and they go and Apply for these jobs and they get Rejection so what do they do they go Back to school change their major for Something totally different in course Careers graduates are making more money Than people that actually spend four Years or longer in a college so the Course careers is a win-win the price is A one-time payment of 499 dollars can You tell me how many times you have went To college where you just only paid 4.99 It's people out of 50k or 100K or more than that and it's People that I know they've been out of School for like 10 years and they still Making payments on something that they Finish and then they didn't even get a Job in the field that they actually went To school for but here 499 dollars a One-time payment if you use my coupon Code which is the rest of 50 you'll get 50 off of this there's no contract or Hidden fees along with 14 day money back Guarantee or you can do the four payment

Plan every two weeks where they'll be Taking out a hundred and fifty dollars Every two weeks again no contract or Hidden fees along with a 14 day money Back guarantee if this is something that You want to make a change and this would Be a life changer not only to you or Your family make for sure you go ahead And sign up today you gotta stop Procrastinating you got to take action Faith without works is dead if this is Something you always dreamed of want to Go back to school this is your Opportunity go ahead and start looking At these testimonies and you go ahead And get started today again that Information will be in my YouTube Description bar and remember you can't Give up giving up is not the option Y'all you got to keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there being made for you but it Starts with you you gotta believe Because if you don't believe nobody else Will so I want you to go out there today With confidence and grab what is yours By applying for the job remember to Check out the videos that are listed at The top or at the bottom there are more No talk and work from home job leads That these companies are hire right now And it'll give you an opportunity to Increase your opportunity and chances of Getting a job remember to mark your

Calendar for this coming Tuesday April The 4th 2023 at seven o'clock P.M Citrus Standard time where I will be going YouTube live this is a work from home q A plus we're going to go over resumes And I'm going to do a couple live Resumes to try to help you get past the African tracking system and remember to Subscribe to the channel if you would Like to be a part of a community where We will uplift and encourage one another On our job search and everyday life Again thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video bye

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